Mattel’s Crazy Monster High Release Schedule

Oh, Mattel, Mattel, Mattel… Well, it’s no secret that Mattel releases Monster High dolls in very strange ways, but this current release schedule? I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t make any sense. It seems like Mattel has released a whole years worth of lines in two months time.

For everyone’s sake, I thought I’d put together a quick guide on what you should be looking for when you go Monster High hunting.  All of the below dolls have been spotted somewhere within the continental United States.  Last count, there were 20 separate dolls, 4 total playsets (3 with dolls included), and the Create a Monster Lab.  And, in pure Mattel fashion, these releases all hit within the last month or so.

Personally, I think Mattel is out of their mind releasing so many dolls in such a short time.  There are too many dolls to keep track off.  If you’re reading this Mattel, please have a better plan for future releases.  This ‘lets release the whole catalog’ just doesn’t work very well for us consumers!

New Monster High Releases Currently Being Spotted on Shelves:

Dot Dead Gorgeous (DDG) Operetta, Lagoona, and Spectra

Ghouls Rule Frankie, Draculaura, Cleo, and Clawdeen

I tend to side with the collectors who believe that this Ghouls Rule line was accidentally released early.  The DVD is halloween themed, so it would only make sense to release the dolls with the DVD or at least after the summer months.  I’m thinking the warehouse screwed up and started producing the Ghouls Rule line too early. That would explain why the box is so different from other Monster High boxes.  Where as the back of most Monster High boxes is pretty detailed, Ghouls Rule boxes have two lines of text translated into a large number of languages.  The front of the box has a sticker that says ‘Ghouls Rule’ instead of the usual cardboard.

Venus McFlytrap

Robecca Steam

TRU’s I Love Fashion Frankie and Abbey

Dead Tired Wave 2, Clawdeen, Draculaura, and Abbey

Roller Maze Ghoulia, Lagoona, Frankie, and Operetta

TRU’s Ghoulia with Scooter

TRU’s Draculaura with Tub

Coffee Bean with Clawdeen

Scary Tales Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura

Monster High Playset (no dolls)

SDCC 2012- Scarah

Create a Monster Design Lab, with two separately sold expansion packs

That’s it, at least, for now.  Am I missing any releases?  Let me know and I’ll add them to this laundry list of dolls released recently!  Do you think there is a rhyme or reason to Mattel’s release plan?  Leave a comment!


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  1. Tiffani replied:

    I think they are trying to make up for the HUGE mistake of not keeping up with supply and demand and fueling the secondary market. I am not complaining, there are FINALLY dolls on the shelves! LOL! I don’t know if this counts but the re-releases, were also released with-in the past month

    • kewpie83 replied:

      It IS nice finally seeing dolls, even if they are just re-releases, on the shelves. I wish Mattel would just find a happy medium. 🙂

  2. Vicky replied:

    In the past two months I’ve purchased about 20 dolls, classroom, and accessories for my daughters collection. I have been to several toys r us, target and justice stores to find them all… I can’t keep up!!! I’m going to toys r us again today to see what they got in and what my daughter still needs. It helps to know when the stores get there truck deliveries… So I just go on those days. Hoping to find Venus and Robecca.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Our stores are always sketchy on their truck times. I always get ‘it varies’ as the answer. Good luck on Venus! I think I’m going to wait on Robecca. She’s a nice doll, but I think Venus and the Scary Tales girls are much prettier than Robecca. (Plus, I hear they’re making a small box version of Robecca, so I may just wait for that one.)

      • Sharayah replied:

        What do you mean small box version of robecca? I happened upon robecca and Venus a few weeks ago and love them both.

        • kewpie83 replied:

          I saw in a youtube video that Robecca is going to be released in a another dance line, but this one will be the price point of the dead tired dolls or swimsuit dolls (in the small box). That’s on the docket for 2013, I guess.

  3. PuN replied:

    Looks like thats my doom list lol except I noticed u didnt put up the c.a.m for the boys (gargoyle &vampire I think ) and the new c.a.m for girls I think the ghost and one I forgot

    • PuN replied:

      EVERYONE READ AND KEEP THIS IN THE BACK OF UR MIND ON UR JOURNIES……I just left my local toys r us here in fort Lauderdale wich to where I am a norm and know by first name basis lol besides the point sorry..they told me 2 things the ghouls rule WERE released early than schedule they will be vining with a new box and DVD hence the 30$ Price tag…Also number 2 toys r us is nmattels

      • PuN replied:

        Sorry touch screen went crazy and didnt finish but I was tryin to explain how toys r us is mattels second option meaning for all new releases Walmart ,kmarts,and target receive the newest dolls before they hit the shelves at toys r us…its not just the monster high line they say its the whole Mattel company..they say they are behind and waiting for the new products to come wich u can find at Walmart,KMart,and target already so just keep that in mind while safe and hope u guys and gals get lucky on your find!

        • kewpie83 replied:

          My TRU is actually one of the better spots to find dolls. I’ve stumbled upon a ton of new dolls at the standalone TRU by my house.

          I have heard that standalone TRU’s get more stock than TRU/BRU combination stores. Standalone are considered ‘bigger’ and get more of everything than the combination stores.

          Thanks for the info!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I feel like I’ve had the new CAM sets forever. They, of all the other items, have been the easiest to find in my area. The new Create a Monster lab is really kind of neat, though!

