Ever After High

Okay, Mattel.  Take my wallet.  Really, how about I just re-direct my paychecks your way because you’re going to get the money anyways with this new Ever After High line.  Those crazy folks at Mattel, makers of the popular Monster High and Barbie lines, have launched their newest idea to the masses, Ever After High.  And honestly?  I think I love it!

Ever After High

Ever After High

While Monster High is a school for the sons and daughters of monsters, Ever After High houses the children of fairy tale characters.

the cast

Secondary Characters

At the moment, the main story seems to be centered around Apple White (Snow White’s daughter) and Raven Queen (daughter of the Evil Queen).  Apple White seems to be obsessed with playing out her story (ie: biting into a poisoned apple from Raven Queen, falling into an endless sleep, waking up from true love’s kiss, and living happily ever after), while Raven Queen is reluctant to latch onto her ‘evil’ roots.  It’s a story of ‘rebels’ verse ‘royals’.

Apple White

Apple White


Raven Queen

All the images used in this post are screenshots from the three videos posted on Ever After High’s YouTube channel.  Apple White and Raven Queen aren’t the only royals and rebels walking Ever After’s great halls.

The 'Rebels'

The ‘Rebels’

Cerise Hood

Cerise Hood

Dexter Charming

Dexter Charming

Alongside Cupid, who recently transferred to Ever After High, there’s Cedar Wood (daughter of Pinocchio), Madeline Hatter (daughter of Mad Hatter), Dexter Charming (son of Prince Charming), Cherise Hood (daughter of Little Red Riding Hood) and Hunter Huntsman (son of Huntsman).

Ashlyn Ella

Ashlynn Ella

Briar Beauty

Briar Beauty

Daring Charming and Blondie

Daring Charming and Blondie

Apple’s crowd seems to be Daring Charming (son of Prince Charming), Blondie Locks(daughter of Goldie Locks), Briar Beauty (daughter of Sleeping Beauty), and Ashlynn Ella (daughter of Cinderella).

The website features look like they won’t ‘unlock’ until July, so don’t expect these dolls to be hitting toy shelves any time soon.  At the moment, the website features four character profiles, Apple White, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty, and Madeline Hatter.

Leaked images of Apple White and Raven Queen can be seen here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they disappear off the internet pretty quick, so check them out before Mattel sends out those fun cease and desist orders!

What do you think of this new spin-off line?  Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Natasha Rooney replied:

    Uh oh! Cerise Hood for me please.

    • agirlsdifferentstory replied:

      I love the story especially the character that is rebelling against a story she never wanted to be a part of cause don’t we all deserve a happy ending and I really don’t see Monster High being anywhere related to this story. So what if the settings are both a part of it being in high school doesn’t it open up to a more opened audience like tweens and such? I cannot wait to see how this show turns out I am ecstatic. 🙂

  2. pixiecollections replied:

    Ohh man. I have such a love-hate reaction to this.
    I LOVE the character designs and artwork but HATE the story pitch with every fiber of my being. Sounds like the EXACT SAME SHOW as Monster High with a different skin on it. Gag me.

    Why does everything have to be Highschool? Yuck. That said I hate the Monster High show but love the dolls, and that will likely the be same case here. Ill buy them. The dolls look great!

  3. Holly replied:

    I have to admit that I’m on the fence about this new line; I’ll have to wait and see them in person before I decide whether I want them or not. I love the concept, the characters, and the webisodes, but the dolls in this leaked image just aren’t doing it for me–their faces look too sultry and bland compared to their cartoon counterparts.

    I’m not writing them off yet, but as of this moment I’m a little disappointed. I really can’t wait to see what a few of them look like as dolls, though. My top picks as of right now are: Maddie, Kitty, Lizzie, Cerise, and Hunter… maybe Ashlynn.

    • Martha Schwartz replied:

      I agree.. monster high is more for me due to colors and personalities. I hate this fairy tale stuff. I blame once upon a time. If i want fairy tales i will stick with disney or winx.. monster high fan for life!

      • clawdeen666 replied:

        Yes I agree nothing can beat Monster High, their spririt, their humor, their ghoulinest and awesomest fashion with hints of monster desigh and love for fashion! I am so in rock music and Monster High it is just . part of me…so close. From EAH I just liked Raven Queen. She must go to MH as a Witch. Bloodgood will accept her way she is since Cupid left (((( No Monster HIgh ..no exemptions.

      • lila replied:

        i love monster high i am forever with it too had to keep my sister away from everafter high just buying her monster high things never to buy ever after it stinks

  4. Tracie replied:

    Love the webisodes! Hope the dolls are as pretty as the cartoon. The IRL pics were blurry. Apple looked better than Raven. Fingers crossed! Like I need another series to collect!!!!

  5. barbielea replied:

    Great concept, I just hope it doesn’t turn out too Disney (there’s nothing wrong with Disney, its just that Disney are doing it already) … I’m liking Cerise Hood (rubbish name but I notice she has half black half white hair – wow!) and of course, Raven and Apple. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have a google about this later I think 🙂

  6. beastsbelle replied:

    Thanks for letting us know about these! I’m cautiously excited about this concept, depending on the direction they take it. 🙂 I did a quick post about it on my blog and linked to this post…hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  7. Bobby replied:

    Monster High is cool because of catgirls.
    Ever After High? – just not feeling it.

