Introducing Lottie by Arklu

What’s 7 inches, super cute, and dressed to impress?  The new doll line Lottie by Arklu, that’s what!  Arklu may sound a bit familiar to any Royal Wedding collectors, as they created the popular Royal Wedding Dolls that commemorated the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

New to the market, their Lottie dolls have been developed with “scientific expertise from leading British academics… to address parental concerns about other fashion dolls including negative body image, an increased perception of premature sexualisation, as well as a desire for a return to good old-fashioned creative and imaginative play”. (Source)

Taking their aim at doll lines like Monster High and Bratz, Lottie dolls stand apart because they’re innocent.  They were designed to be travel friendly and to stimulate the art of innocent, carefree, imaginative play.  “Quintessentially British” in feel, Lottie dolls aim is to instill an important message to girls, “Be bold, be brave, be you”.

Lottie received high marks from the toy rating site, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, earning three ‘Best Toy (Platinum)’ nods, as well as many other awards.

Lottie Packaging

Lottie dolls are packaged in cute, colorful boxes with bright graphics.  They’re advertised for kids three and up, but seem perfect for girls (and boys) from three to eight.  Though, truth be told, I’m way older than that and I think they’re quite cute and photograph rather well.

Spring Celebration Ballet

Lottie bodies aren’t articulated like we see on many dolls today, but her knees ‘click’ into bending positions.  They have rooted hair and decal-like eyes.

Autumn Leaves Lottie

Lottie’s clothing is crafted in a way for her to have multiple looks.  The dog on Autumn Leaves shirt, for example, is held on with velcro and can be taken off and replaced by other velcro pieces from other Lottie sets.

From head to toe, these girls are dressed to impress.  In particular, one thing that stands out to me in most of the promo shots are the shoes.  I love nearly every pair of shoes these dolls are wearing! Most are wearing multiple separates, too, so you can change their look easily.

Pony Flag Race Lottie

Lottieville Festival Lottie

With a message like, “Be bold, be brave, be you”, it’s hard not to love these dolls.  Visit Lottie’s homepage to see all the different kinds of Lottie dolls available.  They retail for $19.99 and are sold (in the States) via and at various retailers in the UK.

Later this week, I’ll be posting a review on Autumn Leaves Lottie, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting write ups on this doll line.

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  1. Molly replied:

    Very cute! They have a kindof classic 60s doll look to them

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I agree! Don’t forget to check out the Lottie giveaway going on now!

  2. mizzmoxie replied:

    She is so cute!!!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Isn’t she? I’ve just posted a giveaway post so don’t forget to enter!

  3. Linda replied:

    My favorite “Lottie” is the “Lottieville Festival Lottie”. I LOVE her long, brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin & cool outfit! She looks South Asian!

  4. Part 10 of Reposts | Frosted Mint Dolls replied:

    […] Lottie dolls are totally cute. Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter has done not one, but two reviews on them.As far as being “Quintessentially British”, the way they are […]

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