New Re-Roots: My Scene Madison, Crissy, and Stacie

I haven’t done much re-rooting this year and the projects I did do, I forgot to post!  Here’s an update on my re-rooting projects this year!

Introducing Little Delancy

Introducing Little Delancy (pre beauty mark)

Most recently, my mom requested that I make a ‘We Three Friends’ Stacie  into a little My Scene Delancy.  Delancy is her favorite My Scene character.  She has a whole shelf of her doll case just for Delancy’s, in fact.  Over the past few years, I’ve collected a box (and bag) of dolls that need new hair.  Strangely, a good number of them are from the We Three Friends line that included Stacie and her two friends.  As My Scene dolls are known for their large features, We Three Friends Stacie seemed like a perfect choice for the re-root.

Delancy (factory) with Little Delancy (re-root)

Delancy (factory) with Little Delancy (re-root)

This Little Delancy was re-rooted with White Chocolate and Carrot Cake saran hair, ordered from Dollyhair.  While I’ve re-rooted Stacie’s before, I have never tried ‘uneven’ highlights before.  While they’re still not as uneven as I wanted, I think the Carrot Cake highlights turned out looking pretty good!  My mom added Delancy’s signature beauty mark.  Little Delancy will be re-dressed eventually. At the moment, she’s still in the dress she wore when we found her at Savers.

Introducing My Scene Madision

Introducing My Scene Madison

This Madison re-root is the third in ‘series’ or sorts.  To clear out my dollyhair box, I started re-rooting a handful of My Scene dolls with lots of different colors, as you’ve seen on Barbie and Chelsea.

My Scene Madison

My Scene Madison

Madison has a ‘cacophony’ of colors in her hair, from hot pink to lime green to silver.  It goes down to her mid back and is braided all the way through in tiny braids.

Crissy Re-root

Crissy Re-root

And onto Crissy.  Overall, we kept Crissy pretty normal.  I  believe she’s re-rooted with Sable Brown saran hair.  (It’s been a while, though!)  She used many hanks.  I love the dark color and how it works with her dark eyes.

Crissy Re-Root

Crissy Re-Root

The most complicated part of the re-root was figuring out how to work around and with the moveable ponytail function she is known for.  Thankfully, we found some handy websites that had instructions on how to handle the ponytail.

I still have lots of leftover colors in my box of dolly hair and my goal is to go through them by December so I can start 2014 with fresh dolly hair!  I have a lot of work to do!!!

Have any questions?  Comments?  Share them down below!

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  1. Teresa B. replied:

    I love your Madison. The multi color hair in braids is just beautiful. How long does it take for a reroot? I’ve never done one before, just curious 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      With a re-rooting tool, it takes 4-6 hours to finish a Barbie sized head, depending on your speed and interruptions. I’ve had some re-roots take no time at all, mostly on dolls that had very few hair plugs. If you use the knot method, the time is much longer. I haven’t done it in a long time and even then, I only did the knot method once, but I remember it taking days to finish the darn doll head.

  2. mangusta replied:

    The colorful braids are great!

  3. Sarah (Saturday Sequins) replied:

    I love your re-roots! Madison is my favorite.

    How do you like I’ve never bought from them and have been curious.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      The only doll hair site I’ve ever used is Dollyhair, so they are my go-to source. I find that they have a good selection of saran and nylon hair. I like how they separate their hanks, too. The only downside of Dollyhair is that sometimes it takes a few extra days to receive your order. I usually assume it will take at least a week and a half for my doll hair to arrive, if not two. Other than that, I have only experienced great things from them!

      • Sarah (Saturday Sequins) replied:

        Good to know! I’ve been using braided nylon rope for my doll hair, but it takes a lot of time to unbraid it and straighten it out, and it gets tangled easily. Using real doll hair would be a lot easier!

  4. Dolly Re-Root: Little Miss No Name | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] than what most factory Little Miss No Name’s wear today.  I used the same white blonde on my Young Delancy re-root a while […]

  5. Donna Pinon replied:

    Hello yes I have several Chrissy’s and I’ve seen the other Chrissy’s that have different colors hairs and all this other stuff so I know they must take the head off Etc but where do they get this hair is it vintage or do they just buy it at a beauty beauty shop and then remake the ponytail? I have several that need to be redone or I’ll just sell them so someone else can do them what website are dedicated to displaying ideal doll Chrissy with the growing hair without the H in it of course please help thank you very much

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I buy hair from in long Barbie hanks.

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