Dolly Flashback: Galoob’s Dozzzy

In late 1987, toy company Galoob released an interactive talking toy called Dozzzy.  Dozzzy came in two versions– one was a brown bear and one was a boy.  My brother received the boy version as a baby and cherished him through his youth.  My mom recently uncovered Dozzzy.  We were pretty sure he wasn’t going to work when we placed batteries in him, but to our surprise, Dozzzy started rambling on!  He’s not 100% functional, but he seems to work most of the time!

Dozzzy used a cassette deck to talk. When you pressed his hand, it would communicate with the cassette tape and Dozzzy would start talking.  Multiple tapes were available (at least 4), but I can’t find any evidence as to how many exactly where released.  This tapes ran 40 minutes and included stories and general chatter.  The thing that made Dozzzy stand apart from the rest was how he talked.  Unlike the Worlds of Wonder talking toys, Dozzzy‘s mouth would light up and make talking motions with the words on the tape.  His eyes would also light up.  This made for a great affect for night time because the child could interact with Dozzzy easily in the dark by pressing his hand and still see Dozzzy talking due to the light up elements in his face.

Dozzzy Talking

Dozzzy Talking

As far as hard facts about Dozzzy, there are very little to be found.  What we do know is this: Both versions of Dozzzy were only out for a year, at the most.  The reason is forever lost with the decision makers at Galoob, because no reason could be found on the internet when I searched.  Another mystery is the number of tapes available for Dozzzy.  We own 4 tapes for Dozzzy.  However, upon searching, I could find no ‘ultimate list’ of tapes produced.  We do know from catalogs that Dozzzy retailed for $49.99 when he came out in late 1987.  Kind of expensive for a kids toy, but think about if he were released now! I have a feeling he’d be much more expensive!



Because Dozzzy was only out for a year, he is considered ultra rare and from what I can tell from the number of people looking for him online, highly sought after.  It seems many people have fond memories of this talking toy.  And why not?  It is a great, solid toy.  The tapes, too, are engaging.  And better yet, Dozzzy was mostly stuffed, so a child could literally hug him or go to sleep with Dozzzy next to him with very little worry.  (Think of trying to sleep next to a Teddy Ruxpin… Yikes!)  Dozzzy’s trademark expired in 1994.  Galoob ended up being purchased by Hasbro in 1998 after 44 years of toy making.

For those that would like to watch my Dolly Flashback, the video is below!

If you’d like to see Dozzzy in action, I’ve put together three videos. The first video is essentially an introduction to Dozzzy. ‘Storytime with Dozzzy’ is all about Dozzzy!  He recounts ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and ‘The Emperors New Clothes’.


Do you remember Dozzzy?  Why do you think the now 20 somethings have such fond memories of Dozzzy?  Why do you think Dozzzy had such a short run? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Barb replied:

    Ashley, Dozzzy is really neat! I like the sound of his voice. I have never seen him. My son is 36 so he was too old for this type of toy at that time. I do remember that when he was nine he totally disassembled Teddy Ruxpin and we could never get him working again. Teddy Ruxpin was sort of creepy. Around 12 yrs. ago, I collected about 10 Baby Face Galoob dolls. There is a wealth of information about Mel Birnkrant, the head toy inventor of Lewis Galoob Toys International on this vintage doll and supply site I used to use, Check out their webpage and click on Mel Birnkrant`s Toy Album in the left side box. You could contact the woman who runs PrillyCharmin because I think she knew Mel. Just as Dozzzy was pulled from production way too soon, so were the Baby Faces. Hope you find out more about Dozzzy and can get some more tapes.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks for the link! I will check it out. We have a few Baby Faces. I have one, my mom has two, I think. Actually, I even bought one for my cousin once off of eBay. They’re adorable dolls! I love how people have embraced them and even ooak’d them up. Now, onto the Teddy dissection… Scary! I have my childhood Teddy that I love dearly. Even got him repaired a few years back so he’s in tip top shape. Actually, he’s next up on my list of flashbacks.

