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First off, we now have a Facebook page!  Feel free to ‘like’ this blog.  For those who don’t like to subscribe to blogs via e-mail, this is the perfect way to stay up to date with updates!  Consider the first month of ‘Confessions’ on Facebook like a beta test!  I’m still learning what it takes to have a ‘fan page’ on the social networking site.

Secondly, I have a few events planned for a ‘belated 2 year anniversary’ celebration! No details now, but I’ll give you a hint…  I may or may not have gone shopping for a giveaway or two…

So, stay tuned and ‘like’ us on Facebook!

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Goodies from the Collectable Toy and Doll Show

Twice a year, my mother and I attend the Kane County Collectable Toy and Doll Show.  There are multiple rooms that house hundreds of sellers with toys and games from pez dispensers to tin cars to high end Madame Alexanders to store displays.  If you collect anything under the ‘toy and doll’ banner, you’ll be sure to add at least one new item to your collection at the show!

This year, I went with the idea that I would buy deals.   I didn’t pick up a lot of items, but what I did buy are good additions to my current collections.  Wanna see the loot?

Boxed Todd fashion (Karo Mode aka Square Style) and Great Shape Skipper (German box)

I’ve owned a Todd doll (Tutti’s twin brother, another one of Barbie’s siblings) for a good two years now.  Every show I’ve gone to, I’ve looked for affordable Todd outfits.  You see, my Todd arrived in school boy shorts and a hat.   No shoes, no shirt.  The poor boys been very cold these past few years!  Now, I’m happy to say, he’s dressed from head to toe.  This fashion was a solid $35.00 and is the european fashion called Karo Mode.

Cute, right?  The one weird thing about this, however, is that the fashion originally came with brown shoes, but this was packaged with red ones.  Also, possibly because I’ve heard European Todds are a little larger, the shoes are big on this little guy.

Todd in Karo Mode/Square Style

Great Shape Skipper is from the early 80’s.  She’s more basic than many of my other Skippers, but I love the use of the original face mold   I snagged her for $9.00, after two previous price labels had her originally at $30, then $20.

Great Shape Skipper

The problem with My Little Ponies at doll shows is that most of the time, toy sellers will pick up any ol’ pony regardless of condition and expect crazy prices for it, even if the mane is cut or the cutie mark is scuffed.  I was happily surprised to see a seller at this show that must have collected her ponies.  Her ponies were in fantastic shape and better yet, priced properly!   I wish I had snagged more of her ponies, but I decided to be conservative and pick up three that I was sure I didn’t own already.  My goal is to find a flutter pony with wings one day.  Even my own childhood Flutter pony is missing her wings, so I understand how fragile they are!

Three MLP’s

My big purchase of the day was unexpected.  At the last winter show, I picked up a ‘Wendy Bride’ Madame Alexander.  I went to the show this year thinking if there was a good deal on a solid Madame Alexander, I would consider taking her home with me.  Well, three rows into the show, I found a good deal.

Madame Alexander Bride doll (still researching)

This Madame Alexander is 17.5/18″ tall and is wearing a tagged Madame Alexander outfit.  Her wig is mohair (love mohair wigs!) and I think the bouquet around her left arm is original.  There is a good chance the veil is not original because it doesn’t seem to have aged the same as the dress.  Her make up is very pretty.  I have yet to identify her, so if you have any idea’s, let me know!

Madame Alexander Bride

Isn’t she a cutie?  Ironically, my first Madame Alexander was a bride, as well.  Seems I have a Madame Alexander bride collection now. My mom was saying my grandmother liked bride dolls, so maybe it’s genetic.  While I don’t have an estimate on the actual second hand value of this doll, I know I got a good deal.  For me, any Madame Alexander under $200.00 is a good deal and this doll was way cheaper than that.

My mom left with a few treasures, as well.  Two of them, you’ll see eventually as new re-roots.  Her big purchase was a vintage Kissy doll.  Kissy blows kisses when you squeeze her hands together.  I think toddler dolls from the sixties are so adorable.


