Dolly Review: Junky Spot Exclusive Hujoo Freyr

Hujoo‘s are triple threats– they’re adorable, affordable, and easy to customize.  And here for you today is a review of the newest Hujoo to hit the market, FreyrFreyr is exclusive to one of my favorite online shops The Junky Spot and is the male counterpart to last years Freya (also exclusive).

The Gang

The Gang

If you missed my Freyr box opening, you can check it out here.  Here’s a little back story on this little guy.  Freyr is 23 cm tall, is strung (like other Hujoo’s and BJD’s), made of ABS,  and has the same ‘clickable’ posing ability that traditional Hujoo‘s have.  He is an anthro BJD, meaning he’s made to look like an animal.

Hujoo Freyr

Hujoo Freyr

In this case, Freyr was created to look like a cat.  18mm eyes are recommended and if you were to wig him, he’d be a 6.5-7. Keep in mind, you’d have to OOAK the wig a bit to make room for his ears.   Freyr comes in two colors– white and light grey.  I received both for this review.

Freyr's Pre Face Up

Freyr’s Pre Face Up

A very important thing to note is that Freyr, like his female companion Freya, arrives at your door without any sort of face up.  It’s up to you to create Freyr‘s character with a custom face up.  I decided not to jinx myself by doing both face up’s myself, so I asked my mom to do the white Freyr‘s look.  In the end, both Freyr’s turned out very different and, if I may say so, very adorable!  (As a side note, my light grey Freyr has a dark grey face up, so you’ll notice he’s a bit two-toned at the moment.  I plan on blushing his body later to make the difference in tones less harsh.)

Freyr's Post Face Up

Freyr’s Post Face Up (with a Freya on the far left)

Let’s go top to bottom, shall we?  As many of you Freya owners are probably wondering, how’s the head cap?  Is it a pain in the neck like Freya‘s?  Do you need sharp objects to take it off or put it on?  Do you need to remodel the pegs that connect the front to the back?  Nope.  None of the above.  The head cap goes on ten times better than Freya‘s.  No knives or sharp objects required!  I still used an icing knife to get the head cap started, but once I separated it the front from the back, it was off in under 4 minutes.  Putting it on was much easier, too.

DSCN0737 copy

Notice the difference in placement of the head cap. Freya (left) Freyr (right)

You’ll notice the difference in the head cap design here.  The mold itself has thicker sides and is designed to encompass less of the back of the head, as opposed to Freya, who has a head cap that nearly cuts her head in half.

Notice the new head cap design.  It's thicker and works ten times better!

Notice the new head cap design. It’s thicker and works ten times better!

A big thank you to Emory at The Junky Spot for listening to his customers concerns about the original Freya head cap.  This is much, much better!

Freyr In White

Freyr In White

Freyr‘s face is adorable.  I’m not usually crazy about dolls with narrow eyes, but Freyr has won me over.  His eyes are slightly more narrow and slanted than Freya‘s open eyes. He has a more ‘cat like’ look to him, actually.  You can see clear differences between him and his female counter part.

Two of  Kind-- Freyr (left), Freya (right)

Two of Kind– Freyr (left), Freya (right)

As far as his body goes, he has he same amount of joints you’d find on other Hujoo‘s, along with his special claw like hands and feet.



His arms and legs are essentially the same as Freya‘s.  Freyr holds poses well, as I have come to expect with well strung Hujoo‘s.

Notice the large knob at his neck

Notice the large knob at his neck

The one downside is the knob at the base of his neck.  I never noticed it on my Freya, because her head cap never fit well enough to notice, but you can see it plainly with Freyr.  There is a knob where his head cap meets his neck that you can see when you tilt his head at various angles.  Sometimes it makes his neck area look really strange for photo’s.  It would be great if they could make it slightly more ‘fluid’ looking.

Freyr posing, dressed in My Scene clothing

Freyr posing, dressed in My Scene clothing



As far as clothing goes, just like Freya, he can wear Barbie clothing with a little tweaking.  Our Freyr‘s are wearing some of the few Ken clothes we own.  The white Freyr is sporting some My Scene surfer shorts that have been fitted for him with a few stitches.  The light grey Freyr is wearing some of Ken’s wardrobe.  The waist is big in both cases.  I hope to pick up some cooler Ken clothes for him next shopping trip.

Lying Around on the Job

Cat Napping

Hi- Ya!

Hi- Ya!

Hanging Out

Hanging Out

Overall, I like Freyr just as much as I did Freya!  They really are adorable.  And even better, they’re an affordable BJD for those of us who don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on one doll.  I think The Junky Spot and Hujoo should look into possibly seeing if they can make the neck knob a little less noticeable, but that is my only real issue with Freyr.  They did fantastic things with the head cap (yay!) and I look forward to seeing their future releases? I, personally, would like to see a new kind of animal.  A dog? Bunny?  I’m sure they’d make it super cute!  I highly recommend Freyr.  He’s a great BJD!

To see the video review, look below!

Do you have a Freyr? What do you think of him?  Have any questions?  Let me know with a comment below!

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  1. Martha Schwartz replied:

    I love your reviews and watch your tips and advice on youtube! I didnt know you were dolly confessions.. awesome! I feel like youre an established expert. Question. Could you maybe sand down the knob? Or would it affect the pose?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Nice to meet you, Martha! I try my hardest to have quality posts and video reviews! Because these are made of ABS plastic, I personally wouldn’t sand them at all, anywhere. They have a very smooth finish, so I think sanding the knob would just make their necks look scratchy and ‘different’ from the rest of their body. I went online to see what people said about sanding ABS and most were against the idea unless it was for small details. The knob itself is kind of large, so I imagine if you could, it would take quite a long time, too. It’s a good idea, though. If they were resin, it would probably work. (I say, having never sanded down any of my resin BJD’s before!) 🙂

  2. Justadolladdict replied:

    Wow their faces are cute! However I’m not one for animal dolls sadly,so I think it would be neat to see them as humans!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hujoo has a line of 27cm human’s that are Hujoo’s answer to ‘Yo SD’ sized dolls. You may want to check them out at The Junky Spot.

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