Dolly Box Opening: Siena, my Makie from MakieLab

Two weeks ago, I ordered a Makie.  And today?  She arrived!  Now, don’t get too excited yet.  This isn’t a full review.  This is a box opening post!  Almost immediately after getting home from work, I sat down in front of the camera to record a box opening video.  Watch it below!

This is Siena, my Makie.  As I’ve only had her for a few short hours, I haven’t had time to take many photos. Rest assured, it’s on my to do list!!!  For now, enjoy this little sneak peek of Siena!

Siena, real vs computer image

Siena, real vs computer image

First impressions?  I like her a lot!  I think she looks great and very similar to my original computer image. Because Makie is a new doll line, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I’m very pleased with the face up and with the body coloring.



Expect more on Siena in coming weeks!  For now, though, feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions about this Makie or Makies in general!

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  1. sailingmartha replied:

    Siena is super cute! She really turned out nicely. You did a great job designing her – love the skin tone and the green eyes and the cute elf ears.

  2. Blackkitty replied:

    It’s very pretty! The eyes are very beautiful. I think they made a little progress since they made Emily’s Makie. Hers looked more robotic and had protruding sculpted eyebrows, which I don’t see in your photos. The skin tone appears lighter than the design, but it works well together.

  3. jSarie replied:

    She’s cute – and she really does look like your design!

    I’ve seen a couple of reviews of Makies, but only of the default colours – it’s great to see what the dyed ones look like! I also hadn’t realized they do faceups on them now – brilliant!

  4. Freja replied:

    I think 3d printing dolls is a great idea.
    Siena looks great, but I didnt know Makies came with a face up.
    Im not sure if I would want one myselvf.

  5. ghouliette replied:

    Is she similar to a Hujoo? I’ve seen the website and I like how they’ve added more options for skin tone, etc. I look forward to your full review.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      So far, the best answer I can come up with is ‘kind of’! They’re pretty much the same scale. The texture of the skin is different, too. Makies have more tree-like lines on their skin (you know the circles that tell you how a tree ages?) and you can feel the texture. I’m still playing around with her. (While trying to get a 7 day work week in. Always fun… -_- ) More later!

  6. Emily Hall replied:

    ////: LMNNs are so dang cute. I just have mixed feelings towards dolls that are older than I am. (Also I dunno if bloggers get the comments on the older posts so I tend to throw comments on old posts onto the newest post… I’m back on June 2012 right now haha.)

    • kewpie83 replied:

      See, I LOVE dolls that are older than me. I think it’s amazing to know that a doll in my collection was produced back in a time that is totally different from 2014. Think of everything they’ve seen. The stories they could tell if they could talk. I particularly think that way about my small collection of hard plastic Madame Alexanders. They’re from the late 40’s, early 50’s. I love thinking about ‘their story’. And no worries on comments. I get notified about all of them, regardless of it’s a new post or old! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!!!!

      • Emily Hall replied:

        Oh, that’s a good point, ^^ all I know is whenever I go to museums with the WWII stuff it scares me so much. I wouldn’t want to be scared of my doll! xD A looot of dolls are older than me though. q: And those big eyes are too cute to resist. I guess I’ll be keeping my eyes open for them and maybe someday I’ll get over my fear of those things hahaha.

        • kewpie83 replied:

          We all have strange fears, so I get it! 🙂 One thing I always do when I get a vintage doll (or any used item, really) is call out to the universe to wipe away any negative energy from it! (I know, strange, but I’m a total believer in items holding energy and I don’t want some strangers negative energy messing with my life!)

  7. Emily Hall replied:

    Do you think La Dee Da dolls can be re rooted? I love the Bollywood doll, but in her promo pics her hair is a tame, muted red, and the actual doll has neon pink! x.x Whhhyyyyy.

  8. Lady Lilith replied:

    Nice. I like her movable joints.

  9. cath young replied:

    So cute. I’ve been tempted. Have played around with the MakieLab, but just can’t do it.

    She reminds me of a form of that new American Girl doll Isabelle, hee, hee.

  10. barbielea replied:

    I’m completely jealous – she’s gorgeous. I follow the Makie team on Instagram, they post some amazing pictures of the dolls they are sending out. I’d love to get one at some point. Congratulations, I await your full review eagerly 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I’m loving my Makie so far and the company was very on task (and friendly) with everything. At this point, I think every collector needs one. The full review will be out shortly. Need to take more photos!!!

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    […] Makies are the first 3D printed dolls that you can customize.  When my Makie arrived, I posted a box opening video and post, promising a real review when I had enough time to really play with her.  Here’s the […]

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