Dolly Re-Root: Little Miss No Name

At the last Kane County Doll and Toy Show we attended, my mom picked up two sweet Little Miss No Name‘s.  Both needed a little bit of work done in the hair department.  Recently, I finished the first of the two.  Since this Little Miss No Name came with her original tear, my mom wanted her hair color to be pretty similar to the factory color, meaning no chocolate hues or orange tints.

Original Head

Original Head

We searched Dolly Hair for a good color and decided upon White Chocolate.  White Chocolate is a very white blonde.  It’s a little lighter and fresher than what most factory Little Miss No Name’s wear today.  I used the same white blonde on my Young Delancy re-root a while back.

New Little Miss No Name

New Little Miss No Name

Little Miss No Name took roughly 5 hanks of hair, cut long for Barbie.  We only gave her hair a slight trim.  My mom, dolly stylist, decided on a simple hair style for this girl.


Comparison- reroot vs factory

I really love how this Little Miss No Name turned out!  She looks so sweet with the long white blonde hair.  I know there are purists out there who probably think cleaning these up and giving them new life is a travesty, but I don’t agree with that at all!  These Little Miss No Name’s get a bad rap because of the poor shape many are in. But with a bit of TLC, they can be so beautiful!


A tear of joy!

Have you done a dolly re-root recently?  What do you think of this re-root?  Share your thoughts below!

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