Collector Spotlight: My Mom and Her Doll Collection

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos, you’ll notice that our walls are lined with doll cases. Those dolls belong to my mother, Patty, the original doll collector.  She’s been collecting since she received her first doll at 5.

Unlike my own childhood, my mother was told to clean out her doll collection every few years, so many of her treasures were sold off at various table sales or given to charity.  It wasn’t until she was a young teenager that her mother, my grandmother, decided that maybe doll collecting wasn’t something you had to give up as you grew up.

My mother is also the reason I am a doll collector.  Growing up in a house with doll cases along most walls creates one of two kinds of people– one type shy’s away from all things doll related and the other, which I’m included in, embraces it and continues on with their own collection.  Would I have a doll collection if my mother had collected China?  Or Scissors?  Who knows, but I love it now!  (For the record, I’m glad that my mom doesn’t collect either of those things, though they would probably take up less space!)

This post is the first in something I hope to do a lot more of– a collector’s spotlight.  Learning about other collectors is, to me, very interesting!  I love knowing what they collect, why they collect, what they get out of collecting.  (I’m betting that you like that sort of thing, too!)  The first collector spotlight subject is my mom, Patty, because she is the reason I’m here a) on the earth and b) writing this blog!

This collector’s spotlight is a two part post– one part of this is on YouTube in video format. (To see the video, click the hyperlink.  I’ve disabled embedding for this video!) The other part, this post right here, will include images so you can gaze at them to your hearts content. I encourage you to check out both portions!

Barbie's Dream House-- No More Occupancy!

Barbie’s Dream House– No More Occupancy!

My mom collects lots of different kinds of dolls, but her collection mainly focus’s on Barbie’s.  Most of the dolls in the collection are from the 80’s, 90’s, and My Scene era, though her Monster High collection seems to be growing month after month!  As you can see from the picture above, they’ve taken over the Dreamhouse.

My Scene and Kelly's

My Scene, Monster High and Kelly’s

Ikea Cases

Ikea Cases

Ikea Case

Ikea Case

Ikea Case

Ikea Case

Ikea case

Ikea case

Besides Barbie’s, our house has many other kinds of dolls.

Doll Case

Doll Case

doll case

doll case

Some of my mom’s favorite dolls are Sasha’s, Little Miss No Name’s, and 60’s dolls like Giggles, Kissy, or walking dolls.  Also in the collection are Wizard of Oz dolls, mostly Dorothy’s, Magic Nursery, Thumbelina’s, and Little Kiddles.

Wizard of Oz and Kiddles

Wizard of Oz and Kiddles

Magic Nursery

Magic Nursery



Monster High Gang on Dream House

Monster High Gang on Dreamhouse

For more photos of dolls in my mom’s collection, why not check out her Flickr?  And don’t forget to watch the video Collector Spotlight!  I’d like to say thank you to my mom, Patty, for allowing me to videotape her and her collection.  (I love you lots, Mom, and don’t worry, you can get me back when it’s my turn in front of the camera!)

Best Collection
This collection was awarded the Best Collection Award for February 2014 by One Shot Variety.  Thanks!

As a reminder, please do not repost these pictures anywhere.  🙂

I love comments!  Why not leave one below?  I’d love to hear what you think of this Collector’s Spotlight!

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  1. littlebearries replied:

    Absolutely amazing 0_0
    And I have to say, Patrick Kelly (Tommy?) cracked me up.

    Your Mom’s collection is so vibrant and fun 🙂

  2. barbielea replied:

    I had lots of fun, spotting dolls I own (and also some dolls I desperately want) in the pics. Your Mum has a great collection, she seems to have a Snow White theme which I really like (Snow White Funko!!). Is your collection displayed with hers, or are your dolls kept separate?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Good question! My dolls are kept apart from my mom’s. When people walk into the house, however, they always ask ‘Are all these yours?’. It’s great seeing the look on their face when I say, “Nope. They belong to my mom.” 🙂 Oh, I didn’t mention the Snow White’s! Yes, as you noticed, she has a thing for Snow White, as well!

      • barbielea replied:

        Lol, I love the fact that she has some dolls that you also have in your collection … that’s commitment to the cause 🙂

  3. Andi B. Goode replied:

    Gosh, your mum’s collection is great! I really love seeing other people’s collections so I’m looking forward to more of this series (I’ve been following for a while but not commented before…I think)!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Well, thanks for commenting! I ‘lurk’ a bunch of blogs, too. Very happy to hear you enjoyed the Collectors Spotlight!

  4. Teresa B. replied:

    Hello! I just stumbled across your blog. Love it! I love the collection. I think it’s so funny that Monster High took up the Barbie Dream House! I also like the Ikea cases. I might get those for my dolls.

    Oh, and I love the Magic Nursery. So cute!

    If you get a chance, check out my doll blog.


    • kewpie83 replied:

      Nice blog, Teresa! I’ve added a link to my sidebar so others can find your site, too. You’re a Magic Nursury fan, too? I used to *love* receiving/buying them. I still look for them for my young cousins, but the prices for them in box are crazy!

      • Teresa B. replied:

        Thank you for doing that! That’s awesome, I’d love more visitors to my blog. I have never collected Magic Nursery but they are oh so cute I could just squeeze them and love them forever! 🙂 I hope you are able to add many more to your collection (as money allows of course!)

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  6. Happysuz replied:

    Wow! Now that is a great collection! Love the Barbies and Monster High.

  7. Mimi :3 replied:

    What a gorgeous collection! I was especially interested in the Barbies – though I donated all my “play” Barbies to a younger doll lover, I do have some collector Barbies saved 🙂

  8. Bernitta replied:

    I also love dolls, I have about 50 dolls but I think that I’m in love with your doll collection:)

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks! I’ll pass your comment onto my mom, Patty!

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