Dolly Review: Equestria Girls by Hasbro

I’ve been a My Little Pony fan since I was a kid.  I watched the original cartoon series and was gifted many G1 ponies for birthdays and holidays.  When the G3 line was released, I re-discovered my My Little Pony addiction and again picked up many of the new releases, including some much loved OOAK pieces.  (I’ll have to share those with you someday!)

Fluttershy to the 3rd power!

Fluttershy to the 3rd power!

When Hasbro announced My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I was very weary of it.  I had lived through painful G3 animated specials and wasn’t sure Hasbro would ever find the magic they had in the original My Little Pony cartoon, especially seeing how they treated one of my childhood favorites, Pound Puppies.  (Terrible re-make, I’m afraid!)  In the end, I DVR’d My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FIM) and fell in love with it.  The characterization and humor in the episodes was perfect and suitable for far viewers than their target demographic.

Recently, it was announced that a movie spin off was being released. Titled the Equestria Girls, it would follow our pony friends to a place they had literally never been before- high school.  I haven’t seen this movie yet, so I won’t go into detail, but somehow the ponies are transformed into humanoid high school students.

Deluxe Fluttershy Box

Deluxe Fluttershy Box

Deluxe Fluttershy Box

Deluxe Fluttershy Box

That is where this doll line comes into play.  These Equestria Girls are shelved with the traditional My Little Ponies, but are humanoid in appearance with hair rooted in colors similar to their pony counterparts.  They come in two different styles– deluxe and basic.

The Basic Doll:

The basic dolls, like the Twilight Sparkle pictured below, come with minimal accessories (a comb) and while their arms go up and down, left and right, they do not have joints in their knees or elbows.  As far as I can tell, there is a basic version of all the main FIM ponies (Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Apple Jack.

Equestria Girls Line

Equestria Girls Line

Besides the differently articulated bodies, there is another big difference between these dolls and the deluxe dolls.  These basic dolls have tops that are painted on.  Personally, I hate it when doll companies paint on clothing.  First, it makes them hard to redress and second, it still doesn’t look like real clothing, regardless of how well it’s painted.

Basic Twilight Sparkle- Notice her painted on shirt

Basic Twilight Sparkle- Notice her painted on shirt

The only basic doll I had on hand to review was Twilight Sparkle, but the dolls seem similar enough that most of the aspects I like or dislike about her will match up with the rest of the dolls in the line.  Like all the dolls (basic and deluxe) Twilight Sparkle has large decal eyes.  As they are now high schoolers, Twilight Sparkle does don a bit of make up.  It’s not over the top or too much (in my opinion), but it is there.  Her eye make up is embellished with sparkles.

Basic Twilight Sparkle (modeling Flluttershy's second outfit) in the Barbie Camper

Basic Twilight Sparkle (modeling Flluttershy’s second outfit) in the Barbie Camper

Twilight Sparkle, like the other ponies, has her cutie mark (or hip mark) on her cheek.  The face paint seems well placed on her head mold.

Deluxe Fluttershy, showing off her ears with earrings

Deluxe Fluttershy, showing off her ears with earrings

Speaking of her head mold, I love that they kept pony ears on the Equestria Girls.  It seems, from what I can tell, that the movie characters have human ears.  These dolls, however, have ears just like their My Little Pony character.


Twilight Sparkle’s large eyes

The big downfall of these dolls is their body.  While I prefer the basic, less jointed body to the deluxe dolls, I still don’t love the body that Hasbro stuck these Equestria Girls with. The ponies do have a bit of a bust, but I don’t feel it’s too over the top for the age group.  My kid reviewer (who we’ll get to soon) didn’t really look at the body, just the hair, face, outfits and accessories.  Honestly, I think kids could care less about a dolls body type, unless it disrupts play in some way!

Basic Twilight Sparkle next to the deluxe Fluttershy.  See the differences in the body?

Basic Twilight Sparkle next to the deluxe Fluttershy. See the differences in the body?

The problem I have with the body is that they designed the feet like a Bratz doll.  She has no real feet, just stumps that the shoes pop into (or should pop into).  Just like the painted on tops,  I really don’t like pegged feet on dolls.  Take the time to actually create feet and shoes that fit the mold.  It would make the world (or at least me) much happier.

Pegged feet are on both the basic and deluxe versions of these dolls.

Pegged feet are on both the basic and deluxe versions of these dolls.

Besides the pegged feet being less than aesthetically pleasing, it also means that if (or when) you lose the shoes, your doll has lost the ability to stand.  A doll with molded feet wouldn’t have much of an issue with lost shoes, because she can at least be barefoot.  With pegged feet like these Equestria Girls, however, it is a much bigger issue.  Alongside that, the pegs are tough to push into the boot.  On every doll I tried in the Equestria Girl line, one foot/shoe just doesn’t like to stay/pop in.