  4. Liz replied:

    What is TRU? I’ve never heard of that store

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Whoops. I shouldn’t have abbreviated it… TRU is my shorthand for Toys R Us.

      • Liz replied:

        Oh okay! I luv that store!

  5. marta replied:

    Hello from Spain: I just discovered your blog and I really like your explanations and updates on the dolls. Awesome!. I also collect dolls but now I have a blog devoted to Barbies I invite you to visit: In this entry of the Monsters is very interesting. Monsters in my country soon run out in stores. At the moment there is very little new. I have to recognize that I bought 4 Monsters. Draculaura is my favorite. Well, if you want to keep in contact blog to blog.

  6. littlebearries replied:

    New follower here!
    I absolutely love the variety of your blog, it’s an education in quite a few thins I’d never even heard of (American Girl Auctions, Haunted Doll Episodes of TV shows, etc) I love it!

    Thank you so much for a great read!

  7. Jennifer Thomas replied:

    I JUST came from Walmart, and snagged a Robecca and Venus! Keep your eyes peeled, ghouls!

    • Liz replied:

      Which Walmart and OMG ur so lucky!

      • Jennifer Thomas replied:

        It was in Reading, Pa. They were the ONLY two on the shelf. The Venus is going to a friend in Canada. The Robecca is SO MUCH PRETTIER in person!

        • kewpie83 replied:

          Glad to hear that Robecca looks better in person! I wasn’t sold on her from her promo shots.

  8. Reece replied:

    I love the new ones! Especially Scary Tales and the Ghouls rule line! Venus and Robbecca are super cool too!

  9. Stacey replied:

    Im wondering why the guys are so hard to find and expensive?!? Are they even making Deuce anymore? And if not, why?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hello Stacey! I’d like to say I know the exact answers to your questions, but I don’t. Why are these dolls so expensive outside of toy shops? Because consumers have shown that on the second hand market, they are willing to buy them for insane prices. Unfortunately, when they first came out and were the ‘it’ toy, people that wanted to make easy money on eBay began to notice that collectors would pay more than the average price for these dolls and that has continued through till now.

      Why are they so hard to find? This, I blame partially on Mattel. It never seems like they send enough of one doll to a store, does it? I’ve talked to some employees who say they’ve received two boxes, but since they’re assortments, it equals at the most two of each doll. (Of course, there are those pesky scalpers again who will buy the entire section if a new item is there just to resell it for the aforementioned high prices.) I think Mattel forgets that regular people like you and me may have a reason to pick up more than one doll, hence because we either collect both in box and out of box OR we know someone else who collects.

      As far as Deuce goes, I have no idea what they’re doing with him. I know they are slowly releasing the first line dolls, so we might see a Deuce. More than likely the two pack he was in with Cleo is no longer in production. That set was out for quite sometime. I’m not sure about the Dawn of the Dance Deuce. He’s a great doll, though. Good luck with your search for him!

    • danielle replied:

      They do make deuce as a scaris doll,I know because I have him,I found him at fredmeyers

  10. Stacey replied:

    Also, Robecxa has turned out to be my all time favorite. I’m fairly new and can only buy a few at a time, I don’t have Abby, Venus, or any boys, but I almost didn’t get Robecca- when she came I took her out and have not let my kids touch her! I on the other hand use her to model pretty much all the clothes I make and I love fixing up her gorgeous hair.

    Do you all let your kids play with the dolls or are try just collector items?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Forgot the reply to this– sorry! I actually don’t have any kids. I do know that when I do have kids, my collection will be safe and sound in display cases!

  11. cessi replied:

    I actually bought a Gouls Rule Cleo today, when buying birthday presents at my local Toys R Us. She looked so good in real life that I couldnt leave her on the shelf. None of the photos I’ve seen of Cleo have made me want one. Dont really like her clothes, but her face was gorgeous. I ditched the Operetta I ment to buy..
    I found the makeups of all the Gouls Rule dolls to be something ekstra.

  12. Robin replied:

    I started buying monster high dolls for my daughter a couple of years ago but she was a little young and not very interested. Now she’s almost seven and is obsessed with them. She really wants the ones with the pets I don’t blame her they are the only ones with the original clothes. Is Mattel going to release them again? I have bought a couple on eBay but they want a fortune for them.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hello! They’ve re-released a few of the original dolls, usually with a tweak to the make up or face mold. I know for sure they re-released Draculara and I believe Cleo? Cupid was re-released (or given a wide release), as well. Second wave Lagoona was re-released with a new face mold. It’s getting hard to keep track!!! I don’t believe they’ve re-released Ghoulia, Lagoona, or Clawdeen from the original line yet. It seems, though, like they’re slowly tossing re-releases in every now and then! Good luck on your searching!!!

  13. J. replied:

    I started to by dolls for my daughter to, like Robin.
    She has Lagoona dawn off the dance, she is so beautyfull.
    You are so Lucky in the USA, or Canada.
    We in Europe do not have all the dolls for sale. In store we have like 10 dolls.
    I would like to see a wall of monster high dolls, like you see on youtube.That would be fantastic.
    We do not have Caterina de Meuw. My daughter would like her so mutch.
    Only the basic dolls are sold here. None of the 5,4,3 or 2 packs. We can only dream of them.

    For new release dolls we would love lagoona as the little mermaid.
    More new create a monster packs ( we do not have bee girl/ ghost/ in stores only one sale on the internet).

    • danielle replied:

      I’ve seen caterina de meuw at the tumwater,wa wal-mart. I think they have two or three left

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