New from Integrity- More Jem!

I disappear from the internet for a week only to find Integrity has released images of three new dolls in their Jem and the Holograms line!

Broadway Jem

Broadway Magic Jem

Most recently released is the W Club Members exclusive Jem, Broadway Magic Jem. This new Jem will retail for $119.00. As you know, I’m not a huge fan of Integrity’s releases so far. They’re too expensive and they never look ‘right’ to me.  I do believe, however, that Integrity is working on making the face look a little less harsh, which was a major gripe of mine!

Broadway Magic Jem

Broadway Magic Jem

San Diego Comic Con will bring us yet another new Jem release– Glitter and Gold Jem.  G&G Jem will retail for the whopping price of $140.00 and will be very limited (like the entire Jem line thus far).

The weird thing about this release is that this is a Hasbro exclusive, not an Integrity exclusive.  I know that Hasbro owns the rights to Jem, the cartoon, but don’t quite understand how that warrants this to be strictly a ‘Hasbro’ exclusive.  Just be sure to note that if you want this, you have to go to Hasbro’s booth to get it!

Glitter and Gold Jem

Glitter and Gold Jem

The last edition announced this week (well, last week) is a second edition Rio dressed in Glitter and Gold attire to match Jem.  Rio was one of the few releases I did like from Integrity, but this 2nd edition?  Don’t like it at all.  Nope, sorry.  It just doesn’t look like Rio to me and the fashion just doesn’t work on him!  Literally the only thing I like about this doll is the record he’s holding in the promo picture below.

Glitter and Gold Rio

Glitter and Gold Rio

Rio is a web exclusive and will only be sold in Integrity’s online store starting July 17th.  I have a feeling this is going to be a hot seller, regardless of how bad I think it looks, as buying this is the only way to complete the the ‘Glitter and Gold’ set for those attending SDCC.  Rio will be priced at $119.00.

What do you think of the new releases to the Jem line?  Love them?  Hate them?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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  1. Martha Schwartz replied:

    This one triple sucks.. no more Jems or duplicates please (integrity), why not make Jetta, Clash, and Video or Danze? Ugh. I will surprised to see the Stingers but still may pass because I do love the Kimber and Pizazz I bought but they are a bit too overpriced for what you get, even as a limited edition. NOT liking the broadway magic Jem at all! Its a pass…

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’d love to see The Stingers! I think of everything Integrity has done so far, the Misfits are the best representation of what we grew up on.

  2. EDT replied:

    Broadway Magic Jem should have been a fashion pack, not an entire doll release. When I first saw her hairstyle I thought she was supposed to be Raya. Glitter and Gold Jem is a bit more impressive but not one of my favorite looks for Jem. I once considered getting the pink-haired spotlight fashionista, maybe rebodying her, and making my own dress as a cheaper alternative to getting a real Jem doll.

  3. Anonymous replied:

    Ashley is correct, this line is EXPENSIVE for no reason. They are playing with the hearts of true Jem fans and collectors and feeding scalpers pockets so they can sell and rip people off on Ebay. I have this entire set so far, and they are well done, however Integrity is stupid for being limited with its release. They are loosing money to people on Ebay that bought many dolls at once @ $119.00 and then sells it for $400.00 plus (like classic Jem, Hollywood Jem, GG Jem and etc. I’m lucky I have a dealer that can do my orders for me and get the W exclusives as well.Integrity needs to dilute this problem with more dolls or they will loose out on more money for all the re-sales that goes on online. As for Martha’s comment, I would love to see Raya, Jetta, Clash, Video and Dance. Those are great characters for the Jem line. From what I understand they do not have those names copy-righted. Raya (spanish for sun) Jetta (a car from v.w.) Video and Dance (words used for multiple things in english language) I don’t think these are going to make it into the collection, sadly. The stingers are the next set, so hopefully won’t be the last.

  4. Anonymous replied:

    Not sure why there are so many haters here. Do you know how long we have all waiting for Jem to be in the spotlight again. If you cant muster up the $$ then thats just unfortunate ..but dont know the line for those of us who can. These have been worth every penny so far, and I’m not personally rich. I just save and sacrifice other things to be able to get each wave. I for one LOVE this face mold and wish I couldve been able to get her…but alas I was not a W club to ebay i’ll have to go in Spet.

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