Dolly Review: Groove Make It Own Kit

2014 has been a very Pullip filled year so far for me.  Recently, I discovered two super awesome Pullip related products.  The first was the My Select line, which helped me put together my Emma Swan custom.  The second was this Make It Own kit.  This Make It Own kit is pretty neat.  It is an affordable option for people who may like the aesthetics of the Pullip, Taeyang, Dal or Isul face, but would prefer it to be 100% customizable from the get go.





From the outside of the box, this kit could look a little scary.  The directions in back are limited and the large amount of Japanese writing could be daunting.  But don’t worry!  You can do it.

So what is this Make It Own kit?  Here’s a quick run down.  Make It Own kits are essentially a do it yourself Pullip!  Inside the kit, you get all the pieces necessary to create your own blank doll, from head to toe.

Inside the Box

Inside the Box



The kit contains a stock body, a blank head and everything you need to put together the eye mech that makes Pullip dolls unique.



Eye Mech-- already assembled

Eye Mech– already assembled in box

Eye Lids and Winking Nobs

Eye Lids and Winking Rods

Clear eye chips and black eyelashes are included, so you can choose the eye color of your doll, too.  This set does not include an outfit or wig.  Also, as this is a blank head, you’ll need to do your own face up.

Clear Eye Chips

Clear Eye Chips

Lashes and screws

Lashes and screws

These sets are under $40, which makes customizing a much cheaper endeavor than before!  I know my Pullip collection would be much larger had these cheaper options been available years ago.

Now, your next question– how did it go together? Full disclosure, I ended up giving this set to my mom to work on.  She has the Wizard of Oz Pullip set, but nothing that is ‘basic’.  I thought this would be a fun project for her.  Plus, I didn’t have a ton of time to dedicate to making this Isul awesome.  My mom, however, did!

Make It Own Isul-- all done!

Make It Own Isul– all done!

She made this blank Isul into Alaric.  The only problem she had putting this set together came when inserting the winking rods.  Our kit was packaged with two right winking rods.  Because the left and right rods are shaped differently, we had to contact PullipStyle to get a left rod before this guy could be finished.

Make It Own Isul-- all done

Make It Own Isul– all done

PullipStyle sent the replacement out quickly and in three days time, we had the proper winking rod and could finally call this guy done!

What do you think of these Make It Own kits? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. barbtheevilgenius replied:

    Is this Pullip body version 1, 2, or something else altogether?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I really wish I had an answer for you, but since I’m still fairly new to Groove’s Pullip line, I’m not sure. I did a bit of googling to no avail. 😦 Sorry!!!

  2. vintage barbie restoration replied:

    Wow these look so cool. I have never seen this doll before.

  3. The_L replied:

    Oh, wow! I’ve coveted Pullips for some time, but could never justify the price! This is MUCH easier to afford, and the customizability just makes it that much better.

    Am I right in saying that the body is Monster High sized with shorter limbs? Or should I go for something closer to Barbie size for the girls?

  4. Collection Close Up: Jem Inspired Make It Own Pullip with Obitsu Body | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] while back, I did a video for The Junky Spot talking about Groove’s Make it Own Pullips.  I am finally ready to debut the finished doll!  It took a while to get to this point.  I had […]

  5. Haru replied:

    or anyone… do you know what size of obitsu is suitable for Isul? I think 23 is too small and 27 is too big. 27 is Taeyang size right?

    Kindly advice.

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