Top Toys for Christmas 2012- Mattel Sister Sets & Disney Animators Toddler Doll Collection

I’ve been posting a new video review each week for a series of reviews I like to call ‘Top Toys for Christmas 2012″.  This week, I plan on posting these here on the blog so those who don’t subscribe can share their thoughts on these dolls!

Top Toy:  Mattel Sisters sets (featuring Hula Dancing Skipper)

Part of my on going series of ‘Hot Toys for Christmas 2012’, here’s a closer look at the Skipper from the Hula Sisters 2 pack that originally included Skipper and Chelsea/Kelly. This video looks only at the Skipper.


Hula Sisters Skipper


Hula Sisters Skipper

The Basics:

-No stand included.

-Pink highlights on chestnut brown hair.


-Love the added volume to her outfit with the addition of the hula skirt

-Her Accessories are great! (Ukulele and necklace)

-Cute make up.

-He has jointed shoulders, elbows and wrists!


-Mattel still needs to add a bit of variety to the new Skippers. They’re still coming off (to me) as too similar to eachother!

-Her wrists are really loose.

Top Toy: Disney Animators Toddler Doll Collection

Part two of my ‘Hot Toys for Christmas 2012’ videos! This week, I highlight the Disney Animators Collection! These dolls are adorable and while they debuted last year, they still seem to be flying off shelves! Perfect for 3 and up!

Disney Animators Collection

Disney Animators Collection

IMG_5437 copy

Disney Animators Collection, Belle

The Basics:

-16″ Tall

-Rooted hair

-Designed by Disney legends Mark Henn and Glen Keane


-There is no denying these dolls are adorable!

-They’re a fun size and move well for the age they were designed for.

-Love the big eyes on these dolls!!!


-There are no cons.  I seriously can’t find anything wrong with them.  They’re just fantastic dolls for all ages!

Check back later this week for more of my ‘Hot Toys for Christmas 2012’ picks! In the meantime, why not share your thoughts on these dolls or your own picks for ‘top toys’ for this holiday season!

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  1. Molly replied:

    Those disney animator dolls are super cute, I just wish I had a little girl to give one too!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I think they’re perfect for the little girl in all of us. 🙂

  2. replied:

    bought a 1965 little miss no name doll on ebay,how can you tell if this might be a reproduction? the dress has one patch and all others I have seen have two patches. Thanks for any info.

  3. VintageDD replied:

    I seriously tried to find a con in these dolls and, like you, could not bring myself to it! The look, faces, and price are all superb! I don’t know if to get a Snow White for my toddler niece or a Belle for myself!!! 😀

  4. Holly replied:

    I feel a little silly asking you such a basic question, but my google-fu has failed me; how tall are the contemporary Skippers like the ones found in the hula set?

  5. Dolly Review: Disney’s Frozen Toddler Anna Doll | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] enough, while Kristoff is packaged in a Disney Animators Collection box, Anna and Elsa are not.  They’re in a box that is more reminiscent of the standard […]

  6. Nicole Tan replied:

    I saw the sister set on ebay for 24.99 and I think I might get her! Skipper’s a cutie and I like that she’s nicely jointed. I don’t really care for Chelsea though.

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