New Monster High Acquisitions

Since the geniuses in the Monster High marketing department decided it would be a great idea to release an entire years worth of dolls this past month, I’ve been doing a bit more Monster High hunting than normal.  I’ve found a few of the new releases, usually by the skin of my teeth!  Wanna see them?

DDG Spectra (Long Shot)

It’s Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra!  This is the second incarnation of Spectra we’ve seen so far.  Spectra is one of my favorite Monster High dolls (which is ironic because her promo shots did nothing for me prior to release).

Spectra (Close Up)

Again, Spectra’s color of choice is purple.  She has the same purple hair and lips, but has the added addition of some nice pink eye shadow.

Double Trouble! DDG Spectra and Operetta

Another new addition is Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta!  Technically, she belongs to my mom.  Despite the too high bangs on Operetta, she is a cutie. I love her outfit!  I am a bit disappointed in the accessories with these girls, however.  I miss the glory days when Monster High dolls came with purses that actually opened and could hold extras like phones and things.

Ghouls Rule Frankie (Long Shot)

Jumping to yet another Monster High line that hit store shelves earlier this month, this is Ghouls Rule Frankie!  Don’t you just love her outfit and her super cool hair?

Ghouls Rule Frankie CU

My one problem with this doll is her hair sprayed bang.  I wish it was a little tamer. We also picked up Ghouls Rule Cleo.  (See video review below)

super annoying Super 3D Monster High puzzle

I received this Monster High puzzle as a Christmas gift and decided to stow it away until a rainy day. Today turned out to be that rainy day (figuratively, since we’re in the middle of a drought).  This is a 150 piece ‘Super 3D’ puzzle.  The pieces are made of that scratchy material that allows the image to change if you look at different angles.  I’ve never had so much trouble putting a puzzle together.  The problem was that once you dumped out all the pieces you’d have these blurry images starring back at you.  The pieces themselves were easy to put together, but it was so hard looking at the blurry pieces on the clear table.   The end result was kind of cool, though.

Not pictured are the new Toys R Us exclusives, I Love Fashion Frankie and Abbey.  You can see those in the video review below.

Want more info on the newest dolls to enter our household?  Check out my youtube reviews!

Ghouls Rule Frankie and Cleo Review

I Love Fashion Frankie and Abbey Review

Have you purchased any of the new Monster High dolls?  What do you think of the new lines? Share your thoughts!


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  1. PuN replied:

    Hey long time no chat! Can u beleive all the dolls they just dropped along with the new accessories and school and coffin bean and scooter omg im goin crazy and broke lol only for my daughter on,the hunt for robecca and ivy..I did notice the ghouls rule box is very cheesy and and if u notice theres like 2 sentences in English.the manager at tru told me they were releases waaay to early so im thinking they did an oops cuz those dolls r suppose to come with the DVD thats y they must b 30$ so we shall c when the DVD comes out

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Funny, I just wrote a post about the current MH releases and mentioned the idea that that GR might have been released accidentally. The weird box on GR Frankie and Cleo caught my attention, too. I even mentioned it in my video review! I’m on the hunt for Venus McFlytrap, too. I’ve wanted that doll since they announced her! Good luck on your hunts!!!

      • PuN replied:

        I hope they arnt wall mart exclusive some one on twitter found both of them in Walmart in Indiana o I notice the draculara didnt come with a doll like u shown I think as much the school cost it shoulda came with the head mistress but my journey contiues down here and good luck on yours

  2. Viper replied:

    Thanks for the reviews. I really like my DDG dolls, I feel they’re very detailed. I agree about the GR dolls as well, they are very nice. I felt the same way as you did, not really liking the release pics, but loving them in real life. In fact, GR Cleo is prob. my fav. Cleo of all; I absolutely love her hair. & shoes.

    I see you left GR Frankie’s hair as it came out of the box. I ended up pushing the curls up into sort of a bun, with the help of a little water to make them stay, making her look more like her CG counterpart on the box art. I think they might push it down so she fits in the box.

    BTW, I think the two larger bracelets in Abbey’s fashion pack are actually necklaces. I don’t really care for I Love Fashion Frankie’s hair either, but I must say it makes her look more the part of the daughter of Frankenstein.

    Too many releases from Mattel lately though, for sure. I’ve been buying dolls like crazy lately, yet still don’t have the Scary Tales line, or the playset dolls, Draculaura & Ghoulia. It would be nice if they’d cool it down with the new releases for a bit.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I just wrote a post on the crazy Monster High release schedule! I totally agree– there are far too many new lines hitting shelves right now. I don’t need the playsets, so that takes a few items off my MH shopping list, but Mattel has still put out a total of 20 dolls within the past few months!

      If I ever get a double of GR Frankie, I may have to try your trick with her hair!

      Thanks for your comments!

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