Basic Twilight Sparkle (wearing Fluttershy's second outfit)

Basic Twilight Sparkle (wearing Fluttershy’s second outfit)

Deluxe Dolls:

Deluxe girls, like Flutteryshy and Rainbow Dash, come with multiple accessories that vary with the doll you pick up.  My deluxe dolls had a comb, extra outfit, earrings, an extra pair of shoes, a ‘tail’ hair clip for you or your doll, and an accessory specific to that doll. For example, Flutteryshy comes with a purse, where Rainbow Dash comes with a bracelet.  Both deluxe and basic dolls come with some character trading cards, stickers, and a character specific card to keep.

Rainbow Dash (who I forgot to photograph after this point) with her multiple accessories.

Rainbow Dash (who I forgot to photograph after this point) with her multiple accessories.

The head mold mirrors that of the basic dolls, with the large eyes, make up, and cutie/hip mark on her cheek.  These dolls also share the pegged legs I mentioned before.  The main difference with the deluxe girls is their arms and legs.  Unlike the basics, deluxe dolls are jointed at their knees and elbows.

Notice the jointed elbow!

Notice the jointed elbow!

The joints could have been done better.  The knees are a bit loose and the elbows hyper-extend a lot.  I’m a little worried about the knee joints breaking at some point, too, because it is a bit tough to get the shoes on and off and even I found myself tugging on the entire leg (as opposed to just grabbing the lower leg and pulling).

One major disappointment is the lack of a wrist joint.  I have a feeling they left this out to keep the age range down, however, wrist joints are quite helpful when it comes to making your dolls pose.  Fluttershy’s wrist looks like it’s bent at some very weird angles if you move her shoulders and elbows certain ways.

Deluxe Fluttershy

Deluxe Fluttershy

One thing I like about these deluxe dolls is the real outfit.  Fluttershy wears clothing that covers both her top and her bottom (as opposed to the basics painted on top).  I think this outfit is super cute on Fluttershy.  It’s long enough to cover what it needs to and fits Fluttershy well.  This gets high marks.  The second outfit, however, doesn’t.  One of the elastic straps on the second outfit (as seen on Twilight Sparkle earlier) broke as I was taking this off Fluttershy for the  first time.  That doesn’t bode well with me.  Outfits shouldn’t break after a quick try on, in my opinion.

Fluttershy's adorable face!

Fluttershy’s adorable face!

I think both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash ‘look’ like their pony selves, even though they are in human form.  Hasbro did a good job at staying true to their character where looks are concerned.  The concept is still a bit freaky to a long time pony fan like me, but I have to applaud Hasbro for ‘stepping outside the box’ with the pony line.



All in all, Hasbro gets good marks on the concept, but loses a few with the execution of the joints on these deluxe dolls.  For a one off spin off line, Hasbro could have done far worse.  At the very least, this line will be remembered!

My cousin is in town and staying with us for a few weeks, so for the next few video reviews, I’ll have a tag along.  The review below is a Kid Review, ie: my cousins opinions on this doll line.  I disabled embedding for these videos, as they feature more than just me!  Click the links below to watch!

Kid Review

The full blown review, look below!

Dolly Review

Here is a quick comparison on the basic and deluxe line.

Basic VS Deluxe Comparision

What do you think of the Equestria Girls?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Martha Schwartz replied:

    Hasbro did awesome dolls in the day.. aka Jem. Large, in charge and not too large in the chest dept.. she looked real. But now, with even the minor set backs, they could of done better. I like my sun..sparkle two set. But again that was it. Thanks for the review.

  2. pixiecollections replied:

    I really like these dolls, though your criticisms are on point.
    Im also really not a fan of the painted on tops at all, to the point that I have no interest in the basic dolls, and am waiting for further characters to be released in the delux form. For now I just have Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash 😀

    I haven’t had any problems keeping the shoes on my EQG dolls on though. In fact mine are so tight on there, its hard to get em off. Cant really see myself loosing them.

  3. Heather replied:

    Aaaaaargh… I hate when they do painted on tops too! I’ve yet to find these girls anywhere local…
    I’m with you, I don’t know how I really feel about these girls. I’m not sure if I’ll buy one or not. 0_0 My guess, probably not… just because I LOVE MLP as ponies XD

    • kewpie83 replied:

      My MLP collection is a strange mixture of pieces– tons of G1 figures, lots of G3, but everything else is one or two pieces. It is easy to tell which I prefer, I guess!

  4. Teresa B. replied:

    I’m not sure about them! I think it’s a good idea but I never liked the new MLP with anime eyes. I have a TON of the first generation ones from my childhood and I love them. Equestria Girls might catch on, they are cute (but also hate the peg-legs and painted on shirts!)

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I don’t think anyone likes peg legs on their doll. That was just a strange design decision… On G1 MLP, I’m totally with you! My cousin (6 years old) mentioned she likes them, too, so you know what she’ll be getting for Christmas!!!