  2. discodiva1979 replied:

    My son had this very doll as a child & to this day he recalls the fond memories of Dozzzy. He was so comforting at nite. He had a defect so I sent him back to the manufacturer & to my dismay they did not replace him. I have always had my eye out but they are extremely rare & pricey. Too bad they didn’t have a longer run.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Wait. You contacted the company, sent him back and never got him back?! That’s not right! Did you contact them about it? What did they say? Seriously, that is depressing!

  3. Holly replied:

    This was a very interesting review since I had never heard of Dozzzy before.

    He must’ve been too expensive to make or had too many technical problems for him to only have a one-year run. I also think I would’ve passed him by as a customer since, while I know he’s supposed to look sleepy, he looks a bit like he’s high to me–especially with those orange eyes.

    All that being said, I think he would’ve been a great toy for a little kid to enjoy–he’s highly interactive since he asks children questions during his monologues and seems to wait for them to answer them. I especially like how many tapes he came with and how much audio content is available on each–he’s much more interesting than a toy that only has a few catch-phrases. I also think it’s great that Dozzzy lights up in the dark so a child can see him after they’ve been tucked into bed.

    He really seems like he should’ve been a winner; it’s too bad he only had such a short run.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Happy I could introduce you to Dozzzy! He was a bit of a pricey toy, which might have had a lot to do with him not being out very long. Or the fact that he didn’t have any sort of cartoon tie-in. (It was the 80’s, where it seemed EVERYTHING had a cartoon!) Alas, the secret is lost with Galoob.

  4. EDT replied:

    I got the human Dozzzy for my birthday with 1 tape and another tape my mom had customized to sing a birthday song with my name in it. It’s strange because initially he did not bother me but as nights went by he started to creep me out in the dark. Dozzzy was packed into the closet and eventually we got rid of him. My mom is always getting bargains so I hope she didn’t pay full price for him. I feel bad about my parents paying that money just for me to get scared of the thing.

  5. Jessica replied:

    I have 2 dozzzy dolls!! The actual one I recieved at christmas when I was around 5 or 6 and he has been threw the ringer, when I went threw my dr stage so he has stitches on his forhead and I have another I purchased off ebay about 3yrs ago he is perfect!!!! I have 2 tapes with him and his sleeping cap. I love this toy to this day and I have a 9yr old now and I tell him when I think he is old enough and mature enough I will let him see dozzzy LOL ❤ dozzzy!!

  6. Heather replied:

    I am so excited that I found this link! Dozzy was my favorite childhood toy. I have been telling my fiance about him for years and we could never find him online. If I didn’t have a picture of me holding Dozzzy he would have thought this talking doll was all in my head.

    Thank you for posting videos too! I totally remember the Princess in the Pea story.

  7. Dolly Flashback: Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter... replied:

    […] good one for my Teddy Ruxpin.  I had planned a while back to showcase him in a Flahsback post (see Dozzzy’s here) and when I was sidelined by a few of my tapes not playing as well as I remembered.  I went on […]

  8. Farrah replied:

    I really really really want dozzzy the boy doll!!!!!!! Help

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I wish I could help, but I don’t know of any better tip than keeping an eye on eBay. Good luck with your search!!!

  9. monkey replied:

    I have the soft toy of him not the cassette. My sister threw out all my childhood toys all them all my memories. I cant believe I have had him since 87 would have been two.

  10. edenlouise replied:

    This wasn’t a toy I was desperate to own but I thought it was a really neat idea. I have a very funny memory of it though. I was watching a late night chat show where someone was talking about the hot new toys about to hit the shelves ready for the holidays and of course Dozzzy was being shown off. The chat show hostess asked if we could hear him and so he began to tell the story of the three bears. Now on your video I noticed he kept pausing to make sure you were still paying attention but if you were trying to do a TV program with Dozzzy trying to tell a story at the same time I guess the pauses didnt’ come quick enough. he just couldn’t be made to shut up, he threw the hostess right off her stride, she kind of lost her cool and ended up saying “Get that thing out of here!” To be honest I hate things that don’t have an off switch and that, once started, I can’t stop, so I had some sympathy with her! 😀

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Ha ha ha ha! That’s a great story! I wish that were online.

