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One of my favorite doll designers is Maggie Iacono (Maggie Made Dolls).  Her dolls are literally works of art.  Maggie specializes in crafting “collectible, pressed wool felt dolls that [are] completely poseable using her own unique ball jointing system”.  I’ve loved Maggie’s dolls since I first saw them online years ago.  For me, they’re dream dolls, beautiful works of art that I know I’ll never be able to afford.  However, I always look forward to seeing what Maggie designs year after year.

Recently, Maggie posted images of her new 2013 doll line and I thought I’d share them with you!!!

Mademoselle Peacock by Maggie Made Dolls

Mademoiselle Peacock by Maggie Made Dolls

Above is Mademoiselle Peacock.  She has a limited run of 40.  “Mademoiselle Peacock is crowned with a unique fascinator comprising of styled peacock feathers and black tulle. Her long blonde human hair wig falls just above her waistline, contrasting beautifully with her peacock blue Edwardian inspired jacket and silk brocade underbodice.”  I love the colors on Mademoiselle Peacock and the headpiece is fantastic.

Marcy and her New Toy by Maggie Made Dolls

Marcy and her New Toy by Maggie Made Dolls

Isn’t Marcy and her New Toy cute?  She has a limited run of 5.  Yes, you read that right, 5.  Judging by the dolls description, a ton of work went into designing Marcy.  “Marcy is inspired from so many of Maggie’s talents. The jacket she is wearing is made of fabric that Maggie has nano felted herself taking fibers of the just the right shades of green and combining silk threads for accents and texture.”  Her skirt is artfully designed and her marionette?  Love it!

Nick by Maggie Made Dolls

Nick by Maggie Made Dolls

This is Nick.  Limited to 40, “Nick is dressed warmly in 1920’s style attire ready to play ball… Most notable of Nick’s attire is his one-of-a-kind hand felted vest created from colorful soft merino wool fibers and finished with brown ribbing.”  How can you not adore Nick?  I love the 1920’s vibe.  And all the different textures on him work together so well!

Margaret by Maggie Made Dolls

Margaret by Maggie Made Dolls

Margaret is my favorite of Maggie’s new releases, hands down.  Also limited to 40 pieces, “Margaret elegantly wears a navy blue felt cloche hat adorned with a silk band and a hand cut silk flower accented by felt leaves. Her blonde curly mohair wig is styled in a youthful bob. Her sherbet pink 1920‘s flapper style “over-dress” is made of silk organza, embellished with delicate lace trim and exquisite embroidery over a felt under-dress”.

There are many reasons why I love Margaret.  First, the mohair bob paired with the blue hat is adorable.  Second, I love the 20’s flapper style dress.  The coloring of it works so well with Margaret’s skin, hair, and other accessories.

While no longer available,  I recommend you check out my other favorites:  Caroline, Lauren, Helen, Virginia, Bonnie, and Once Upon a Time (my all time favorite!).  Click ‘View by Date’ to see many, many more of Maggie’s hand crafted dolls. Also, why not ‘like’ Maggie’s new Facebook page?

What do you think of Maggie’s newest pieces?  Do you own one? Do you want to own one?  What is your favorite Maggie Made Doll?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. barbielea replied:

    Felt?? Are these dolls made from wool, not just the clothes? I didn’t even know you could do that, not with such detail and finish anyway. They are amazing. Your favourite is my favourite too.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Everything you see with your eyes is wool, head, torso, arms, legs… Amazing, right?! I would think there would have to be some sort of structure inside because she poses, but I’m not sure what exactly! R. John Wright also works with felt, though I think more heart and soul go into Maggie’s!

      • barbielea replied:

        Well I never. Just when I think I know stuff about dolls, I realise I don’t know much really 🙂 I just looked at the R John Wright site, very interesting thanks (although probably a *little* bit out of my price range) I love those “real” teddy bears, and the little mice in clothes – gorgeous!

        • kewpie83 replied:

          I think my favorite R John Wright is the Little Prince. Totally out of my price range, but so pretty!

  2. Nella replied:

    Wow, those dolls are amazing! So beautiful and like you said, real pieces of art. Nick is my favourite, probably because I love the 1920s fashion and one of my BJD dresses in outfits like his.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m a huge fan of the 20’s fashions, too! There’s just something about the style of that era that is eye catching to me! Thanks for the comment!

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