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I am very bad a wig making.  I tried my hand at it last year and failed miserably. (Much fun fur was lost in this quest!)  Needless to say, I’ve retired from wig making! (And the fun fur rejoiced!)  My mom, however, found a really great tutorial for making a yarn wig on Flickr the other day.  With nothing better to do, she decided to try it out and the results were fantastic! This TARDIS blue wig is being modeled on a MSD Bobobie Pixie.

Wig created using online tutorial

Wig created using online tutorial

IMG_9410 copy

Wig created using online tutorial

The tutorial was put together by Flickr user ghilie01.  It’s a photo album tutorial (ie: click the image and the instructions are on the right for that step).  If you are handy with a crochet hook and latch hook, this should be a pretty easy tutorial to follow!  For the wig pictured above, we followed all the steps, but one. As we don’t have a sewing machine, we didn’t ‘stitch’ a part into this wig.  For a first attempt, I think this turned out pretty awesome!  Awesome enough for me to want to share this with you, readers!

So next time you’re bored, why not try making your ball jointed doll a new wig? And then stop by and share the experience down below in the comment area!

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