Skipper Highlight Reel- Totally Hair Skipper and Courtney

In Skipper’s 50 years, she’s had a lot of high moments.  One of those moments came in 1992 when she and her best friend Courtney were part of one of the best-selling Barbie lines of all time– Totally Hair. Topping top toy lists in 1992, Totally Hair Barbie was, for most, the stand out Barbie of the line. Over her run from 1992-1995, Barbie sold over 10 million units and became Mattel’s highest grossing Barbie to date!

Totally Hair Skipper and Courtney were both Toys R Us exclusives.  Boxed with a small tube of Dep, this popular doll line featured Barbie (blonde and brunette), Ken, Skipper and Courtney with ultra long hair and neon colored outfits . Those in the UK, where the line was renamed ‘Ultra Hair’, were treated to an exclusive Whitney.

Totally Hair Courtney (left) and Skipper (right)

Totally Hair Courtney (left) and Skipper (right)

I’m sure I received Totally Hair Skipper for either my birthday or Christmas in the winter of 1992.  I was 9, the perfect age for Skipper, especially a Skipper with super long crimped hair and a neon outfit! For me, Totally Hair Skipper is one of the cutest Skippers released in the 90’s.  She reminds me of my youth because, let’s be honest, most anyone who ‘grew up’ in the 90’s had a closet of neon colored outfits, a plastic clip that cinched baggy shirts at the waist and most likely crimped their hair a few times over the decade!

Totally Hair Skipper

Totally Hair Skipper

Skipper has her token blonde hair, long and crimped.  Her bangs are curly and a bit wild.  Her half pony tail is held with a big, bright hair band.  Her outfit is a shirt dress with short leggings that feature a pink, blue and purple swirling pattern.

Totally Hair Skipper

Totally Hair Skipper

Her eyes are blue and her lips are a bright pink.  Skipper has light blushing on her cheeks and a hint of eye shadow.  Other than that, her face is relativity clean of make up (assuming mine hasn’t faded a lot, which I don’t think it has).

Totally Hair Courtney

Totally Hair Courtney

Courtney is a more recent addition to my collection. I purchased her a few years ago off of eBay.  This Courtney has a bit of a strange look to her.  Her skin looks tanner than normal and her eyes are an amber sort of brown.  I examined my Courtney’s and noticed her eye color bounced around a lot between blue, brown and green back in the 90’s.  This isn’t my favorite eye color for her, but it’s different!

Totally Hair Courtney

Totally Hair Courtney

Her outfit is a mixture of neon blue, green, pink and purple.  Courtney wears a longer dress than Skipper with no leggings.  Like Skipper, her dark brown hair is long and crimped.  Her bangs are curly and her half pony tail is held in with a big, neon green hair band.

Totally Hair Courtney

Totally Hair Courtney

These dolls might not have broken records like Totally Hair Barbie, but they are two dolls that really stand out in Skipper’s 50 year run.  Not only do collectors remember them, but non collectors do to, which says a lot about how perfectly this Skipper and Courtney were designed.

Totally Hair Courtney (left) and Skipper (right)

Totally Hair Courtney (left) and Skipper (right)

Totally Hair Skipper (left) and Courtney (right)

Totally Hair Skipper (left) and Courtney (right)

As always, here’s the video post!

Did you have Totally Hair Skipper or Courtney?  Why do you think this line was so popular?  Any favorite memories of this line? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. barbielea replied:

    Awww, I really love both these dolls – they’re probably right at the top of my Skipper want list! You are younger than me (I was in my mid teens in the early nineties) but I remember the neon clothes and the crimping too 🙂 Long hair was a big thing back then too – I would have loved to have hair down to my ankles.

  2. Emily Rebekah replied:

    Happy to report that I have just recieved my first older-than-me doll in the mail, and she is awesome. Vintage Malibu Barbie in minty condition. Other than the fact she smells a bit like toothpaste, nothing bad happened going for an older doll! c: Her face is so happy looking and sweet, and she has the old twist n turn that makes her body go at an angle hahaha. You were right. Old dolls are really cool. 😀

  3. Anonymous replied:

    I absolutely loved your review on these dolls. Totally hair Skipper is really beautiful. My personal favorite is Homecoming Queen Skipper. I wish I had more space to purchase these two Lovely dolls that you show us. Keep posting,I am α follower from Greece

  4. Echo replied:

    I do not remember Totally Hair Skipper but I do remember the Barbie version! I was really big into Teen Skipper though and I remember having three versions of her. Teen Skipper was one of my very favorite offshoots of Barbie dolls EVER. I have looked into picking up some of them from eBay but the prices are always way more than I could feel comfortable paying.

  5. Skipper Highlight Reel- Japanese Skipper | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] thoughts below! And stay tuned for another installment of the Skipper Highlight Reel next month (see last months)! And of course, if you have more info on this doll, please share […]

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