My Big Chief 12″ Eleventh Doctor is here (finally)!

Months ago, I ordered a 12″ Eleventh Doctor figure from Big Chief. They currently hold the license to create Doctor Who related figures and, if you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a Whovian. I shot a box opening the moment this figure arrived.

12″ Eleventh Doctor by Big Chief

Isn’t he cool?  He’s fully articulated, dressed to impress, and comes with interchangeable hands so he can hold various accessories.  The best part of this figure is the sculpting of the face.  At certain angles, he looks exactly like Matt Smith, the actor who portrays the 11th Doctor.  You can view the box opening below.

As you’d expect with a high end figure like him, he wasn’t exactly cheap.  I am happy to say that Big Chief did a great job with the Eleventh Doctor and he is totally worth the price I paid!

Check out that likeness!!!!

Want more photospam of the Doctor?  Here ya go!

The Doctor, with his handkerchief and a bit of the TARDIS

The Doctor, checking his watch.

The Doctor, holding his invitation in the TARDIS blue envelope

This figure came with a ton of accessories that all pertain to Doctor Who.  Among those accessories were three sonic screwdrivers, a bit of the TARIDS, a handkerchief, his psychic paper, a Time Lord communication cube (or, I guess it could be a ‘cube’ from the most recent season), a wrist watch, and the ‘invitation’ in a TARDIS blue envelope.

The eyes are fantastically done!

The Doctor, with his psychic paper

The profile looks dead on.

It wouldn’t be right to NOT have a sonic screwdriver!

You can tell Big Chief put a lot of work into this amazing looking figure.  There were a lot of delays in his production, but in the end, they created a figure that stands out amongst 12″ figures.  I don’t even usually collect these sorts of figures, but this one, well, I’m so happy to have it in my collection!  (Now, if only they’d hurry on up and create the Ninth Doctor already!)

Are you a ‘whovian’?  What do you think of this Big Chief 12″ Eleventh Doctor?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. mizzmoxie replied:

    That is one sexy doll.

  2. discodiva79 replied:

    ok, here are my opinions:

    I like the face sculpt-love the line on his forehead
    I wish his hair was interchangeable or rooted
    His hands seem too big-almost as big as his head in some shots, with that said, he is definitely sexy & worth buying, love all the accessories

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I think there are pros and cons to rooted hair. If rooted hair is wrong, even the best face sculpt looks wrong. It happened with Tonner’s ‘Tenth Doctor’ figure. The hair was completely wrong, so it made the face mold look way off. But when it was restyled, you could tell that the facemold wasn’t that bad. Because this guy is only 12″ tall, I’m okay with the molded hair. They put a lot of effort into making it look pretty darn realistic!

      Now, I’m on the look out for a good cowboy hat in his size!! 🙂

  3. Taswegian1957 replied:

    This looks a very nice figure. I’ve not seen one in the shops here but even though I don’t usually collect these I’d think about getting one if I got the chance. Love Doctor Who though David Tennant is really my favourite. (Hiding behind the couch since 1963)

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I don’t think they sell this in shops, actually. I ordered mine from eBay, but everyone else, I believe got theirs directly from Big Chief. They’re a bit expensive, but sooo neat. They’re coming out with a David Tennant figure sometime this year. (They’re really bad when it comes to proper shipping estimates!) You may want to keep your eye out for that. You’re the second person to bring up the couch thing and honestly, I think I missed out on something catching onto DW so late in life!!! I think I need to find a TARDIS, find 7 year old me and sit her (me) down in front of the television to watch the 9th Doctor. I caught onto DW at, like, 25, so I think it would be a blast experiencing it as the children’s show it’s billed at. (Which is still odd for me to get, b/c kids shows in the States are sooo different!)

      And yes, three cheers for David Tennant for being fantastic in the role as The Doctor!!!! He is one of my favorites, too!

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