Review: Monster High Picture Day Spectra

The Monster High Picture Day dolls have finally hit my area!  Earlier this week, we found ourselves in the same Walmart, three days in a row.  The first two days?  Nothing.  The last day?  We struck gold.  While not all the dolls were on the shelf, some of the new and elusive Picture Day dolls were!  Smelling a challenge, my mom and I decided to go to the neighboring Walmart as well, and somehow in one evening we found the entire line in our shopping bags!

Monster High Picture Day

The Basics: Spectra is one of my favorite Monster High characters. Picture Day Spectra is the third Spectra to be released and my favorite of this specific line.  I don’t see many changes from her earlier releases, but as always, this Spectra stands out.

Spectra, Picture Day

Face/Hair:  Spectra has a head of soft lavender hair with dark purple highlights.  Mattel didn’t try to over style her hair like a few of the past Monster High releases and I’m happy to say Spectra has none of that annoying hairspray in her hair!  Spectra’s make up is spot on.  Sticking with her ghostly image, Spectra’s skin is stark white, which contrasts nicely with her dark purple make up.

Great Make up!

Clothing:  I love Spectra’s outfit, as usual.  It’s perfect and a lot of thought was put into making it ‘ghost-like’.  Her necklace of chains is a nice touch and her shoes!  Her shoes are fantastic.  Seriously, the effect that Mattel crafted with the see-through limbs and Spectra’s shoes?  Love it! (Picture further down.)

Picture Day Spectra’s outfit

Body:  I think Mattel is long past the loose limbs phase.  Yeah, I’ve had a few newer dolls with a loose elbow or two, but the bodies are far better put together than they were when they premiered.  My Picture Day Spectra has no loose limbs that I can tell and holds poses well.

Back are Spectra’s see-through limbs!

Accessories:  Spectra comes with a comb (basic black), a Fearbook (paper with stickers), a purse and a stand.  Forgetting the comb and the Fearbook, the purse is cute, but too small and pretty useless.  It doesn’t open and like I just mentioned, is far too small.  I wish Mattel would go back to the days of purses that didn’t just feel like last minute add ons.  And the stand?  Well, cheers for including a stand with the doll, but jeers for including a stand that doesn’t work.  The peg doesn’t fit the base, which is a theme for all the recent dolls it seems.

Spectra’s profile

What I Like:  Spectra’s design and overall look stands out amongst the recent Monster High releases.  Her hair, while simple, is easy to manage and not dipped in hair spray.  Her outfit, including her shoes, rock.  Last but not least, Spectra’s make up is just right– not over done or under done.  It’s perfect!

Love the chain link shoes!

What I Don’t Like:  I don’t like the Monster High stands as of late.  I don’t think I’ve purchased a doll with a good stand in a long, long time.  Also, the purse seemed like a throwaway.  Next time, I hope they package Spectra with more thought out accessories.

Spectra’s Fearbook photo

For those who are interested, I posted a video review of Picture Day Spectra on YouTube.  You can view it below.

What do you think of the new Monster High Picture Day Spectra?  Share your thoughts below in the comment section!

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  1. Molly replied:

    I’ve been wanting to get a Spectra because I love her ghostly clear limbs, but haven’t seen one that really appealed to me. I’ll have to see this one in person because, you’re right, the makeup and hair look great.

  2. mizzmoxie replied:

    She is soooo awesome! I too love the clear limbs. I have been debating on getting a Monster High doll in the new year.. Maybe this is the one?!

    Also, I love hearing that you have a mommy to shop with. How fun!!! Lucky you 🙂

  3. barbielea replied:

    I love her, she’s one of my favourite regular characters. I have the other two Spectras (this one isn’t available in the UK yet – surprise!) and of the two, I think I prefer Dot Dead Gorgeous who has violet hair too. I’m impressed with your no-nonsense videos by the way – you’ve got guts. I’d sound like a complete idiot if I tried to do that! Best wishes 🙂

  4. Ginger Sweet replied:

    i love spectra i really like that cleo one you have as well i didn’t manage to grab her or her sister when they were around such a shame i recently picked up claudene wolfs little sister and a 2nd rebecca steam they didn’t come with doll stands so now i need to find someone selling the darn things lol keep up the collection 2 of the dolls i have are already worth like $200 going to keep holding on to them till i have kids of my own .

  5. Alec Kinstler replied:

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