Skipper Highlight Reel- 30th Anniversary Skipper

Back in 1994, Skipper celebrated her 30th birthday.  To mark the occasion, Mattel decided to release a special, limited edition porcelain reproduction Skipper.  I received this Skipper a few years ago as a present.  She is one of the standout pieces in my collection because she is so unique among the others.

30th Anniversary Skipper

30th Anniversary Skipper

Skipper retailed, according to the Barbie Collector site, at a whopping $198.00.  This reproduction Skipper came dressed in the 1965 Happy Birthday fashion, which we recently saw on the 50th Anniversary Skipper.  As this Skipper is made of porcelain, she is slightly more fragile than the traditional vinyl dolls and isn’t a doll that poses easily.  She is very much for display only.

30th Anniversary Skipper

30th Anniversary Skipper

One thing I love about this Skipper is her cute little face!  The paint really pops on her porcelain complexion. It’s amazing how, while porcelain, she’s a fitting representation of the original 1964 release.

30th Anniversary Skipper

30th Anniversary Skipper

I don’t know much as far as specifics on this doll.  I don’t know how limited she was.  I don’t know if she was hard to find.   I’d imagine she was a catalog exclusive (being that the internet was still ‘new’ then), but honestly, I don’t know for sure.  (Feel free to fill me in if you know!)

30th Anniversary Skipper

30th Anniversary Skipper

Seeing this release, you’ll probably understand why I wasn’t over the moon about the blonde 50th anniversary release.  It seemed like (and is) a complete rehash of this 30th anniversary doll.  (Now, the brunette? I need her!)

30th Anniversary Skipper

30th Anniversary Skipper

Don’t forget to watch the video review!

Do you have any fond memories of this Skipper you’d like to share?  Do you remember her release?  Was the 30th anniversary as underplayed as this 50th has been so far?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Blackkitty replied:

    This looks prettier than this year’s blonde doll, and more special since it’s porcelain. I understand now why the new one is so disappointing.

  2. Skipper Highlight Reel- Brunette 50th Anniversary Skipper | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] on the second hand market.  The prices were too high for a doll that pretty much mimicked the 30th anniversary doll (albeit in […]

  3. Pamela McLaughlin replied:

    She is beautiful, but you’re right it would be nice to see her released with a reproduction box and swimsuit plus another dress

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