New Monster High AMV, A Dolly Review, and More Monster High news

I don’t know about you, but October definitely snuck up on me!  It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the New Year with board games, pizza, and sparkling cider.

One of my plans for October was to produce a new Monster High anime music video (AMV) for my YouTube channel.  I had the music set months ago, The Monster Mash.  Last week, I sat down at my computer, sorted through clips from all three ‘seasons’ of Monster High and put them to the popular Halloween song.  Below, for your viewing pleasure, is the finished product!

Also recently posted on my YouTube channel was my video review of Ghouls Rule Abbey.  As far as Abbey’s go, she’s not my favorite.  I don’t think she fits in with the other Ghouls Rule dolls.  Abbey looks more like a figure skater, in my opinion, than an abominable snowperson.  The other thing that bugs me about Ghouls Rule Abbey is her facemold.  It is far different than her original facemold.  This new facemold is larger than past releases and not angular like her original.

On the upside, I like her hairstyling this time around.  We finally get to see the colors in her hair, as opposed to have them covered up by the white layers.  For more information, check out the video review below!

Last but not least, keep your eyes open for the official release of Monster High: Ghouls Rule’, the first direct to DVD film released in the Monster High line.

Displays have been popping up here and there for the DVD, even though the ‘strict on sale’ date isn’t until 10/9/12.  ‘Monsters High: Ghouls Rule’ is  being released in a few different versions.  For a two disc version of the film with an addition 15 shorts included, you’ll need to head over to Walmart.  Other stores are doing different deals for the single disc edition that incudes three never before seen shorts.

With the laydown date just a day away, keep your eyes peeled for this DVD release!

Last but not least, it looks like the new small box ‘Dance Class’ dolls are popping up online.  Featured in this line are Lagoona, Operetta, Robecca, and Howleen! While I’ll hold final judgment till I see these in person, I am loving that there is a new Howleen!  I do wonder, however, if she is still on the small body, like she was in the sister set.  I can’t tell from the box shots!

It looks like it will be an exciting time for Monster High collectors after what have been some pretty slow months!  As always, feel free to share your comments below!  Happy hunting!


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  1. kt replied:

    i’m going to howleen when she comes out I defiantly want her that little funky girl is a perfect addition to my collection

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Howleen definitely seems to be the one to get! I forsee her being hard to find early on with her popularity!

  2. cessi replied:

    I’m hoping to get Howleen as well 🙂
    I really like both Lagoona and Robecca from this line, but I try to limit myself to one of each doll, so I probably wont get them..

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I hope they put more than one Howleen in a shipment. I have a feeling she’s going to be the first to disappear from shelves.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve been limiting myself to only buying the dolls I like recently, too, as opposed to buying the entire line of releases. Good luck on Howleen!

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