Dolly Review: Hujoo Freya

A few months ago, I wrote about a new ABS anthro ball jointed doll manufactured by Hujoo called Freya.  23cm Freya is a Junky Spot exclusive release and currently comes in two colors- light grey and white.  Because Freya is made of ABS, she is quite affordable– always a plus!  The Freya’s below are in white and the limited dark grey (currently sold out).  She wears 16mm eyes, which are held in with a mechanism unique to Hujoo.  No putty needed!


Our Trio of Freya’s!

Freya’s arrive without a face up, so it’s your job to decide what they’ll ultimately look like .  We have three Freya’s in our house– two are mine, one’s my moms.  As usual, they were strung good and tight upon arrival.  Freya holds poses well and her joints seem to click into place more easily then my original Hujoo’s.

"Over here, people!"

“Over here, people!”

The trickster of the bunch!

The trickster of the bunch!

Practicing her barre work

Practicing her barre work

The headcap, which has been reworked since I ordered mine, is the only downside to this anthro bjd.  Hujoo’s use a peg system to attach the headcap which, to be honest, is always a bit hard to maneuver.  Freya’s headcap, however, was incredibly hard to work on and off. My two Freya’s headcaps still don’t fit as they should, which limits their mobility a little.


Ready for my close up!

My Freya’s don’t wear their tails, but they are packaged with tails.  The tails themselves use powerful and very tiny magnets, so for safety’s sake, keep the magnets away from your young children and animals.


Notice the Barbie clothing

Clothing Freya is easy because she wears Barbie and MyScene clothing!



At Play

At Play

Freya's horsing around!

Freya’s horsing around!


So cute!


Top of the World

See ya later!

See ya later!

All in all, Freya is a great anthro for both those who are just starting to collect BJD’s and those that have large collections.  Her face is adorable, her size is perfect, and the price is fantastic! You can find out more about Freya over at The Junky Spot!

The Trio

The Trio

For those that like video, I posted a video review on these guys over on my Youtube channel.  I’ve embedded it for you below!

What kind of face up did you give your Freya?  What do you think of Freya? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. mizzmoxie replied:

    I am so glad to see a blog about Freya!
    I have a Freya and I LOVE her. She is really pretty. I haven’t taken a picture of her put back together with her eyes in yet but I do have one of her body blushing I gave her!

    Also, here is a link to some of the pictures of face-ups I supplied Junky Spot which they used as inspiration for a contest!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I love your sketches! I like the one with the uneven black spots/beauty mark and the one with the blue spots. I haven’t done any body blushing on any of my dolls yet. Yours looks really good so far! I look forward to seeing her put together! Don’t forget to share the final picture’s here or on facebook! 😉

      • mizzmoxie replied:

        Sure!! I do have ONE but it’s not a very good one. How do I share it with you?
        XOXOX!!!! Thanks for replying to me!

        • kewpie83 replied:

          Just send it my way: taps1223(at)sbcglobal(dot)net or share it on my Facebook page like you would any other facebook page. 🙂 Can I share it on the blog?

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