Dolly Report: Miss AG Bear (American Girl, Pleasant Company)

I’ve long been a fan of American Girl products, starting all the way back to pre-Mattel days.  One of the lesser known items that American Girl produced was a stuffed bear named ‘Miss AG Bear’.

IMG_0034 copy

Mini Mags from the good ol’ days!

AG Bear debuted in 1994.  She stood 16″ tall and had jointed arms and legs.  According to AG Playthings, AG Bear came about because of a relationship between Pleasant Company (American Girl) and Steiff, a company known for making high quality plush pieces.  While Steiff didn’t manufacture AG Bear, it seems very likely they could have gotten the idea from their affiliates!

The Miss AG Bear family!

The Miss AG Bear family!

AG Bear received 8 different outfits during her two year run.  Outifts were sold seperately or were available on a dressed bear.  My mom (who was buying them for me as gifts during their run) purchased all the AG Bears complete (bear and outfit).   AG Bear is one of the few items from American Girl that I didn’t have to purchase myself!

The original AG Bear was dressed in a similar fashion to that of the original Girl of Today (circa 1995, predicessor to the current Just Like Me line), with a jean theme to the fabric choices and very similar sunflower hats. (That hat style was all the rage in the 90’s!)

IMG_0028 copy

The Original ‘Meet Miss AG Bear’ Outfit

IMG_0035 copy

The Original ‘Meet Miss AG Bear’ Outfit (One of my favorites!)

The last AG Bear was produced in 1996 making this an eight bear collection.

IMG_0040 copy

Warm Up Outfit

Warm Up outfit

Warm Up outfit

IMG_0062 copy

Sailer Outfit (one of my favorites!)

Sailer Outfit (one of my favorites!)

Sailer Outfit (one of my favorites!)

Winter Parka Outfit

Winter Parka Outfit

IMG_0052 copy

Winter Parka Outfit

Swim Suit

Swim Suit

IMG_0058 copy

Satin Holiday PJ’s (another favorite!)

Satin Holiday PJ's (another favorite!)

Satin Holiday PJ’s (another favorite!)

Slumber Shirt

Slumber Shirt

IMG_0070 copy

Soft and Shiny Outfit (another favorite!)

Soft and Shiny Outfit

Soft and Shiny Outfit (another favorite!)

Personally, I think these unique bears are fantastic pieces of Pleasant Company history.  I adore my AG Bear collection.  They’re one of the few plush items in my room that haven’t been boxed up at one point or another.  Yes, my AG Bear in her sleep shirt may look slightly hunch back and they’re not immune to weird ‘quirks’, but I love these!

Did/Do you own any AG Bears?  Which one?  Do you like the look of these?  Share your thoughts below in the comment area!

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  1. Char (@DollDiaries) replied:

    Oh how cool to see this whole line in one place. I wasn’t even really aware of AG when these came out since I was newly married with no kids yet. I would have loved one.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      They’re pretty inexpensive on eBay at the moment, so there’s always the chance to grab one now! 🙂

  2. Saree Wearing Mama replied:

    I never knew about this AG bear. I wish they would do an anniversary release or rerelease of her with some new outfits.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      AG Bear was released pre-Mattel, so I doubt we’ll see an anniversary release. I’m totally with you on the idea, though! I’d love to see a new one!

  3. Kathy replied:

    Do you have any idea what the care instructions were for this bear. I just found mine in an unprotected boss and she needs some TLC. I’ve been searching the web and haven’t come up with anything.

    • Anonymous replied:

      Hand wash in cold water. Line dry.

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