Goodies from the Collectable Toy and Doll Show

Twice a year, my mother and I attend the Kane County Collectable Toy and Doll Show.  There are multiple rooms that house hundreds of sellers with toys and games from pez dispensers to tin cars to high end Madame Alexanders to store displays.  If you collect anything under the ‘toy and doll’ banner, you’ll be sure to add at least one new item to your collection at the show!

This year, I went with the idea that I would buy deals.   I didn’t pick up a lot of items, but what I did buy are good additions to my current collections.  Wanna see the loot?

Boxed Todd fashion (Karo Mode aka Square Style) and Great Shape Skipper (German box)

I’ve owned a Todd doll (Tutti’s twin brother, another one of Barbie’s siblings) for a good two years now.  Every show I’ve gone to, I’ve looked for affordable Todd outfits.  You see, my Todd arrived in school boy shorts and a hat.   No shoes, no shirt.  The poor boys been very cold these past few years!  Now, I’m happy to say, he’s dressed from head to toe.  This fashion was a solid $35.00 and is the european fashion called Karo Mode.

Cute, right?  The one weird thing about this, however, is that the fashion originally came with brown shoes, but this was packaged with red ones.  Also, possibly because I’ve heard European Todds are a little larger, the shoes are big on this little guy.

Todd in Karo Mode/Square Style

Great Shape Skipper is from the early 80’s.  She’s more basic than many of my other Skippers, but I love the use of the original face mold   I snagged her for $9.00, after two previous price labels had her originally at $30, then $20.

Great Shape Skipper

The problem with My Little Ponies at doll shows is that most of the time, toy sellers will pick up any ol’ pony regardless of condition and expect crazy prices for it, even if the mane is cut or the cutie mark is scuffed.  I was happily surprised to see a seller at this show that must have collected her ponies.  Her ponies were in fantastic shape and better yet, priced properly!   I wish I had snagged more of her ponies, but I decided to be conservative and pick up three that I was sure I didn’t own already.  My goal is to find a flutter pony with wings one day.  Even my own childhood Flutter pony is missing her wings, so I understand how fragile they are!

Three MLP’s

My big purchase of the day was unexpected.  At the last winter show, I picked up a ‘Wendy Bride’ Madame Alexander.  I went to the show this year thinking if there was a good deal on a solid Madame Alexander, I would consider taking her home with me.  Well, three rows into the show, I found a good deal.

Madame Alexander Bride doll (still researching)

This Madame Alexander is 17.5/18″ tall and is wearing a tagged Madame Alexander outfit.  Her wig is mohair (love mohair wigs!) and I think the bouquet around her left arm is original.  There is a good chance the veil is not original because it doesn’t seem to have aged the same as the dress.  Her make up is very pretty.  I have yet to identify her, so if you have any idea’s, let me know!

Madame Alexander Bride

Isn’t she a cutie?  Ironically, my first Madame Alexander was a bride, as well.  Seems I have a Madame Alexander bride collection now. My mom was saying my grandmother liked bride dolls, so maybe it’s genetic.  While I don’t have an estimate on the actual second hand value of this doll, I know I got a good deal.  For me, any Madame Alexander under $200.00 is a good deal and this doll was way cheaper than that.

My mom left with a few treasures, as well.  Two of them, you’ll see eventually as new re-roots.  Her big purchase was a vintage Kissy doll.  Kissy blows kisses when you squeeze her hands together.  I think toddler dolls from the sixties are so adorable.


I picked up one more item at the doll show this weekend, but I’m going to unveil it in pictures later on.  While it’s not vintage or extremely collectable, I think it’s really neat.

Have you recently found something you’ve been looking for (or not looking for) at a doll show?  Do you have any idea who my Madame Alexander is?  Share below in the comments!


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  1. futuredoll replied:

    Love Kane County! I live in NC now & this brings back great memories. Was there a seller at the very front yelling, “It’s all junk & it’s all got to go!” Just loved him, brought that show a great atmosphere.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yay for the Kane County love! It is definitely a place you don’t forget!

  2. Debbie Severinson replied:

    Love dolls. Always have. Now passing this love onto my daughter. Would love to win one of these to give her for Christmas! 🙂

  3. Collection Close Up: Hard Plastic Madame Alexander’s | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] of 2012, again at the Doll and Toy Show, brought me another Madame Alexander bride with a Margaret face.  This 17″ hard plastic doll […]

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