    If they ever figure out how to import Pretty Cure from Japan, they can have my life savings.

  8. EDT replied:

    I don’t mind the concept. Monster High appeared during the height of Twilight popularity and this line is following the trend of recent fairytale shows and movies. I like a couple of them, especially Blondie because of her cutesy lolita style. I wonder how the new Cupid doll will compare to the original.

  9. Charlotte replied:

    I’m with you on this, I think I love the new Ever After High concept! At first I was a little worried – what would it mean for Monster High? – but actually I think it’s a great concept and there shouldn’t be fears about Monster High being sidelined, it’s just too important for Mattel.

    I’d say around 60-70% of Monster High collectors I’ve spoken to have the same opinion as me… they’re looking forward to the dolls coming out.

  10. Anonymous replied:

    Monster high is better only because of the colors it really leaves girls to indentify themselves and on a deeper level accept that no ones perfect. This show just looks like it brings back the old light verses dark concept. It would be very hard for girls to separate themselves from the dark charachters or “rebels” i mean just looking, at least on moster high. The black girl was on the good side. Just looking at the pictures it looks almost subliminally racist.and unequal. Storyline remindsme of monsterhigh with a twist. Love the characters clothes. I don’t like the characters

    • Anonymous replied:

      Don’t ever judge a story like that!

      Ever After High rocks! … Ever After High is about being who you are not what everyone wants you to be,it is interpreted as the future lies beyond your hands, not by the mouth of others. You should follow your heart, not what others say, and Anonymous person, … it doesn’t include RACISM!


  11. Anonymous replied:

    Monster High used to be my LIFE, but, ever since I first saw Ever After High, my perspective has completely changed. Now the way I see things isn’t ghouls and fierce fabulous but magic and happy endings! I must admit that I go for the royals. Also at that, I seem to have gone from ‘tomboy’ to ‘ preppy’. Wow, 3 short little videos can really change a person!

  12. Anonymous replied:

    I’m sorry miss “Anonymous” but I have to disagree. Monster High does sow individuality and imperfectness, but Ever After High actually shows that your reputation shouldn’t say what you are, as Raven doesn’t want to be evil although that’s what her background employs. Also, nothing about Ever After High has nothing to do with race. I don’t even know why you would think that.

  13. romanticskies replied:

    These dolls aren’t even out yet! and I’m already in love with Raven Queen and Dexter Charming. I can’t wait to see these dolls in store, I’m hoping that a Dexter doll will be made and that Mattel won’t take a page outta the MH books and not do so many of the side characters that everyone loves. Hopefully! they’ll do more of the side characters as well as more guys!

  14. romanticskies replied:

    Reblogged this on My Daily Tid-bits and commented:
    I can not wait for these dolls! All i can say is, that i hope they won’t be as hard to get my hands on as Monster High dolls.

  15. Niah replied:

    I have mixed feelings. I love Monster High and probably will stick to them. I like the concept except it’s just like Monster High. The cartoons have the same style. *sigh*. But I’m sure 1 will wind up in my collection. At first MH weren’t my thing but, 15 later….

  16. Doll Diaries Picks of the Week Ending June 15 — Doll Diaries replied:

    […] us Monster High? Yep, Its Ever After High dolls and I already like them better than Monster High. Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter has a good write up if you are wonder what all the buzz is […]

  17. Massilo replied:

    I like the concept, but I don’t know WHY it’s ALWAYS high school. I hated the MH concept (skinny monsters in stripped down clothes promting popularity & outer beauty? No thank you.) but fairy tales seem more kid-friendly. If they made a Ever After elementary or middle, that would be great.

    • Holly replied:

      I think it’s because “high school” is more aspirational to younger girls–they can’t wait to be “grown up” and “cool” like high schoolers.

  18. funsinger2002 replied:

    I think ever after high is great idea because monster high is prea

  19. Nix replied:

    If Daring is Prince Charmings son and Apple is Snow Whites daughter doesnt that make them brother and sister?

    • Anonymous replied:

      That is creepy. I didn’t even think of it ’till I read this.

    • Anonymous replied:

      THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!!!!! Great Minds Think Alike.

    • Anonymous replied:

      Yah no kidding never though of that lol

  20. Anonymous replied:

    I need to have the Apple White doll.

    • Anonymous replied:

      I want the Madeline Hatter doll

  21. Rosey replied:

    I love the idea of Ever After high dolls. Team Royal! I have to admit I used tolove monster high. Goodbye monster high, hello ever after high dolls. The best one I like is Apple White

  22. Rosey replied:

    Anonymous, u r correct. Everyone needs 2 have Apple White, and maybe even her boyfriend, if she has 1. Ps…. I am only 10

  23. Rosey replied:

    Team Royal!

  24. Anonymous replied:

    Ive seen these videos and I love them. Especily Madeline Hatter. I love how its plot too.

