Discover the World with Barbie: Magazine and Fashion

A few weeks back my uncle stumbled upon an interesting Barbie item at Tuesday Morning. Tuesday Morning is known for getting closeout merchandise. Sometimes you can find some really interesting things.

On this particular trip, my uncle found ‘Discover the World with Barbie’, a Barbie themed magazine.  Each magazine covers a different country and comes with a unique outfit.

‘China’ issue with outfit on card

I honestly don’t know a ton about this magazine, aside from the fact that it was originally intended for sale in Europe. Google searches don’t pull up many useful results, so I’m assuming that this magazine is no longer in production.

I love how the European market puts ‘extras’ in with their magazines.  When I visited Florence, I picked up a Barbie Magazine for my mom that included this steel eyed,  freckled face Barbie.

Inside the ‘China’ issue

‘Discover the World with Barbie’ magazine gives you facts about different aspects of a specific countries culture.  Italy, China, Chicago (which is city, technically), and Argentina are just a few of the countries covered in the production run.

‘Chicago’ issue with outfit on card

‘Canada’ issue with outfit on card

‘Denmark’ issue with outfit on card

The magazines are actually kind of fun to look through!  I’m a huge fan of seeing the ‘promotional’ barbie’s used for photographs in Barbie magazines.  It’s quite common to see unique combinations (in terms of hair/eye color/hair style) and adorable, never produced dolls.

Barbie ‘promotional’ shot from China magazine

Now on to the outfits.  The outfits aren’t the best put together, best fitting outfits you’ll ever see, but they’re pretty neat.

‘China’ outfit

‘Denmark’ outfit

Other outfits from the magazines can be found here.  While I doubt Tuesday Morning has any more of these left, it seems they’re available on Amazon and eBay.  They’re neat little outfits, that’s for sure!


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  1. barbielea replied:

    I’m a fan of doll packaging/ album/ advertisement pictures too – I think they provide an interesting snapshot of the “world” the manufacturer was trying to create. I don’t have any of these mags although I did have the outfit from one, which I used for a post at Christmas. You are quite right, the quality wasn’t ace and I ended up selling it on, although I think yours are cuter than mine was – actually I love that pink fur Canada coat. There is a pretty busy trade in the UK for these magazines and outfits, and they are often seen on eBay in second hand clothes lots, so I think they were popular with kids too.

  2. Anonymous replied:

    seems they’re mostly from 2002. Looks like quite a few were produced – counting over 20 countries/places. Even a Hawaii one.

  3. donna birch replied:

    my daughter has the whole set and we started collecting them when she was 8 years old and she is now 16. so they have been out a long time. we want to get them valued. just looking for some one to value them/

    • kewpie83 replied:

      What a great set! I wish I had some idea of a value for you, but I don’t. While there are no full set on eBay at the moment, the single sets seem to be priced around $10-$16 each. Though how quickly they sell at that price, I don’t know. I’d suggest looking on auction sites and seeing what others have valued them at. With very few price guides out now a days, it’s hard to get good second hand market prices for items like yours. Good luck!

  4. sammy replied:

    Just to let you know. They are now being fully re-released in newsagencys australia wide! We only got them in yesturday!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Really? I wonder how the quality is. I wish the States had more magazine/promo items like these.

  5. Caitlyn Taylor replied:

    Hi there I was just wondering what’s the value of the dresses with books would be now?
    I have up to the 16th and the dresses are still on the card board never be used
    The books are in good condition

    I’ve had these for years!
    Id just like to know the value if possible 🙂

  6. Nina from Worldschool Explorers replied:

    Hi, I bought 60 magazines on eBay (in UK) for 150 £ + delivery. I love them and my 6 years old daughter is so so happy!!! We will be study about one country each week. So that will be project for more than one year! You are welcome to visit my blog if you wish to see all magazines. I will be writing about them always on Thursday.

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