Monster High Fearleading Trio, Version 2

During my weekly ‘lurking’ of Monster High Dolls, I stumbled upon news of a Monster High three doll set.  For the moment, it looks like this will be exclusive to Toys R Us.  What three dolls grace us with their presence in this new set? None other than Toralei, Purrsephone, and Meowlody, dressed to slay their competition in their fearleading uniforms.

Fearleading Trio, Version 2

Fearleading Trio, Version 2

Borrowed from eBay, here’s an image of the trio.  Personally, I don’t think I’ll be picking this up for my collection.  I have the original Fearleading three pack with Cleo, Ghoulia, and Draculara.  I have an extra Frankie wearing the fearleading outfit that was sold separately.  How many dolls do I really need dressed in fearleading outfits?  Not to mention, I don’t feel there’s enough of a difference in the Werecat Twins.  Besides the outfits, their hair styling and overall look is nearly identical to their original release.

What do you think of this new TRU release?  Share your thoughts below!

(Note:  I purposely did not leave a direct link to the image source, because I don’t like promoting overpriced Monster High dolls.  My recommendation?  Wait till these hit stores before you buy, unless you are in dire need and don’t have a local TRU.  Your wallet will thank you!)

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  1. EDT replied:

    It seems like a decent alternative for people who missed out on the original Toralei and don’t have the twins either. I guess that’s mainly who this set is for. I can see how it’s pretty unimpressive to people who managed to get the original dolls. A basic $13-$15 Toralei in a simple outfit would have been nice, but then I suppose they would have to come up with another line for her to be part of.

  2. Abbie replied:

    Will the Toralei 3 pack be available in the UK?
    I’ve only seen the one with Ghoulia, Cleo and Draculaura.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I would be surprised if it didn’t make it to the UK since you have the original 3 pack there. It may take a while, though, since it’s *brand* new here.

      • Abbie replied:

        That’s good then as I am prepared to wait as I refuse to pay stupid prices for them online and have difficulties with using eBay.

        • kewpie83 replied:

          I’m a huge advocate for not giving into scalpers and price gougers! There is no reason to pay more than retail for MH. 🙂

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