Introducing A Girl for All Time Matilda and Amelia

Sure to be on many a Christmas lists this year are two adorable vinyl 16″ historical dolls from the UK based company ‘A Girl for All Time’.  Similar to how American Girl creates historical dolls to represent specific girls in American history, ‘A Girl for All Time’ is a line of dolls designed to showcase different time periods/looks based in UK tradition and history.

So far, ‘A Girl for All Time’ has received high praise both in the UK and in the States. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio named this doll line Top Toy (Platinum) of 2012 and stated, “From our friends across the pond, comes a new collection of girl dolls that will give our well-loved historic American Girl Dolls a run for the money.” On home soil, ‘A Girl for All Time’ was named ‘Best Doll:2012’ (for Amelia) and previously ‘Best Doll:2011’ (for Matilda) by UK industry specialist Toy Talk.

‘Matilda’, from Tudor time, was launched in September of 2011 as the first in the historical line. ‘Amelia’, from Victorian Times, recently joined the line.  They’re not stopping there, either!  More releases are in the works for 2013 and beyond.

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

“‘Two days ago I would have said that I had the most boring life in the world, but ALL THAT HAS CHANGED.  The day after my thirteenth birthday I left my sleepy country home and family to travel for three freezing cold days on horseback to London… to join the glamour and craziness of Henry VIII’s court.”  That is the world in which Matilda lives.   Sounds like an interesting back story, right? Similar to American Girl, each doll has a book series that truly brings the dolls to life.

While I haven’t seen Matilda in person, I love her long face with its long features.  She has articulated knees and elbows, so she has slightly more mobility than other companies historical dolls.

Matilda Close Up

Matilda comes dressed in a historically inspired costume of luxurious grey velvet with a plum kirtle, period underwear and petticoat. Also included are her court shoes, key necklace and headdress.  Based on photo’s, it seems like a lot of thought has been put into the creation of these dolls outfits.

Matilda’s Ball Gown

If I had to choose a favorite ‘add on’ outfit, I think this would be it.  I love the ball gown, especially the mask!

Amelia, Your Victorian Girl

Amelia lives in Victorian Times.  “My name is Amelia Elliot.  Just an ordinary school-girl in Victorian London. I’m looking forward to my thirteenth birthday when I’m going to inherit the family travelling trunk bequeathed to every first born girl, by my great great great…..well so many greats I lose count…grandmother Matilda.  A gypsy at the fair yesterday, read my palm and said I’m going to have a life of struggle, heartbreak, riches and adventure and that she could see me on stage at a music hall!”  

I love Amelia’s basic outfit, a Victorian school dress of blue cotton, with striped collar and cuffs, ruffled pantalets and undershirt. It also includes sturdy school boots and a straw boater hat.  Not something you see dolls dressed in everyday!

Amelia Close Up

Amelia has a slightly softer, rounder look to her.  I quite like that each doll has a different look. Both Amelia and Matilda have hair that can be styled and seem to be wigged, not rooted.

Amelia in her party dress

This has to be my favorite of the ‘add on’ outfits, though.  This party dress is just plain adorable and fits Amelia to a tee!  And the hat?  Love it!

Personally, I think these are adorable dolls!  I look forward to seeing what comes next in this ‘A Girl for All Time’ series!  Amelia and Matilda retail for $139.99.  You can read more about Amelia and Matilda on A Girl for All Time’s website, where you will also find the links to the US and UK doll shops.

What do you think of Matilda and Amelia?  Are they on your Christmas list?  Share your thoughts below in the comment section!

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  1. DeeDolls replied:

    How tall is Amelia?

  2. DeeDolls replied:

    Oh, I thought she was bigger for some reason. I have dolls from Maru and Friends and thought Amelia might be the same size. Maru dolls, however, are 20″ dolls. But they are beyond gorgeous and carry so much detail.

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