Dolly Review: Autumn Leaves Lottie by Arklu

Earlier this week I introduced you to ‘Lottie’ dolls.  Now, fine readers, I have a review of  ‘Autumn Leaves Lottie’ and the accessory kit that includes her pet ‘Biscuit’.  Lottie’s motto?  Be bold, be brave, be you!

Lottie and her dog Biscuit

The Basics:  Lottie is 7 inches tall, which means she’s the perfect size for those looking for a ‘travel friendly’ doll.  She can easily be put in a back pack or purse.  She has nicely rooted hair that isn’t too light or too thick.  While children (or parents for that matter) won’t notice, it feels slightly oily to the touch, but also is quite soft and combs well.  She has decal-like eyes (similar to Littlest Pet Shop or Takara Jenny’s and Licca’s).  Her body has ‘weight’ to it so it feels like you’re holding a doll that will last.

She’s packaged in a bright and colorful box designed to be ‘easy open’ and reusable.  The package even has a handle for kids to carry their Lottie’s around with them.

Lottie’s Face– adorable!

Articulation: As far as articulation is concerned, Lottie’s body is limited to ‘clickable’ knees similar to Barbie.  Her shoulders move well (up, down, left, right, circular), but her elbows and wrists are not articulated.  Her legs swivel as you’d expect (left, right, up, down, circular). Lottie’s head moves left and right, but will not tilt up or down.  While she isn’t as articulated as many of the larger dolls on the market, Lottie does do one thing they don’t do– Lottie can stand on her own!

Autumn Leaves Lottie

Clothing:  So cute!  Lottie is dressed to impress.  The quality of the clothing is something that you usually don’t see on these 7″ dolls.  On top of that, most Lottie dolls wear separates, meaning you can mix and match outfits easily.   Autumn Leaves is dressed in adorable brown boots, striped leggings, a brown skirt, a green puppy dog shirt, a heavy winter jacket, a scarf and hat.  Something unique to the Lottie line is seen particularly in the clothing.  The dog on Lottie’s shirt is actually held on with velcro.  If you own other Lottie dolls (or are talented with felt and velcro), you can mix and match the shirts emblems to create a totally new look.

Love the hat!

What I like: I’m a sucker for cute dolls and Lottie totally fits that bill.  She’s a great size and I love the fact that she stands on her own.  Lottie’s face is darling and is very reminiscent of japanese dolls (ie: Takara Jenny’s and Liccas), something I’ve always liked. In addition, I love Lottie’s fashion sense.

Lottie and Biscuit

What I’d Like to See:  While I like a lot about this doll, there are two things that I would love to see in the future.  First, I’d love to see slightly more articulation. It’s impossible for Lottie to hold her dog in her arms because she doesn’t have articulated elbows.  Also, I’d love for her head to tilt up and down, as opposed to just left or right.  The second thing?  I’d love to see some boy dolls introduced into the Lottie line and a little more variety in both skin and hair colors.

Biscuit the Beagle set

The Basics: The Autumn Leaves Lottie set wouldn’t be complete without Biscuit, the Beagle!   This set comes with everything seen above: Biscuit,  a doggy bed, a bowl and bone, a leash, a blue ‘outfit’, and a handy dandy carrying bag.

Articulation:  Unfortunately, Biscuit has no points of articulation.  That being said, he has a lot of weight to him and it feels like you’re holding something when playing with him.

Lottie and Biscuit

Accessory Quality:  The quality, like with Lottie herself, is top notch!  Care went into creating this accessory kit.  For example, the pink carrying bag had paper in it (like a normal purse would) even though it was on card.  That isn’t something you see everyday.  The blue outfit is very simply made.  A word of note, be careful when you take the outfit off the card.  It’s taped on to the packaging and the tape can pull on the felt like fabric.


What I Like:  I like that you don’t just get Biscuit, but you get everything you need to take care of him!

What I’d Like to See:  The only red flag I noticed was the tape on the felt-like fabric.  While it doesn’t look like it damaged anything, I did have a moment of worry when I saw how sticky the tape was on that fabric.

How cute!

Overall:  If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or birthday gift for younger girls or boys (ie: 3-8ish), then take a peek at Lottie.  She doesn’t push any boundaries and is a great size for that age.  On top of that, she’s a quality doll with cute outfits and a darling face!

Lottie and Biscuit

Lottie retails for $19.99.  You can find Lottie on or in various retail locations in the UK.  Check out Lottie’s website for more information on the doll line, contests, fun printables, and more!

Besides this written review, I’ve also put together a video review.  You can watch it below.

I’ve let you in on my opinion of Lottie, now I want to know what you think.  Share your comments on Lottie below!

Disclaimer:   Lottie was sent to me in return for an honest review.  The opinions stated in this review are mine.

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  1. kt replied:

    congratulation on winning Amelia in the doll diaries giveaway have fun with her

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks! I was *super* excited to win! I’ll be sharing pictures and things on this blog, of course!

  2. discodiva79 replied:

    Great review-Autumn Leave Lottie is my fave-love the face sculpt – so very cute. I agree, Hopefully soon there will be more articulation-would love to see her hold Biscuit more realistically. Thanks for sharing!

  3. mizzmoxie replied:

    It’s funny that you are doing a give-away for this doll and requiring a comment, but only because I DO love to leave comments! I read this yesterday but didn’t have a chance to tell you how adorable this sweetie is. What really got me is that little purple hat. I would wear that. I really would.

  4. Molly replied:

    After your last post I went and looked at the Lottie website and this is my favorite one, even more so now seeing her cute outfit under the coat! Great reivew!

  5. Connor O'brien replied:

    Lovely review! This is my favorite Lottie out of the current collection. I look forward to seeing these more.

  6. Johanna replied:

    i think the autumn leaves lottie is my favorite so far. they are adorable though my second fav is the snow queen one. but i love th picnic accessory

  7. Rebekah Hughes replied:

    Great review! I got to say the Autumn Leaves Lottie you reviewed is my favorite out of them all. I was thinking about the articulation and I think a Obitsu body might help with that. Lottie’s are so cute!

  8. Anonymous replied:

    My favorite lottie is the English Country Garden Lottie, but I love the outfits (coat and green puppy shirt )! So cute

  9. barbielea replied:

    Hi 🙂 all of them are nice, but I particularly like Festival Lottie – those wellies!

  10. mickey paley replied:

    Autumn Leaves Lottie is my favorite one so far!

  11. Dollgirl4 replied:

    I like all of them really. Lottieville Festival Lottie, Snow Queen, and Autumn Leaves are nice, but I like Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie. I love the costume; its so realistic!

  12. treu23 replied:

    My daughter (6) likes Snow Queen Lottie the best.

  13. Holly replied:

    I think the Lottie line is just adorable. Like you, I would like to see a boy doll since I’m sure he would be equally cute, but I am quite content with the dolls already available. My favorites are Lottieville Festival and Autumn Leaves Lottie.

    I will say that I think it’s a tad strange that the pony isn’t available for purchase considering there is a Pony Flag Race Lottie and a special Pony Flag Race Accessories Set, but since Lottie has such limited articulation I don’t know how she’d be able to sit on the pony anyway–maybe that’s what is holding up the pony’s release.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      You make a good point. Lottie wouldn’t really sit well on a horse. I agree, though, it would be cute to have a Lottie sized horse if you had the horse themed Lottie!

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