New From Hujoo!

Let it be known that I am and will always be a fan of Hujoo dolls.  They’ve been on my radar since their debut in or around 2009.  My brother is to blame for the habit.  He picked one of these guys up for me as a Christmas gift and, well, I’ve been hooked ever since!  This past year, Hujoo has been making great strides in regards to expanding their product line.  Now, not only can you pick up traditional 26cm Hujoo’s in three different face molds and new colors, but you can also purchase  43 cm (MSD) dolls!

This Hujoo addiction has me checking the companies website once a month or so to make sure I’m up to date on their offerings.  This last visit, I noticed that Hujoo has released two more new dolls, plus a new (or rather, previously discontinued) Hujoo skin color!

Hujoo teen Yumi (43cm)

This newest doll is called teen Yumi.  The current release comes fully dressed with a face up and is priced at $270.00.  She’s part of Hujoo’s ‘Action Doll’ line.  From the price, I’m guessing that she’s made of ABS like the smaller Hujoo’s.  Yumi is 43cm tall and fully jointed.

It took me about 30 seconds to add this doll to my ‘want’ list.  I love her round face and wide eyed expression.  The other major plus?  I adore her boots.  Those things are wicked!  I am seriously tempted to pick this girl up, even if I have to pay an insane amount for shipping!

Chicaloca 43cm doll

The site has had a sub section entitled Chicaloca for some time now with no product information.  This, to my knowledge, is the first doll to grace the page.  This new Chicaloca doll caught my attention because of her unique eyes.  Usually, I’m not a fan of heavily squinted eyes, but in this case, I kind of like the look on this Chicaloca.

Chicaloca is 43cm and seems to be made in collaboration with a website of the same name.  The company looks to sell mostly luggage and purses.  I think the world traveler in me needs this bag.  Chicaloca is currently $290.00 and is probably made of ABS.

Chocolate skinned Hujoo

Hujoo has released limited dolls in the ‘chocolate’ skin tone before.  The last doll I saw in chocolate was in a full set.  She was called ‘Harvest Girl’ and was a really neat.  I, of course, missed out on her because I didn’t order quick enough. I’m really happy Hujoo has released their basic Hujoo’s in this chocolate skin tone again!

If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out all Hujoo has to offer.  What do you think of these new dolls?  Share your thoughts!


July 30, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. littlebearries replied:

    If you’re in the US, you should check out… they carry the Hujoo line, and then shipping would probably be WAY cheaper for you!

  2. kewpie83 replied:

    I purchase from there all the time! Most of my Hujoo’s came from Junky Spot. It’s a great site, isn’t it?

    The problem for me is that JS don’t always get the full sets and
    I’d really much rather have the doll complete off the bat and then have the option to change her up later. I may have to see if JS can bring one in for me!

  3. barbielea replied:

    Arghh I still really want one and haven’t got round to it! I LOVE that Chicaloca, I wish they did her in a smaller size as that’s well beyond the size of doll I go for 😦

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