Tonner’s ‘Hunger Games’ Line

Earlier this week, Tonner showed off some pictures of their new ‘Hunger Games’ doll line.  The three dolls in the line thus far are Katniss, Peeta, and Gale.  The three dolls are limited to 1000 pieces and are priced at 169.00 US (for the boys) and 179.00 US (for Katniss).

Tonner’s Katniss

Katniss features a Jennifer Lawrence head sculpt on a 16″ Tyler bending wrist body.  Personally, I don’t think this looks like Jennifer Lawrence whatsoever.  I see more Kristin Stewart in her face shape than the Hunger Games starlet   I’m also not a fan of the hair.  It looks, what’s the best word, greasy?  The braid is nice, but the bang part is odd looking.

I don’t mind her outfit and accessories, though!  Tonner always seems to make high quality clothing for their releases.

Tonner’s Gale

I think, in terms of likeness, Gale is the worst.  His sculpt doesn’t resemble actor Liam Hemsworth at all. Liam Hemsworth is a good looking guy and this sculpt lacks that ‘good looking’ aesthetic. The sculpt is on a 17″ Matt O’Neill body.  Again, I like his clothing and love his shoes, but the rest of the doll? Not so much.

Tonner’s Peeta

And last, but not least is the baker, Peeta.  Peeta’s face mold does slightly resemble actor Josh Hutcherson, albeit a slightly younger Josh Hutcherson. Same as Gale, Peeta has a 17″ Matt O’Neill body.  Of the three dolls, I think Peeta’s doll looks the closest to his movie counterpart.   Again, the clothes look great, as expected from Tonner!

I don’t plan on buying these dolls, because, if you haven’t picked up on it, they’re not my favorite Tonner releases.  What about you?  What are your thoughts on these Hunger Games dolls?  Leave a comment below!


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