  25. Anomymous replied:

    Fun concept!

    I am loving the crazy, yet adorable fashions/hairstyle.

    I so want Madeline Hatter, Cherise Hood and Lizzie Heart

  26. Milind replied:

    Monster high and Winx used to be my Life but ever after high is my life now

  27. Milind replied:

    Team royal!go apple

  28. Judith Rankine replied:

    Well, I am a really, really OLD lady and I love both Monster HIgh and Ever After and can’t wait to get my first four Ever After dolls which will be here this week! I just love the dolls and I am so glad that Mattel has done both series. What fun….just enjoy them.

  29. Clara replied:

    Sup cant wait for cerise doll and the website is officially open I have an account on it

  30. Anonymous replied:

    i love them i think madilen hater is insane in the brane

  31. Autumn replied:

    I hate it, monster high celebrated difference and flaws and now ever after high is here to shove the idea of princesses and perfect down our throats again, I don’t know why Mattel would launch this line after seeing how the Barbie line has gone down hill, girls don’t want pink perfection anymore, just give up Mattel. They captured lightning in a bottle with monster high and here they are to let it all out by going back to what is no longer popular. I for one will not buy a single piece of ever after merchandise and hope it flops.

    • Anonymous replied:

      It teaches kids that We are Who We are. Where Not Who are Parents are. True MH is about differnts. I think both of them are good. But EAH is also about dont belive the strotypes, we make are own choices, and its about repotaiton isnt everything… (EDIT)…


    • Anonymous replied:

      You cannot speak for all girls some girls enjoy the fairy tale princess and prince love story’s and pink I personally enjoy that kind do stuff very much

  32. Mimmzy replied:

    I love this new line!!!! I personally have seen the videos… and i saw that there is also a LIzzie Queen, Daughter of the Red Queen and a Kitty Cheshire Daughter of the Cheshire Cat, Which in fact is going to be a big seller with the Alice in Wonderland group, (and me :P) I, am quite excited for the dolls to be on the shelves. I think the only dolls i am going to buy from this doll line is, The Alice In Wonderland dolls, i don’t prefer the fact there is going to be a pretty princess line type thing (Barbie is coming back in a new form) but seeing the videos i understand where there coming from. Where Monster High was challenging you to be diffrent. Ever After High challenges you to write you own story. I am quite excited for the dolls to come out, and i for one will maybe buy a couple… Exspecially Cerise Hood Daughter of Little Red Riding Hood.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I would LOVE Cerise Hood!!!I hope Mattel makes her as awesome looking as her cartoon character!

  33. puppylover replied:

    I love it, i think it’s really cleaver. But not the cupid leaving thing.

  34. E.h.monahan@gmail.com replied:

    My daughter, Tamara, feels it is disloyal of Matel to copy the Monster High dolls as they are simply the best. She has over thirty Monster High dolls and will not be interested in ever after high at all!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I still find it amazing how much love/hate there is surrounding MH and EAH. I didn’t expect it b/c Mattel makes both lines. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s thoughts! 🙂

  35. Anonymous replied:

    I hate how all this people are skinny. I would think C Hood would be kinda of bulky because of the wolf part. Anyways im abossed of this line. Its not like MH at all in my oppinon. Im like a follawer of Mattel. I love Barbie, MH, EAH, Max Steel. I even wrote my world changing hero report about Mattel and Barbie.

  36. Anonymous replied:

    I love the ever after high dolls I think it was very clever and witty of Mattel to make them however I think the new line I believe where they are wearing tea cup hats is a waste of time…… Instead of making the rest of the characters in the show which is what a think people are wanting and waiting for ( I know I am ) they are just making the same dolls in a new look which is senseless. I am also I huge huge fan a monster high love love those dolls

  37. Anonymous replied:

    What ticks me off that each show monster high and ever after high each episode only lasts like what 2/ half minute each totally should be longer then that

  38. Anonymous replied:

    I love all the characters

  39. Anonymous replied:

    Ehh…. EAH is kind of a mary-sue sorta’ thing. A mary-sue is an unoriginal character. I mean, Blondie Locks? I’m not feeling the vibe. I mean maybe the designs of some of the characters are kinda nice , but the rest is really no hard work except taking something old and remaking it just with barely different characters. Even MH didn’t do this, the only problem I have with MH is how they make monsters act like they aren’t scary… That is what it’s supposed to be, now I know i might be getting off topic, but Draculaura how she acts good and all, this is not an example for kids. Dracula drank the blood of his victims. He’s real. These two shows sicken me, just my opinion though.

  40. Athena replied:

    I know what you mean about Mattel getting your paycheck lol! I have been collecting MH dolls from the beginning. I now have around 400 in my collection & every time I get caught up they put out another wave!!! I collect EAH dolls too but not as much as MH. have about 30 EAH at the moment but will get more because I like the looks of the newer waves. My 10 yr old started me on this addiction and I think I am more addicted than her and I’m 42 lol! Happy collecting everyone!!

  41. clara molina replied:

    I love ever after high.

  42. tatum savin replied:

    Hi I love Ever After High and Monster High I would like to get ahold of you thanks.

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