New Junky Spot Exclusive Coming Soon!

The Junky Spot is the leading online BJD retailer in the United States.  Owner Emory runs a very tight ship with a great line of ‘in stock, ready to ship’ dolls and super quick shipping times.

Over the years, The Junky Spot has been a strong supporter of Hujoo, a BJD company known for high quality, inexpensive ABS ball jointed dolls, and (I think) has had a lot to do with the success of the Hujoo line here in the States.

Emory has been ‘teasing’ his facebook followers with images of his newest exclusive and I’m here to tell you a bit more about the awesome’ness is that about to hit The Junky Spot!

I’d like to introduce you to Freya, one of the first affordable ‘cat’  BJD’s to hit the doll scene.  Freya, the newest Junky Spot exclusive, will retail at the crazy low price of $50.00 (US), which is much better for the wallet than, say, ordering a Pipos cat (however adorable they are!).  Freya is around 23cm tall.

Please note:  The pictures used in this post were originally posted on The Junky Spots homepage/newsletter.  The dolls pictured are prototypes, so there may be changes in the final release.

Freya will be debuting in white and dark grey.  The original release is limited to 250 per color, but a wide release for the white cat is in the works.  There is no face up option, but it can’t be that hard to do a face up for a cat, right?

Hujoo has created a few new elements for this exclusive, mainly creating super cute cat paws and a tail! The inside of the head has changed slightly, as well, and has been updated with a new, more stable way to install the eyes in this adorable kitty cat.

You can see Freya in action in this official Youtube review.  It’s a little long, but it gives you some great insight into what makes Freya unique among other Hujoo’s.

I am loving the grey Freya.  Seriously.  I’ve always wanted an anthro BJD, but could never warrant paying upwards of $200 for something so small.  Freya is definitely in my price range AND adorable!  Hujoo keeps improving with every doll they release, so I expect that Freya will not disappoint.

You can see a ton of photos of Freya in The Junky Spot forums.  Freya is set for a September release, so keep your eyes peeled to The Junky Spot!  I’m pretty sure the limited releases will go *very* fast!

What do you think of Freya?  What color do you prefer?  Are you excited about the idea of an affordable anthro BJD?  Share your thoughts!

EDIT (early 9/12):  As of last night, the first shipment of Freya (both colors) has arrived.  The White Freya is (as of this writing) still available.  The Grey Freya is currently sold out.  If you are looking for the Grey Freya, don’t worry just yet– there’s another shipment due into The Junky Spot before the limited 250 run is over!  Head over to The Junky Spot, click ‘Hujoo’ on the side bar, and then ‘Hujoo 24cm’ for details on the adorable BJD’s!

EDIT (late 9/12):  Looks like the first batch of both colors is sold out.  Keep an eye on Junky Spot’s page for more info regarding the second shipment!


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  1. Alison replied:

    These are really adorable–and very affordable as well. I’m thinking the white would make a really cute siamese cat, too.

  2. Introducing the Junky Spot Exclusive Hujoo Freyr | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter... replied:

    […] I added two new Hujoo’s in to my BJD family, Tegan and Rose-Marie, both of whom are The Junky Spot exclusive Hujoo Freya.  My Hujoo family has just grown a bit larger with the arrival of the new male anthro BJD from […]

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