Barbie 2013– What I’m Looking Forward To

Besides the new Skipper releases that have come out sporadically for the last few years, I haven’t really looked forward to or hunted for many traditional play line Barbie’s.  However, there are a few releases expected out in 2013 that I am looking forward to.

Last year, Mattel launched a fantastic little web series called ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’.  It features Barbie, her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea (formally Kelly), friends Nikki, Raquelle, and Teresa, and boyfriends Ken and Ryan.  I highly recommend checking out the web series because it’s full of tongue and cheek sort of references and really fun to watch.  You can watch all three ‘seasons’ on YouTube.

At Toy Fair 2013, Mattel announced a doll line themed around the series.  Due out around August of this year and priced around $16.00-$22.00, I’m really looking forward to this new line!

Life in the Dreamhouse Talking Barbie

Life in the Dreamhouse Talking Barbie

These special edition Barbie and Raquelle dolls say key phrases from the web series.  They’ll also record your own phrases and play them back in Barbie or Raquelle’s voice.  It looks like these talking dolls aren’t jointed and may have the model arms (ie: arms that are permanently bent in positions).  Of course, promo shots can be deceiving, so we won’t know for sure until August.

Life in the Dreamhouse Talking Raquelle

Life in the Dreamhouse Talking Raquelle

The basic dolls are super cute, as well!  Just like the talking dolls, these have rooted eyelashes and a fun, animated faces.  The friend assortment has Summer, Teresa, Midge, and Raquelle.  Unlike the talking dolls, it looks like these dolls are jointed at their elbows, wrists, and knees.

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Teresa

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Teresa

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Midge

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Midge

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Raquelle

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Raquelle

‘Life in the Dreamhouse’ Summer confuses me a bit.  Summer isn’t in the web series.  Nikki is and I see no mention of any Nikki doll on any information that came out of Toy Fair.  I would have preferred a Nikki doll, personally, to a character that hasn’t appeared in the web series.

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Summer

Life in the Dreamhouse Basic Summer

I find it interesting that there is no Ryan in the line.  I understand not putting in the sisters or Ken because most of the dolls currently out do look like the cartoon character’s. Ryan, however, was introduced in the web series as Raquelle’s brother and really should have a doll.

Another thing I would love to see is a black and white Midge that looks like how we first met her in ‘Life in the Dreamhouse’.

Skipper and Horse

Skipper and Horse

The other doll I’m excited about is a Skipper set.  Many of the Skipper dolls as of late have been a bit repetitive.  This new Skipper is part of the ‘Barbie and her Sisters: A Pony Tale’ line.  Barbie’s horse is supposed to move on its own, but it looks like Skipper, Chelsea, and Stacie’s horses are stationary.  You can see pictures of the other ‘Barbie and Sisters: A Pony Tale’ dolls here.

Update:  Barbielea did some sleuthing and found out a Life in the Dreamhouse Nikki was, in fact, brought to Toy Fair.  The mystery of why she isn’t mentioned in any of the official blurbs and has no official promo shot is still just that– a mystery–, however, here’s a picture.  You’ll also notice a new Ken featured in this screen shot.  Based on this screenshot, it looks like the talking barbie’s may not have molded elbow’s after all!

Nikki on far right, Ken on far left.

Nikki on far right, Ken on far left.

So, that’s what I’m excited about in the Barbie world.  What are you excited about? What do you think of these dolls?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Molly replied:

    I’m excited for the new Dreamhouse dolls too, and having Midge in black and white is such a good idea!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m crossing my fingers for a SDCC exclusive black and white Midge. I have no reason to believe they’d make one, just hope!

  2. littlebearries replied:

    They’re so cute!!

  3. barbielea replied:

    I think the Life in the Dreamhouse dolls are going to do very well, especially that Steffie-faced Midge – I want her!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      She does have a steffie face– probably why I like her best!

  4. EDT replied:

    I only have a couple of playline Barbies from recent years, but I kind of like the basic Midge and Raquelle. I’m looking forward to the Batman Ken doll. He looks kind of silly but he’s still a must for me. Assuming they could get the hair right, I would buy an articulated Ryan that looks like the one in the webseries.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’ve seen the Batmam promo shots. He looks really cool, too!

  5. Lisa Ramirez replied:

    I can’t believe they didn’t make a new Nikki for part of this line, Mattel has been slandered so much throughout the years about AA dolls you would think they would not leave out the ONLY AA doll featured on the series. MAYBE it was an over site or she hasn’t been released yet. I definitely will not be holding my breath, The other dolls are very pretty on a positive note. I really hope they can get Ryan’s hair right.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Agreed! I didn’t want to call them out on anything without hard facts, but it is quite shocking for them to leave Nikki out all together. The only reason (and it’s not really likely at all) would be if originally Summer was in the animated series and maybe they came up with product design with that web series concept, but then at the last minute switched Summer to Nikki? It wouldn’t make any sense, really, b/c I’d imagine the web series would have been in pre-production much longer than the doll line… It is a shame.

      • barbielea replied:

        I did a google search on these dolls after I read this post – I found one picture of a Nikki from this line, stood next to one of the other LITD dolls that you’ve featured here (It was a real picture, eg not one of those with a whited-out background). She was wearing some purple and red outfit that she also seems to wear in the web series (I’m only basing this on photos, as I’ve never actually watched it). So a Nikki might turn up yet – unless it was a fan-made doll, but it didn’t look like one. I”ll try and find the link for you – but I bet I can’t find it again! :-/

        • kewpie83 replied:

          I think I may have just found what you found– except in a YT video! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Teresa B. replied:

    I love the Midge!

  7. Andi B. Goode replied:

    I’m really excited about the Midge! I’ve already been waiting for months for her – not sure I can last ’til August 😉 I just hope they make it to Australia. It seems like the Batman & Catwoman Ken and Barbie may not make it here, unfortunately, if what a local Barbie retailer I know has said is anything to go by. Which is a pity as ’60s Batman is my favourite so it would be two of my favourite things combined. I’ll just have to find a way to get them online!
    Oh and a black and white Midge would be so cute. I really loved that webisode. She’s an adorable character.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m with you! The retro Batman and Catwoman are very cool! It may be hard for all of us to get the Catwoman. She popped up on Matty Collectors San Diego Comic Con exclusive list… I hope she isn’t as exclusive as the MH SDCC release!

  8. Anonymous replied:

    I really like the dolls but I am mad that midge has the steffie face mold she should have the diva face mold. I am excited for Raquel , tarissa , and summer . It would be nice if they bring barbies sisters !! Can not wait

  9. Vicki replied:

    Those clothes for this line are fantastic! I’m new to doll collecting and I’m wondering if it’s easy enough to find just the fashions separately or are some fashions produced ONLY as part of a doll purchase?

  10. Lisa Ramirez replied:

    Where is Ryan? Maybe they couldn’t get the hair right

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Where IS Ryan?! There are some fashionista brunette males that look Ryan like. They could very easily make him, I think!

  11. Jane replied:

    they hace so beautiful dresses

  12. lili replied:

    the barbie its pretty

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