What’s New with Barbie?

If you subscribe to the Barbie catalog, you probably received an e-mail with the new releases for the holiday season.  There are a few things I really like and there are others that I just don’t understand.  Here’s a list of what I think are there hits and misses of the new releases!

Welcome to my Dreamhouse floor mat

Welcome to my Dreamhouse floor mat


Coach Barbie, $95

Coach Barbie, $95

I love the look of this Coach Barbie far more than I do any of the Coach purses!  She has the annoying ‘forever bent’ arm (ie:  a non joined, forced pose arm), but her styling and facial design on her are perfect.   I love the trenchcoat, bright red purse and dark features! This doll actually reminds me of a grown up version of Courtney, Skippers best friend in the 90’s.  She uses the Model Muse body with the Lara headmold.  (She’s a little expensive, though, so I don’t think I’ll be adding her to my collection!)

Catching Fire Katniss, $25

Catching Fire Katniss, $25

What a redemption story.  The original Katniss release had a great promo shot with less than great execution.  This Catching Fire Katniss looks far better than the original ‘Hunger Games’ release.  Katniss was given an articulated body (no forever bent arms!), a ‘new Katniss’ head scupt, and was designed by none other than Bill Greening.  Her new face mold looks far more like Jennifer Lawrence than the first issue.

FAO Schwartz Barbie, $30

FAO Schwartz Barbie, $30

Isn’t this FAO Schwartz Barbie sweet looking!  Ignoring the one ‘forever bent’ arm, I love everything about this Barbie.  She has the Bebe facial sculpt on a Model Muse body.

Life in the Dreamhouse Ken, $17

Life in the Dreamhouse Ken, $17

Hey, hey, how adorable is this Life in the Dreamhouse Ken?!  Mattel did a great job matching his webisode counterpart!

Catching Fire Peeta, $25

Catching Fire Peeta, $25

I’m a bit amazed at how much this Catching Fire Peeta looks like Josh Hutcherson.  Mattel did a really good job on the sculpt.  The fashion is sewn on and he uses the new Peeta sculpt.

On the Fence

Texas A and M University, $25

Texas A and M University, $25

I guess they have people called ‘Yell Leaders’ at Texas A and M and in this newest release, Ken gets to cosplay as one!  I like the idea of having a male in the University line.  It is getting a bit over run with dolls that all look pretty similar.  This doll was designed by Linda Kyaw with a Tango Ken.  I’m not completely sold on this guy, though, and I think it has something to do with his eyes…

Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday, $35

Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday, $35

I think Mattel aced the Audrey Hepburn look for this Roman Holiday doll.  But they put the well crafted head on a Model Muse body with a forever bent arm.  For a doll like this, I think joints would have worked a lot better.  That way, movie buffs could photograph their this well done likeness in scenes from the movie.

Fantasy Glamour Dorothy, $100

Fantasy Glamour Dorothy, $100

Also designed by Linda Kyah is this website direct exclusive, Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Dorothy.  I see what they were going for with this high glam Dorothy and I think it is executed pretty well.  However, $100 seems a little steep for this doll!  I also wonder about her limbs– they look a little too smooth.

Catching Fire Effie, $25

Catching Fire Effie, $25

At first I really liked Effie, but the more I see her promo, the less excited I am for her.  This Effie doll is a bit tamer than expected.  She is a Shani body and a Closed Mouth Barbie facemold.


University of Oklahoma, $25

University of Oklahoma, $25

To start off the ‘miss’ category, we have this University of Oklahoma cheerleader.  I have nothing against the body or sculpt.  My main problem (and it pretty much goes for all dolls that have this) is the braid.  It is so thick.  Seriously, the braid looks as large or larger than her head mold.  It overtakes her and looks a bit weird!

Malibu Barbie by Trina Tu, $50

Malibu Barbie, $50

I don’t know about you, but I find very little to like with this designer Malibu Barbie.  First, it has that darn Model Muse body with a forever bent arm AND leg.  Second, her face looks too ‘plastic’ for my tastes.  I know it’s strange saying this about a doll, but her face just looks ‘fake’.  Maybe it’s the Aphrodite Barbie face mold.  Maybe it’s the color palette.  And then there is the hair… I just really don’t see anything good about this Malibu Barbie.

