Integrity’s Holograms Are Almost Here!

It looks like Integrity has more outrageous releases for us Jem and the Hologram fans and rumor has it they’re arriving this March!  Prices and edition numbers are very similar to the first wave and I’m 100% sure this new wave will sell out just as quickly.

Jem and the Holograms

Jem and the Holograms







Just like the original releases, I’m not over the moon about these new additions.  I’m thinking I’m just not into the ‘Integrity’ look.  It’s too unfriendly.  Kimber, who I was most excited about seeing, looks too old for my taste.  I wish they’d gone younger on her mold.  Aja and Shana are okay, I guess, but aren’t making me go, ‘Oh, I need that’.

What do YOU think of these Holograms?  Share your thoughts below!

(Picture credit: Integrity Toys)

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  1. Bett replied:

    I bought Rio from the 1st wave and I’m very happy with him, BUT I bought him as a good-looking male to add to my 1:6 family, not as the beginning of a Jem collection. I have some of the original Jem dolls and I prefer them to Integrity’s version. They just have a more innocent, youthful, fun look to them. I think Integrity’s Jem line will appeal to fans of Integrity rather than fans of Jem. JMO

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Oh, congrats on Rio! He and Synergy are the only two I’ve really liked in this Integrity line. I think you’re completely right about this line being more for Integrity collectors (and maybe MAJOR Jem collectors), not the nostalgia collector. Just like you said, these dolls lack youthfulness and, for me, they always look so unfriendly and up tight.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. EDT replied:

    My older sister and I were Jem fans as kids, but our dolls are long gone. If they were cheaper and a little softer looking I would buy this line. This bothers me most with the actual Jem, where I think the face ruins the effect. However, the hard-looking face might fit a little better for a Pizazz doll. Shana and Synergy seem to pull off this look the best.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I do quite like their Synergy. There’s a doll that I would have purchased if the price had been more reasonable (and if she was wasn’t sold out prior to her actual release!). I think you’re right about the Misfit dolls and the ‘hard’ look to the facemold. It might actually work out well… Thanks for commenting!

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