Introducing: Dr. Seuss by Tonner

Tonner has been known to jump into some strange looking lines, but I think they’ve just premiered their strangest yet!  Now shipping is a new Tonner line themed after Dr. Seuss!  The line includes three 16″ dolls with different, colorful looks.

Dr. Seuss Trio by Tonner

Truffula has bright orange hair and is dressed in a pink shantung top with black stitching and blue faux fur trim with orange shantung ribbon, a purple shantung skirt with black printed accents and yellow shantung trim, pink and gold dot tights, and orange faux suede shoes.  She has inset green eyes.  I love the hair color they gave this doll.  The orange works really well with the pink, surprisingly!


Sam I Am is decked out in an orange shantung top with black stitched accents and blue faux fur trim, an orange, red and green ribbon skirt, blue lace tights, yellow faux leather boots with blue faux fur trim, and of course, red stretch knit gloves.  Her blonde hair is styled in a cool up do.  Sam I Am has green/brown inset eyes.  Love the hair styling on Sam I Am, as well as the tights and faux fur trim!

Sam I Am

Last but not least, we have The Cats Hat. It looks the most ‘Dr. Seuss’ because of the now iconic Cat in the Hat hat she wears on her blue hair. She wears a yellow shantung dress with black stitched accents, a red faux fur vest with blue belt, red and White stripe tights tights, and blue faux leather boots. She has violet inset eyes.

The Cats Hat, close up

This outfit is by far my favorite!  I love the color choices and that it really looks like a fancy take on Dr. Seuss!

The Cats Hat

Each doll is limited to 500 and costs $189.99.  I’m on the fence about this line.  I like a lot of things about it.  The outfits are fantastic and the cool hair colors and styles are a nice touch.  On the other hand, it’s still a little weird.  (And truthfully, a little expensive!)

What do you think of Tonner‘s new line?  Have they gone too far or gotten it just right?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Bett replied:

    I LUV this group of dolls! The colours are so bright and cheery and it’s just a wonderfully fun concept. The Cats Hat is my fav, but sadly the price is too high for my wallet. 😦 My only negative about these dolls are the eyelashes – and that is a negative I have about all the inset eyes on Tonner dolls. Otherwise, it’s thumbs up for these dolls.

  2. mizzmoxie replied:

    OOOH WOW. I love them. I love love love them!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Holly replied:

    Wow, I love these. They are the first Tonner dolls I’ve been truly awed by (which isn’t saying much–I only see ones featured on blogs since I know they’re out of my budget). I love their vibrant colors; they’re gorgeous to look at.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Tonner definitely has a certain aesthetic to their work. Sometimes they’re a bit ‘normal’ for my tastes. The vibrant colors are a high point on these dolls, though! Thanks for your comment!

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