Review: Monster High CAM Wave 2 Sets (various)/Roller Maze Line

I’ve updated my Youtube channel recently with a few new Monster High video reviews.  I thought I’d link them here for easy access!

Create a Monster Ghost Girl Expansion Pack:

Create a Monster Puma Boy Expansion Pack:

Create a Monster Starter Sets:  Witch/Cat Girl & Vampire/Gargoyle Boy:

Monster High Roller Maze Dolls:



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  1. Sharayah replied:

    Im still on the hunt for the CAM ghost girl. And I agree about the wigs and have been investing in LIV wigs for a bit now and those work just fine with a bit of carving done to the new hard CAM heads ( I wish they hadn’t made them hard). Anyways. I ran and checked my roller maze ghoulia and she had a right and a left hand. Though my Frankie’s skates has a error in the fact that one of them has both wheels with the same color ( instead of red and green one had green/green) which isn’t too horrible but enough to annoy a collector. I’m debating on writing or just buying another doll. I get the feeling Mattel is rushing these dolls out the door as it seems their error quotient went up lately. Especially with the re-release push.

    • Sharayah replied:

      Sorry. I made a error. I meant my frankie has skates with yellow/green and green/green. Red and green are operettas colors.

      • kewpie83 replied:

        I totally agree with you. I’ve said it in the past that Mattel needs better product control with this line. I’ve seen some horrible dolls on store shelves. Just last week, TRU had two Cupids that looked horrendous. They’re hair was all over the place and their face paint was just odd. They were so disheveled that I joked to my mom that she must be ‘morning after Cupid’.

        I’d shoot Mattel a friendly letter explaining your skate problem. They’ll probably just send you a replacement skate.

        • Sharayah replied:

          Lol. I just saw a re-release Cupid at Kmart the other day and her paint wasn’t even consistent between her legs. Sounds like poor Cupid is having a difficult time.

          • Sharayah replied:

            One leg was black and the other was grey. Stupid iPhone deleted that sentence.

          • kewpie83 replied:

            Mattel, Mattel, Mattel… *sigh*

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