Barbie Turns 54!

March 9 was Barbie’s 54th Birthday!  Time sure does fly!

My Restored Number 4 Barbie

My Restored Number 4 Barbie

I don’t have many of the original Barbie’s.  My total count is a whopping two.  One  was given to me from my mothers collection and was restored by Krista’s Doll Restoration.   She’s a number 4 Barbie head on either a 3 or a 5 body.  I think we decided she was transitional or the past owner (not my mom) had switched the bodies.  The other was just recently given to me by my boss.  That number 5 Barbie is waiting to be restored.   I think I might hit Arnaldo’s Restorations up for that one eventually.

Number 4 Barbie

My Restored Number 4 Barbie

Upon taking photos for this article, I realized something.  Original Barbie dolls are hard to photograph!  I tried various angles in hopes of getting that ‘looking into the camera’ look, but it took a lot of guess and check!  For nostalgia’s sake, I thought I’d share some Barbie commercials with you!  These will give you a glimpse of how Barbie has changed over the years!  Below is Barbie’s first TV commercial!

Here’s a few more Barbie commercials circa 1959 through the 1970’s!

Quick Curl Barbie and Mod Hair Ken:

Barbie and the Rockers are some of my favorites!

90’s Camp Barbie line is another favorite of mine, though I only own Skipper and Ken!

And remember 1999’s Generation Girls?  They were great!

And the newest Barbie line, Barbie and the Pink Shoes:

This is just a sampling of commercials I found on YouTube.  Here’s wishing Barbie a very merry Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Do you have any special Barbie memories you’d like to share?  Feel free to comment below!

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  1. barbielea replied:

    Wow, beautiful! I just love that “poodle” fringe (bangs). I would LOVE an original Barbie, but for the forseeable future they are way out of my price range as they are really rare in the UK. My best bet – although I still can’t afford it right now as I’m miles over budget on doll purchases – is the 50th anniversary reproduction, I really want one!

    I only had one Barbie when I was a kid, although I had loads of Sindys and clones I inherited from my cousins. She was a Pretty Changes and I still have her, I just featured her for Barbie’s birthday on my blog actually. I spent a lot of time making her “dresses” out of sweet papers, silver foil and bits of ribbon … so not much has changed really 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m over my doll budget, too, so we’re in the same boat! 🙂 I thought the Barbie in your post was so cute! Love the short hair. Totally agree on the poodle fringe! I prefer that to the more course bangs they put on the later dolls.

  2. debi allison replied:

    I received my first Barbie 53 years ago! As much as I have always loved Barbie, someone should do a Barbie as she would look at her real age of 54.

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