I picked up one more item at the doll show this weekend, but I’m going to unveil it in pictures later on.  While it’s not vintage or extremely collectable, I think it’s really neat.

Have you recently found something you’ve been looking for (or not looking for) at a doll show?  Do you have any idea who my Madame Alexander is?  Share below in the comments!

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New from Integrity’s Jem Line

Remember back when I covered Integrity’s SDCC exclusive doll, Hollywood Jem?  Well, guess what?  Integrity has finally released pictures of new, future installments in their homage to the truly outrageous cartoon and toy line, Jem and the Holograms.

Classic Jem by Integrity

Classic Jem is dressed in the quintessential Jem fashion– her original bright pink dress adorned with her silver belt and wearing her Jem Star earrings!  This is the outfit girls would see each week in the opening sequence of the cartoon.  It is also the fashion the original Jem doll came dressed in.

Classic Jem by Integrity

Like ‘Hollywood Jem’, ‘Classic Jem‘ is fully articulated and stands at 12″ tall. Besides all the elements of the outfit, Jem will also come with a microphone, an additional set of hands, and a certificate of authenticity.

This may be due to the angle of the promo shots, but the face mold for ‘Classic Jem’ looks slightly better than it did for ‘Hollywood Jem’.   The make up looks much better, as well, which might be another reason why the face mold looks different.  (If you remember, ‘Hollywood Jem’ was criticized for her ‘snooty’ sort of look.)

Jerrica Benton by Intrigue

Alongside ‘Classic Jem’ is the girl under the hologram– Jerrica Benton. Jerrica is wearing her striped shirt dress, a take off of the original outfit the first edition Hasbro Jem/Jerrica  wore.  She comes with accessories, too, and they sound super cool. Jerrica comes with a doll sized Jem album, a music industry magazine, and interchangeable hands.  I don’t see promo shots of the Jem album on the site, but as far as accessories go- that rocks!

Synergy by Integrity

“Show time, Synergy.”  Yes, indeed it is.  Synergy is now immortalized in fully articulated, 12″ form.  Synergy is packaged with an extra set of hands, but you also get the gift box given to Jerrica with her Jem Star earrings, as well as a “miniature screen accurate surprise accessories fans will recognize and adore!”

I was excited about the new Jem and Jerrica mostly because they’re part of the Jem revival.  I was super excited when I saw Synergy’s pictures because I think this doll looks fantastic in her promo shots!  Seriously, Synergy looks really neat.  Of the four releases, she’s who I would most want to have sitting on my doll shelf!

Rio from Integrity

Ah, good old, completely clueless Rio Pacheco.  Slightly taller than the girls, he is 12.5″ and fully articulated.  He comes with fully rooted hair that looks very similar to his cartoon counterpart. Integrity did a great job at creating a realistic, but still true to character figure.  Rio comes with accessories, as well, including the Jem bag featured in the shot above, backstage passes and stage schematics.  Along with Synergy, he is another of the four that I would love to own.

Now you’ve seen the new wares, here’s a few more broad details.  Each doll will retail at $119.00(US) and will be sold at various Integrity dealers.  This line is being toted as ‘ultra limited’.  The production count on each doll?  Jem is limited to 1000.  Jerrica and Rio are limited to 850.  And Synergy?  Limited to 750.   Supposedly, they start shipping this November. (Source for limits)

I won’t lie, it irritates me that these are a) pricey and b) ‘ultra limited’.  I’m a huge Jem fan and doll collector, but I don’t see myself ever owning these because I honestly don’t think I’ll find them at a half decent price.  Another slight issue I have is that I really hate spending hundreds of dollars on items that I haven’t seen in person.  Too many dolls have disappointed me from promo to actual produced doll.  Integrity doesn’t really stock store shelves, so I hesitate to purchase these just based off the promo’s…

While I like that Jem is making a comeback, I wish her comeback had come in a more ‘playline’ sort of way.  That would be so much more easily accessible to fans of the show.  As it stands, I’m still not crazy about Integrity’s Jem enough to really want to purchase her, which would make collecting the rest of the Holograms kind of odd.  Synergy and Rio look like really neat dolls and since they’re kind of ‘stand alone’ characters, I am a little tempted to keep a watchful eye on prices and add them to my collection.

