Barbie Loves Disney Skipper

Recently, I added a new Skipper to my collection.  She’s part of the Sister sets, specifically titled ‘Barbie Loves Disney’.  I think this is one of the best Skippers Mattel has released so far. Skipper is well branded and is one of the few new Skippers that has her own ‘look’.

Barbie Loves Disney Skipper

This Skipper (like most new Skipper sets) comes with a Kelly, er Chelsea, so the price point is a little higher than the single dolls. She comes with some really cool accessories, like cotton candy, money, a Minnie Mouse cupcake and a travel mug.

Something you’ll notice right away is the change in her hair’s highlight.  Instead of a baby pink color highlight, Barbie Loves Disney Skipper’s is bright pink and really stands out.  Personally, I love the change!  Another nice element to this doll is her make up.  You can’t tell from the above photo (and I apologize for not including more photos, but the light during my photoshoot wasn’t cooperating), but Skippers face paint is different from past incarnations.  If you recall an older post of mine, I mentioned that I disliked how similar the facepaint was from doll to doll to doll.  This Skipper has a cool lime green eyeshadow and bright pink lips.  Again, I love it!

Barbie and Stacie (left) and Skipper and Kelly/Chelsea (right)

There are three different ‘sets’ to go along with this one. All three include Barbie!  Above, you’ll see the Barbie and Stacie set, because only Barbie can hang out with Stacie…

Barbie and Ken set

Here is the Ken and Barbie set.  I’m usually not a huge fan of Barbie/Ken sets, but this one is actually pretty cute.  I love the outfits and the Ken isn’t too bad, either!

Single Barbie Release

This single Barbie release, however, I don’t like very much!  The outfit is fine, but I don’t think the Barbie is as pretty as the one in the Barbie/Ken set!

For more of my thoughts on Barbie Loves Disney Skipper, check out my video review below!

What do you think of this line?  Share your thoughts below!

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