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    […] of a Doll Collectors Daughter takes a look at the new Equestria Girls from Hasbro – they are the girl form of My Little […]

  6. Jacqui replied:

    Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me joining in but, I saw your review and wanted to add that my daughter who is 7 years old and a MLPFIM obssessive fan was so excited when these dolls came out that all she talked about for weeks was Equestria Girls, Fluttershy. She had a bit of money saved and was so excited to be able to buy one of the deluxe Fluttershy’s from our local toys R us. It was lovely seeing her so excited, but her happiness turned to major tears of shock and horror when she discovered what the doll’s feet looked like when the boots were taken off! She hid her face in a cushion and howled in horror and pleaded with me to take it away, put it back in the box and lock it away in a cupboard. My daughter has never ever had such a reaction to anything ever before and couldn’t sleep that night because she was genuinely traumatised by this. I have been shocked at her reaction and am really disappointed that Hasbro has made them like this. There is no way, even if she wasn’t terrified of this doll that she would ever be able to change the boots anyway as they are very tight and stiff whilst the legs are so thin and flimsy – it even took me an age to snap those boots back on.So, sadly the doll is tucked away in the back of a locked cupboard till she feels brave enough to look her way again. I’m not holding my breath…
    Thank you for letting me share
    Jacqui in Scotland

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Hi Jacqui. I love it when people comment and interact here, so comment all you’d like!!!! I could imagine it might be very creepy to kids. I feel so sorry that your daughter had to suffer so much disappointment over Fluttershy. I know the feeling and it isn’t fun. I was taken aback by the pegs, too, as it seems the majority of the doll lines being released now have actual feet (not pegs). While it might not go very far, it would be worth it to write Hasbro and mention this to them. I’m sure we aren’t the only two disappointed in the leg ‘issue’!!!

      Thanks for sharing this little story with us!

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  8. Chantal replied:

    The shoes on the dolls say pop in you have to twist them while they are in the doll’s leg like a screwdriver

  9. mangusta replied:

    I’ve been trying so hard to take off the shoes – no luck so far :/

  10. Julie replied:

    what happens if the leg comes off the peg? My husband and I have been trying to no end but it will not go back in, any suggestions? Sad thing is we just got her today, Rarity. Thanks in advance.

    • Amy Gray replied:

      I am wondering this too. My daughter’s broke also and we can’t get it back on. Any info would be helpful.

      • kewpie83 replied:

        Since these legs don’t seem to be designed to be removable (even though it could happen SO easily!), your best bet is to write the company and let them know what happened. I’ve done this many times with Mattel and Monster High and every time, I’ve received a gift card or a doll in return for my correspondence. Sadly, I don’t think there is an easy way to put it back in.

        • Toleka King replied:

          The leg came off Twilight Sparkle for us. I first boiled up some skulding hot water and soaked the part of the leg where the leg goes till it softened the leg a bit. I then took a needle nose plyers and pinched the ball peg. The leg rent right on. I think the ball has went back (mostly) to its original shape because it seems sound.

          • kewpie83 replied:

            Wow. I hope the dolls are made better in future releases. That seems like a lot of work!

    • Anonymous replied:

      Same thing happened with our rarity. On the second day of having her, her leg came off, and we’ve tried everything to click it back on but it doesn’t seem possible. There’s a very sad 4yr old girl at our house because of this

      • kewpie83 replied:

        Hopefully they’ve fixed the leg issues in the new dolls. I hear some have real feet now? That should totally help with problems we’ve all had.

  11. Toleka King replied:

    Oops. You can definitely tell I didn’t proof read that last comment before posting. 😛 It was allot of work and I didn’t think it would go back on. I was going to contact Hasbro but gave it one more try first.

  12. Twilight replied:


  13. Melissa replied:

    If someone can please guide me! My daughter was given a 2012 Equestria girl doll with no shoes! I have been searching everywhere for shoes!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Oh no! Unless you can find a doll with shoes at a thrift shop or yard sale, you’re out of luck. I don’t believe Hasbro ever put out accessory packs with shoes for the peg legged dolls. Sorry it’s not better news!

      • Melissa replied:

        Thank you so much for replying so quickly! You will never believe it but we took some Bratz shoes and they popped on and fit perfectly!!!!!

        • kewpie83 replied:

          I almost suggested those, but wasn’t sure if the proportions would be right. Glad you found some!

  14. Katie replied:

    My almost 7 year old daughter has been collecting these for a few years. The peg feet are pretty horrifying to me but she thinks they’re HILARIOUS. She has a Twilight with real feet and man is it a PAIN to get her boots on and off!!! I’ll take the creepy pegs any day!
    The joints are loose and annoying but have held up surprisingly well. Clothes are all still intact.
    Also, watching the movie will explain the pony ears 🙂

  15. Scootaloo (nickname) replied:

    I so want them

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