A Skipper Christmas

My Skipper collection is loving 2013!  Why?  Because this Christmas brought many new Skippers into my collection!

Skippers, Birthday/Christmas 2012

Skippers, Birthday/Christmas 2012

You’ll see Sun Jewel Skipper, Bathtime Fun, Splash and Color, Wet n Wild, Pet Pals, Beach Blast, and Cool Tops.  Opening the MIB dolls reminded me yet again that dolls were a lot easier to open back in the day.  No annoying plugs in their head or plastic tabs everywhere!

Bathtime Fun Skipper, back of box

Bathtime Fun Skipper, back of box

Splash and Color Skipper, back of box

Splash and Color Skipper, back of box

Wet 'n Wild Skipper, back of box

Wet ‘n Wild Skipper, back of box

I received two MIB Sun Jewel Skippers and when I took a moment to compare the boxes, I noticed something odd.  It’s like day and night in terms of differences.  Poses are different, jewel placement is different, even the time of day in the shots is different!

Take a close look at the boxes and you'll see many differences!

Take a close look at the boxes and you’ll see many differences!

Of all the new arrivals, I think AA Cool Tops Skipper is my favorite.  I’ve always loved her outfit and this AA version has some great facepaint!



Did you receive any new items for your collection this holiday season?  Why not share the news with a comment or two!

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  1. Molly replied:

    I think I remember having some of those Barbies! You’re new Skippers are very cool
    I added to my star wars collection this Hanukkah with some awesome Queen Amidalas

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yay for Star Wars. JJ better not screw up this new trilogy!

  2. barbielea replied:

    Wow, you got some great Skippers there. I love your Sun Jewel in particular, she has beautiful eyes. And the big eyed AA Skippers are gorgeous, unfortunately you never really see them in the UK 😦

    I got some Monster Highs for Christmas, and some Disney Designer Villains. Whoever got your gifts must know your collection very well!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Most of these were purchased by my mom who was outfitted with a list of dolls I didn’t have in my collection yet well before Christmas. 😉 Congrats on your Disney Designer dolls! Those were really hard to get here and some of them are really kind of neat!

  3. Dollgirl4 replied:

    I got some Monster High dolls, and I got A Girl for All Time Matilda! Yay!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m so jealous of your Matilda! What a great gift! If she’s anything like Amelia, then you have a fine doll!!!

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