Dolly Review: A Girl For All Time Amelia

Amelia, a Victorian themed 16″ doll, is the second historical doll in the A Girl for All Time line.  I was lucky enough to win Amelia late 2012 and have to say, Amelia is a quality doll.  Sold in both the US and UK, Amelia is available online on the A Girl for All Time website.

Amelia from A Girl for All Time

Amelia from A Girl for All Time

The Basics:  Amelia is 16″ tall, similar in size to an American Girl doll.  She’s made of vinyl and is jointed (head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees).  While not included with the doll, all A Girl for All Time dolls have books that you can read to really get to know the dolls and the era they live in.

Amelia from A Girl for All Time

Amelia from A Girl for All Time

Amelia comes dressed in a basic fashion.  Other fashions for her are sold separately.

Amelia wears a permanent wig of long blonde hair.   While promo shots show her in a stylish braid/bun hair style, out of the box, her hair is not styled.  Her hair is easily comb-able (with a wig brush) and long enough to style yourself!

Amelia from a Girl for All Time

Amelia from a Girl for All Time

Articulation/Body:  Amelia‘s body is strung, like Madame Alexanders or traditional ball jointed dolls, which means she stands really well on her own.  She holds poses well, too.  Her body is sturdy and durable, making her a great doll for active play.

Amelia, A Girl for All Time

Amelia, A Girl for All Time

Amelia's elbow joint

Amelia’s elbow joint

As far as her look, she has an adorable face!  Very simple make up (blush, natural lips) keep Amelia looking innocent.  Her long face and well placed features make this doll look very unique compared to other 16″-18″  dolls, which (I think) usually have more round or heart shaped faces.

IMG_0152 copy

Amelia vs a Pleasant Company American Girl Felicity

Clothing:  Amelia comes dressed in a blue Victorian style dress that is composed of lots of separates.  Not only does she wear a top and a skirt, but also pantalets, an undershirt, boots and to top it off, a straw hat. You can buy other outfits for Amelia,  including her party dress and stage costume.  (Personally, my Amelia really wants both of these!)

Amelia's Skirt

Amelia’s Skirt

Amelia in her undershirt

Amelia in her undershirt

Amelia's hat

Amelia’s hat

The quality is top notch.  Everything fits well and looks great!  The designers paid attention to the small details, like buttons and high quality shoes.

Amelia from A Girl for All Time

Amelia from A Girl for All Time

What I Like: There are many things I like about Amelia.  To begin with, I love her face sculpt.  It stands out among other 16″ dolls.  There is a uniqueness to it that makes me look forward to future releases.  On the same point, Amelia and Matilda (the original doll in the A Girl for All Time line) clearly have different looks, which also draws them apart from other doll lines.  The coloring on Amelia (skin tone, hair, eyes, etc) is fantastic.  Everything mixes quite well!

Amelia, standing

Amelia, standing

Also, I’m not kidding when I say she stands on her own really well.  For me, that’s a total positive!  It makes photo sessions much easier!

Amelia's shoes

Amelia’s shoes

IMG_0167 copy

Notice the details on Amelia’s sleeve!

The quality of the outfit surprised me.  I didn’t expect Amelia‘s outfit to have so many pieces.  To me, that shows a company that cares about the entire look, not just what you see right off the bat.  I look forward to seeing what other costume choices Amelia might have in the future!

IMG_5059 copy

Amelia, A Girl for All Time

What I Would Like to See:  There is only one thing that I would have liked to see and that was this– I would have liked the wig to be a little fuller or for the hair to have had a little more body.  Amelia has enough hair, but I, personally,  think there could have been a little more.

Overall:  A Girl for All Time has a bright future ahead of it if all of their releases are done as artfully as Amelia!  She’s a beautiful doll that I would highly recommend for parents and collectors to check out.

Amelia, A Girl for All Time

Amelia, A Girl for All Time

For my video review, look below!

Did you receive an Amelia or Matilda during the holidays?  Do plan on adding one to your collection in 2013? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Maxine replied:

    Beautiful photos, particularly the last one which is my favourite.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks! I was lucky– the light was working in my favor!

  2. DollLover1986 replied:

    I am debating between a Maru and Friends doll (specifically, Jamie) or A Girl for All Time’s Amelia. AHHH! They both seem of such great quality. Although, does Amelia bring more outfits? Because Maru and Friends doll have tonsss of cute outfits and accessories.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      So far, two different outfits, plus a cape, are sold separately for Amelia. She’ll also fit Matilda’s ball gown or night shift. I’m not very familiar with Maru and Friends, but you *might* be able to put their outfits on Amelia (since Amelia is 16″ to Maru’s 20″). (Double check that, though, b/c I’m just guessing!) Good luck on deciding which to buy! Feel free to find this blog on FB and share a pic or two when you do receive your doll!

      • DollLover1986 replied:

        Thank you for the dollie advice!! :)) I have gone ahead and ordered both. Heeheehee!! I think that the outfits might be interchangeable as well. Even though my Jamie doll is taller than amelia, she is just as slim.

        Amelia is on her way, but Jamie has already arrived. I would totally recommend Maru and Friends dolls. They have amazing quality clothes and such great variety on their site. I’ll definitely be doing a mini-shoot with both. Look forward to sending those your way kewpie.

        • kewpie83 replied:

          Congrats on your new dollies!!!! I look forward to seeing your photos!

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  8. Teddy replied:

    I bought Matilda and was disappointed that the knee joints don’t stay bent – they spring straight again as soon as you let go because there’s no slot for the elastic to go into in the the bent position, which means there might as well not be a knee joint at all.

    I was also disappointed in the lack of accuracy in Matilda’s clothing (especially as she was advertised as teaching the young owners about the Tudor period).

    I’ve not considered getting any of the other dolls in the range as a result of these disappoinments

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