  11. Darlene Bell Mott replied:

    my son had one as a baby… he is 27 now and I would love to find one…\

  12. Joanne replied:

    I just bought a brand new Dozzy NRFB on Amazon 80.00 it was from a storage unit used for kbee toy store,I love it what a find.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      That’s amazing!!!! Did they have other fun things for sale from this storage unit?

      • Joanne replied:

        This was the only item I was aware of the doll is mint in the box,Box has a little shelf wear but I really didn’t care plus they threw in Two new dozzy cassette tapes also in the box,Honestly I don’t know how I lucked out on this deal,the Doll plays beautiful!They had 2 dolls and they sold the other right before I bought mine

  13. sandyjeanieSandy replied:

    My daughter had the little boy version of Dozzzy as a child. She loved him. She is 32 now. I wish I could buy a new Dozzzy for my grandchild. Dozzzy was a delightful kids toy and I don’t know why he was only produced for a year. We thought Dozzzy was a fabulous kid’s toy!

    • Allen replied:

      I’m also 32, and I had one of these when I was a kid. I, too, had the boy version. My mother recently found it in storage. It appears to be in great shape, except one of the connectors broke off the battery insert, so not sure it would still function.

      Strange to hear these weren’t manufactured long. I loved mine. I had only one of the tapes — I think it was the one with “Jack and the Beanstalk — but I remember using it often to fall to sleep. My parents say it was the only toy I ever asked for.

      The funnest thing was when we put a Dire Straits cassette in it to see if it would play. It did. I still remember laughing hysterically as Dozzy sang “Industrial Disease,” his lips moving in time to Mark Knopfler’s singing.

      Definitely a trip down memory lane.

      • Heather replied:

        We did that with my Dozzzzy too!! I don’t remember the tape we put in but I remember laughing hysterically at whatever he started singing.

  14. Anonymous replied:

    I sill have mine in his original box I’m 36 now. He was well looked after all my toys have original packaging and were treated gently. I still have fond memories of listening to him sing blue Christmas by elvis Presley it was so funny.

  15. Alison replied:

    Please could someone tell me where I can get my dozzy fixed? Desperate:-) Alison

  16. Alison replied:

    Please could someone tell me where I could get my cozy fixed

  17. Jennie TeRata replied:

    Desparate to get hold of a talking dozzzy doll for my daughters’ 30th birthday in November- it was her fav childhood toy – any help please

    • kewpie83 replied:

      They’re super rare to find on the internet, unfortunately. Just keep checking your local used shops, garage sales and the internet. You never know what you’ll stumble upon!

  18. Heather replied:

    I still have mine too!! He is in rough condition though. My tape had Jack and the Beanstalk. He was the best!! His voice on your videos bring back so many memories!

  19. Jo Oulds replied:

    I have an original Dozzy bought in the 80s UK all complete looking to sell anyone interested make me an offer

  20. Crystal heidkamp replied:

    How much is this doll worth I have him I. Good shape

  21. Crystal heidkamp replied:

    I have one in good condition how .Uch is he worth

  22. Beatrice replied:

    Please bring dozzy doll please thanks for the memories my son has Autisim and he loved it

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I wish the makers of Dozzzy would bring him back out, too. So many people have fond memories of him.

  23. Kim replied:

    I have one but think only one cassette

  24. Jessie replied:

    Hello I too have my Dozzzy from when I was a child. I cherish him more now then I did then. I have looked all over the web trying to find a value of what he would be worth now. Do you have any information on that? I have two tapes and his sleep cap.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      There are so few Dozzzy’s out there that it’s hard to judge a true value on him. :/

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