That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing what Integrity has planned for future releases.  I wouldn’t mind seeing The Stingers in doll form!

What do you think of the new Jem dolls?  Love them?  Hate them?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Update:  According to Business Week, these guys are already sold out!  Mighty fast for a doll line that wasn’t set to be released until the beginning of November!  Also, updated the post with supposed production numbers for each doll introduced.

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Monster High Collectors, I Need Your Help!

Hello good readers!

This is a different sort of post than I usually do.  I need your help on a project of mine!  I’m writing a spec article about Monster High collecting and would love some input from you!  Here’s a few details about who I am looking to speak to regarding my Monster High article.

I’m looking for Monster High collectors (male or female) who are over 18 that don’t mind sharing their opinions on the doll line and their attachment to it.  The questions will be pretty simple (ie: why do you collect, what drew you to MH).  I may ask you for further information and/or photos of your collection, if you wish to provide them.  (No worries,  you’re under no obligation to go the extra mile with images!)

By participating, you are giving me permission to use your quotes and/or image (if submitted) free of charge.  I am submitting this piece to doll magazines for print after it’s completed.  Since this is meant to be my ‘breakout’ piece, I am hoping your responses will help the publishers see that this piece is worth printing!

You can e-mail me at taps1223(at)sbcglobal(dot)net.  Please put ‘MH Article/blog’ in the subject.

I thank you all for taking a peek at this message and look forward to chatting with you!

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New Monster High AMV, A Dolly Review, and More Monster High news

I don’t know about you, but October definitely snuck up on me!  It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year with board games, pizza, and sparkling cider.

One of my plans for October was to produce a new Monster High anime music video (AMV) for my YouTube channel.  I had the music set months ago, The Monster Mash.  Last week, I sat down at my computer, sorted through clips from all three ‘seasons’ of Monster High and put them to the popular Halloween song.  Below, for your viewing pleasure, is the finished product!

Also recently posted on my YouTube channel was my video review of Ghouls Rule Abbey.  As far as Abbey’s go, she’s not my favorite.  I don’t think she fits in with the other Ghouls Rule dolls.  Abbey looks more like a figure skater, in my opinion, than an abominable snowperson.  The other thing that bugs me about Ghouls Rule Abbey is her facemold.  It is far different than her original facemold.  This new facemold is larger than past releases and not angular like her original.

On the upside, I like her hairstyling this time around.  We finally get to see the colors in her hair, as opposed to have them covered up by the white layers.  For more information, check out the video review below!

Last but not least, keep your eyes open for the official release of Monster High: Ghouls Rule’, the first direct to DVD film released in the Monster High line.

Displays have been popping up here and there for the DVD, even though the ‘strict on sale’ date isn’t until 10/9/12.  ‘Monsters High: Ghouls Rule’ is  being released in a few different versions.  For a two disc version of the film with an addition 15 shorts included, you’ll need to head over to Walmart.  Other stores are doing different deals for the single disc edition that incudes three never before seen shorts.

With the laydown date just a day away, keep your eyes peeled for this DVD release!

Last but not least, it looks like the new small box ‘Dance Class’ dolls are popping up online.  Featured in this line are Lagoona, Operetta, Robecca, and Howleen! While I’ll hold final judgment till I see these in person, I am loving that there is a new Howleen!  I do wonder, however, if she is still on the small body, like she was in the sister set.  I can’t tell from the box shots!

It looks like it will be an exciting time for Monster High collectors after what have been some pretty slow months!  As always, feel free to share your comments below!  Happy hunting!

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