Haunted Beauty Vampire

Haunted Beauty Vampire, $100

There are some people that will probably really love this Haunted Beauty Vampire.  I, however, don’t.  It’s a bit too over the top for me and I really don’t like the choices they made for her facial design on her Glimmer/Louboutin head.

Holiday Barbie, $40

Holiday Barbie, $40

To be honest, this Holiday Barbie is a bit boring and seems really over priced. I can see the ‘snowflake’ concept, but it’s just a bit blah.

So now you know what I think of Mattel’s holiday releases.  What do you think of Mattel’s new offerings? Love one of my ‘misses’?  Voice your opinion down below!


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  1. April replied:

    I really don’t like the face on the holiday barbie. That face creeps me out and I haven’t been able to make myself buy any barbies with that face. Saying that, if they put the Glamour Dorothy face onto the holiday body/outfit, I think they would have a winner.

  2. Cheryl replied:

    I am very disappointed in the Haunted Beauty Line. The Ghost was plain and the Vampire is just plain ugly to me. The Hunger Games Catching Fire dolls are very attractive and I appreciate their resemblence to the actors. I wish the Twilight dolls could have been as well done.

  3. thosj replied:

    I agree with April about Holiday Barbie’s face, but I do LOVE her dress! I also love Coach Barbie and the face mold on the FAO Schwartz Barbie. While I like the cheerleader Barbie, it would have been nicer had the braid been more realistic (i.e. smaller). 🙂

  4. Jazzy Little Magpie replied:

    Eeeeeek loving the classic beauty of the Audrey Hepburn doll. Do you if she will be available in the UK? X

  5. Blackkitty replied:

    I adore the Haunted beauty Barbie, I wish I could afford one (the price is really the only thing I hate about her) 😦
    The Audrey Hepburn is very pretty. They seem to ruin too many potentially good dolls with the Model Muse body.

  6. Taswegian1957 replied:

    I don’t get the Barbie catalogue so it was great to see what’s coming up. I really like Coach Barbie, she’s one I’d buy if I could get her at a good price. I also liked both the Hunger Games dolls. The other two Ken’s I didn’t think were that different from previously released ones, the University one looks a bit like one of the Rebelde dolls to me. Have to agree about the Malibu and Holiday Barbies, just not very interesting.

  7. EDT replied:

    I got Texas A&M Ken and Dreamhouse Ken a while back. The black A&M Ken sold out really fast. He was more unique in that he was brown-skinned with articulation. While Dreamhouse Ken’s face is cutesier he doesn’t look much like the cartoon to me, so I put his outfit on Snowboarders Ken and it’s a better match. (Dreamhouse Ken on the left and Snowboarders Ken in the middle) http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2853/9622269859_e6318190c1_o.jpg . While I don’t like the dress on the holiday doll, I do like the newer face on the black version. And FAO as a brunette is cuter than the blonde.

  8. Ada replied:

    Coach Barbie is already sold out. http://www.barbiecollector.com/shop/doll/coach-barbie-doll-x8274 And I don’t understand why Mattel sends out catalogues with “new” dolls if some of them have already been available for some time now. :/

  9. barbtheevilgenius replied:

    I would imagine there are a lot of women in Malibu who have fake and plastic faces. 🙂

  10. Nethilia replied:

    The thing with Texas A&M is that back in the past before the college went co ed in the 60s and was still basically military (what people who care call “old Army”) there were no girls, and thus no cheerleaders. Instead, they created yell leaders, who lead the home crowd at football games in a set of “yells” and interact with the crowd directly (yells are passed up through the stands in a series of hand signals) To this day there still aren’t cheerleaders at A&M. I’m a former student, and I got the Black Yell Leader Ken because well, college pride!

    • DollsForGrownUps replied:

      I have a crush on black yell leader Ken right now… his face gorgeous and I’m a sucker for articulated doll bodies, especially if you can put him in yell leader positions! I sadly don’t think that the white yell leader Ken has that military “look” about him. 😦

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