Walking the Toy Aisle…

It’s that time again!  Yes, it’s time for yet another ‘Walking the Toy Aisle’!  These toys were found at various stores, mostly large chain stores in the midwest.  It was pretty dry for a while here, nothing new was really hitting shelves.  Thank goodness for Christmas because these last few weeks, there have been a lot of new, adorable things hitting store shelves.


Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest

How cute is she?  This Lala is exclusive to Target stores and based on (you guessed it) Snow White.  I love how they stayed with a natural hair color for her and her styling?  Oh, ‘sew’ cute!

Lala Oopsie

Lala Oopsies

Another Lala Oopsies

Another Lala Oopsies

Here’s a picture of a spin off Lalaloopsy line- LalaOopsies!  I’ve only just started seeing these guys.  They’re supposed to be princesses and all have multicolored features.  It looks to me like they have stretchy legs, but I’m not sure.  I love their faces!  They have a very ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ feel to them.  The downside of these is that they’re $34.00, which is more than a Lalaloopsy!


New La Dee Da’s

New La Dee Da's

New La Dee Da’s

New to the aisles is the third wave of La Dee Da!  I’m glad to see that these are doing well enough to warrent a new wave.  I still love their look, though I don’t actually own one yet!  I think my favorite in the new wave is Cyanne.  I love the orange hair!

Sisters Christmas Giftset

Sisters Christmas Giftset

Another Target exclusive, this is the Barbie Sisters Christmas set for 2012!  It includes Skipper, Stacie, Kelly/Chelsea, and Barbie.  Well, you know why it caught my eye- the Skipper, of course.  While Mattel didn’t move mountains with this release, I still like it a lot.  I just wish it wasn’t $40.00!

Edward and Bella Giftset

Edward and Bella Giftset

Twilight Spoiler Alert– Bella is being released for the first time in vampire form in this two set of the vampire couple.  Truth time– I don’t think Mattel will ever make a great looking Edward.  This one isn’t that bad, but it could be better.  As far as Bella is concerned, I prefer the original human Bella to this one.  I love the leather jacket, though!

Lalaloopsy House

Lalaloopsy House

Okay, this Lalaloopsy house is awesome.  Seriously, if I were a Lala fanatic, I would want this under my Christmas tree.  This house is 3 stories and fits large Lalaloopsy’s, not small ones!  Can you imagine how neat that would be or how great it would be for photoshoots?



I’m not particularly impressed with this set, but had to feature it because, it’s a little bizarre.  Why is Nick making Rugrats figures?  Do the kids of today even know who the Rugrats are?  Myself, I was always a Chuckie fan (and truthfully missed a lot of it because I was too old when it aired).  But, really, who do they expect to buy this set?

Wreck it Ralph figures

Wreck it Ralph figures


Wreck It Ralph figures

The Wreck It Ralph movie tie in figures are adorable, case closed.  They’re about the size of Little Kiddles or Pinky St figures and have super cute features.  From the what I’ve seen of the characters in trailers, they look pretty close to their cartoon counterpart.


Bratzilla Wave 2

Bratzilla Wave 2

Bratzilla Wave 2

MGA’s Bratzilla’s have a new bathing suit line.  I’m actually a little shocked that they got these out so fast.  Their glow in the dark skin gives them an eerie sort of greenish tint, but assuming it works, might make for a nice effect. On a positive note, their bathing suits cover more than I’ve come to expect of MGA (or Mattel’s Monster High Cleo).  I’m sure Bratzilla fans will eat these up.


Bratz Holiday dolls

Bratz Holiday dolls

Bratz Holiday dolls

Oh, MGA…  I just gave them credit for the Bratzilla’s outfits of choice, but have to call them out on their newest holiday dolls in the Bratz line.  Ms. Claus (above in the Santa outfit) is wearing something straight out of a lingerie catalog.  There are a few instances where her outfit would be totally appropriate, but none of those instances seem appropriate to talk about on my family friendly blog.  In all seriousness, her outfit might not have been that bad if they’d just made it longer, but it looks like she’s wearing a muff as a skirt and said muff goes way too high for my liking.

I don’t mind the Christmas Tree dress as much.  It’s actually kind of cute and, unlike the Santa outfit, it seems to cover more of the doll (albiet only slightly more).


Skipper’s Popcorn Stand set

New Skippers!

Skipper Amusement Park Set (with camera)

Cheers for more Sister sets!  So far, Mattel hasn’t listened to my advice about Skipper’s lack of variety.  Both of these look similar to other previously released Skipper’s.  That being said, I like them.  (Though, I might need to find them new outfits eventually, something with pizazz!)  I think Mattel has decided to stick with pink highlights in her now, as the past releases have all had them.  A fun note about Stacie– she has pig tails!    Of course, Skipper is packaged yet again with Kelly/Chelsea, which is disappointing, but Mattel just doesn’t seem to get that change isn’t a bad thing.

And that, my friends, is it for now.  What has caught your interest while walking to toy aisles?  What do you think of these new releases?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. mizzmoxie replied:

    I just discovered La Dee Da a few weeks ago when we were shopping at our local Toys R’ Us. I LOOOVE them! I was very disappointed at the price of the separate clothing sets though. For the price compared to the quality and amount of items one gets it is really disappointing. But I am happy to wait it out and find them on sale or Ebay!
    Good blog! Merry Christmas!

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