Introducing: miWorld by Jakks Pacific

While finishing up last minute Christmas shopping, my mom and I stumbled upon a new toy line that is pretty exciting!  Long time readers of the blog will know I have a weakness for tiny, realistic looking doll house/Re-Ment like common day things.  miWorld (pronounced ‘my’ world) is a line of small ‘rooms’ based on popular stores, such as Claire’s, Opi Nail Salon and Dairy Queen.

Deluxe Sweet Factory

Deluxe Sweet Factory



There are starter and deluxe rooms, as well as expansion packs.  Each starter room, when put together, is 7.5 inches wide and includes 2 walls, 1 floor, 1 sticker sheet and over 25 accessories.   They are priced around $15.00 and offer three room choices: Sprinkles Cupcakes, OPI Nail Salon and Dairy Queen Restaurant.

Starter Sets

Starter Sets

Starter- Opi

Starter- Opi

Starter Set

Starter Set

Deluxe rooms, when put together, are 15 inches wide and includes 4 walls, 2 floor pieces, 1 doll figure, 1 sticker sheet and over 50 accessories.  Priced around $30.00, there are two options: Claire’s Jewelry and Accessory Store and Sweet Factory Candy Shop.

Deluxe Sets

Deluxe Sets

Deluxe Set- Claires

Deluxe Set- Claires

Besides these completed rooms, you can purchase a ‘shop girl’ for $5.00 and collector accessory packs at $3.00 that have 6-8 super tiny, realistic mini accessories that match various starter or deluxe sets.

Shop Girl

Shop Girl

Collectors Accessory Pack

Collectors Accessory Pack

Collectors Accessory Pack

Collectors Accessory Pack

Now, what I really like about these is that even though each is its own room, you can connect the rooms teogether, even build on top of other sets!  That makes displaying them seem far easier.  Currently, these are exclusive to Walmart, but after December, they should be everywhere toys are sold.

I think there’s promise in this line.  I can’t say I’ve seen them outside of the box yet, but honestly, I like them!  I love that these aren’t just random ‘generic’ rooms, but actual storefronts.  I also love that they should stack and connect to each other so you can make your own little shopping mall!


See, they stack!

miWorld’s should be great for photo backdrops, assuming the doll is the proper size!  I’m a horrible judge of doll proportions to doll sets unless I have both in front of me, so as of right now, I’m not quite sure what doll size would fit best in these. I know the scale is too small for Barbie and probably too big for Nano Freya, but that’s as good as I can say right now!  For more pictures, check out the miWorld website.

Do you own any miWorld?  What do you think?  What stores would you like them to re-create? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. Melissa replied:

    Do you think these will be a good scale for the mini lalaloopsy dolls? They are very cute

    • kewpie83 replied:

      The Shop Girls are around 6″ tall, so mini Lala’s wouldn’t be scale to this. They’d be too small, I think. Now, dolls that are the right size to use mini Lala’s as their dolls *might* be the right size… Like I said, it’s hard to gage from box photo’s, but it seems to me Lala’s would be too small. 🙂

  2. kate replied:

    They are adorable!!! Cant find the refill packs 😦 But they should definitely do a forever 21, hot topic, salad works, dunkin donuts, lots and lots!

  3. K. replied:

    Not my scale, but cute anyway. And they probaby won’t get to my country… I wonder how LPS Blythes would fit with them.

  4. RIO replied:

    I surprise when I saw it from your blog. When I was a boy it’s has something like this from Japan except the stuffs as hotdog or etc. All is hard paper.

    It’s cute enough and make me remind about Lego

  5. Teresa B. replied:

    These are awesome. I wished they fit Barbie!

  6. Melissa replied:

    I saw these in Toys R Us around Christmas, and I thought they were cute. They kind of remind me of Melanie’s Mall, a doll and mall set with add on stores and accessories that I had as a kid. But Melanie’s Mall had generic stores not real brand store fronts. I saw the dolls available separately, and I think they are bigger than the Melanie ones.

  7. Dolly Review: MiWorld Sweet Factory, O.P.I and DQ | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter... replied:

    […] December, I wrote about a new toy line called ‘MiWorld’.  MiWorld consists of miniature store fronts, like Claire’s, Sweet Factory and DQ.  As a fan of […]

  8. Penny replied:

    I would like to see Petsmart, hobby lobby, Bath and Body Works. Subway, Auntie Anne’s. Pretzel., A&W, Victoria’s Secret, Build a bear, Staples, toys r us, Best Buy, FTD. Florist, Wild Birds unlimited, Mc Donalds, Guitar Center, Yankee Candle, Deb shop, Micheals Crafts, Home Depot. Bass Pro Shops, Mrs. Fields Cookies, JoAnns Fabrics, I like all of the miwotlds alot! Thanks Penny. A Hallmark store would be cute too!

  9. k a t h e r i n e replied:

    my birthday is coming up soon so it would probably be a great gift! but i think you should make more

  10. Zoe replied:

    Can you put and earthbound store in here I love the earth so much please make one that store is awesome please I’m begging you

  11. Zoe replied:

    I think they should put a Forever 21 in Miworld and an American Eagle,dress barn,Abercrombie,Aeropostale,
    Charolette Russe,Torrid

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