New from Integrity’s Jem Line

Remember back when I covered Integrity’s SDCC exclusive doll, Hollywood Jem?  Well, guess what?  Integrity has finally released pictures of new, future installments in their homage to the truly outrageous cartoon and toy line, Jem and the Holograms.

Classic Jem by Integrity

Classic Jem is dressed in the quintessential Jem fashion– her original bright pink dress adorned with her silver belt and wearing her Jem Star earrings!  This is the outfit girls would see each week in the opening sequence of the cartoon.  It is also the fashion the original Jem doll came dressed in.

Classic Jem by Integrity

Like ‘Hollywood Jem’, ‘Classic Jem‘ is fully articulated and stands at 12″ tall. Besides all the elements of the outfit, Jem will also come with a microphone, an additional set of hands, and a certificate of authenticity.

This may be due to the angle of the promo shots, but the face mold for ‘Classic Jem’ looks slightly better than it did for ‘Hollywood Jem’.   The make up looks much better, as well, which might be another reason why the face mold looks different.  (If you remember, ‘Hollywood Jem’ was criticized for her ‘snooty’ sort of look.)

Jerrica Benton by Intrigue

Alongside ‘Classic Jem’ is the girl under the hologram– Jerrica Benton. Jerrica is wearing her striped shirt dress, a take off of the original outfit the first edition Hasbro Jem/Jerrica  wore.  She comes with accessories, too, and they sound super cool. Jerrica comes with a doll sized Jem album, a music industry magazine, and interchangeable hands.  I don’t see promo shots of the Jem album on the site, but as far as accessories go- that rocks!

Synergy by Integrity

“Show time, Synergy.”  Yes, indeed it is.  Synergy is now immortalized in fully articulated, 12″ form.  Synergy is packaged with an extra set of hands, but you also get the gift box given to Jerrica with her Jem Star earrings, as well as a “miniature screen accurate surprise accessories fans will recognize and adore!”

I was excited about the new Jem and Jerrica mostly because they’re part of the Jem revival.  I was super excited when I saw Synergy’s pictures because I think this doll looks fantastic in her promo shots!  Seriously, Synergy looks really neat.  Of the four releases, she’s who I would most want to have sitting on my doll shelf!

Rio from Integrity

Ah, good old, completely clueless Rio Pacheco.  Slightly taller than the girls, he is 12.5″ and fully articulated.  He comes with fully rooted hair that looks very similar to his cartoon counterpart. Integrity did a great job at creating a realistic, but still true to character figure.  Rio comes with accessories, as well, including the Jem bag featured in the shot above, backstage passes and stage schematics.  Along with Synergy, he is another of the four that I would love to own.

Now you’ve seen the new wares, here’s a few more broad details.  Each doll will retail at $119.00(US) and will be sold at various Integrity dealers.  This line is being toted as ‘ultra limited’.  The production count on each doll?  Jem is limited to 1000.  Jerrica and Rio are limited to 850.  And Synergy?  Limited to 750.   Supposedly, they start shipping this November. (Source for limits)

I won’t lie, it irritates me that these are a) pricey and b) ‘ultra limited’.  I’m a huge Jem fan and doll collector, but I don’t see myself ever owning these because I honestly don’t think I’ll find them at a half decent price.  Another slight issue I have is that I really hate spending hundreds of dollars on items that I haven’t seen in person.  Too many dolls have disappointed me from promo to actual produced doll.  Integrity doesn’t really stock store shelves, so I hesitate to purchase these just based off the promo’s…

While I like that Jem is making a comeback, I wish her comeback had come in a more ‘playline’ sort of way.  That would be so much more easily accessible to fans of the show.  As it stands, I’m still not crazy about Integrity’s Jem enough to really want to purchase her, which would make collecting the rest of the Holograms kind of odd.  Synergy and Rio look like really neat dolls and since they’re kind of ‘stand alone’ characters, I am a little tempted to keep a watchful eye on prices and add them to my collection.

That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing what Integrity has planned for future releases.  I wouldn’t mind seeing The Stingers in doll form!

What do you think of the new Jem dolls?  Love them?  Hate them?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Update:  According to Business Week, these guys are already sold out!  Mighty fast for a doll line that wasn’t set to be released until the beginning of November!  Also, updated the post with supposed production numbers for each doll introduced.


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  1. mizzmoxie replied:

    Urgh. First off -let’s do this backwards- it really makes me angry when companies -and others- give a release date for something and then sell everything before then. A person waits patiently and then gets screwed because of their due dilligence. It’s sad.

    Second, That price is nuts! I am a new fan of dolls and BJD’s, resin cast dolls etc.. and I really understand the value of them. And I get that these dolls had to have machines made, people to design, etc.. to make it worth making them but still, for a vinyl doll that is really expensive. I suppose if I HAD the money to throw away I would totally buy a whole set! But when it’s between those and a one-of-a-kind resin doll I will put my money there.

    Lastly, I LOVE JEM! She looks so pretty now! You said that people didn’t like her original looks due to her snooty appearance but when I was a kid I was so disappointed because she looked very manly to me. She just was not pretty. But I loved her so much! I miss that doll. AND her flashing earrings.

    So, do you know if this doll has flashing earrings?

    Great post!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I agree that some of the original Jem dolls aren’t great looking. Some do have a manly sort of look to them. Jetta, in particular. In my search to collect one of each doll, I took Jetta off the list because I just don’t like her look at all. Her and Raya are don’t look quite right to me. The original Jem dolls from year one are my favorite. After that, the designs started looking cheaper and cheaper.

      I’m also with you on the whole pre-order thing. Why allow pre-orders in a world where ebay scalpers are everywhere? I’m sure a huge number of these pre-orders went into hands of those who just want to resell them, not the actual fans of the show/line.

      No word on flashing earrings. I found that Integrity didn’t really give a ton of information out, besides a few promo pictures. Another reason I don’t think I’ll be spending the money to get them.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Tammy replied:

    I agree completely-Love them but will probably never own them due to availabilty and cost! 3 of them cost more than the whole tub of vintage Jem dolls I already have. The new Senergy is really cool.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      That’s quite a comparison! It really makes you think!

      Synergy is by far the most tempting in the line. I wish they’d been priced under $100. They’ve really alienated a good chunk of the fan base.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. jemgamergirls replied:

    I love the series too but would never buy the dolls for that price. I might buy them all for the price they’re trying to sell one though. That said, I hope this brings some interest back to the series. I would love a Jem reboot.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’d love to see Jem revived on television or on film. As long as they don’t totally ruin the source material, that is!

      Thanks for commenting!

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