Dolly Review: Monster High Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter

Hey, hey, hey, it’s time to review a new Monster High doll!  For the past few months, the internet has been abuzz about the Monster High Freaky Fusion line, which features monster hybrids.

Avea Trotter is one of three new characters introduced in Freaky Fusion. She’s part Centaur and part Harpy.  We’ve seen Harpy’s before in the Create a Monster line, but a Centaur?  That’s completely new and very exciting.  Of the three hybrids introduced in the new line, she was the one I was most looking forward to.  A doll with four legs who can stand on her own?  Sounds perfect! For the most part, she didn’t let me down.

Avia Trotter

Avea Trotter

Let’s start off with the big thing– Avea’s body.  Is it jointed and how well?  Avea’s light purple torso is very similar to what we’ve seen on other Monster High dolls.  Her arms have the exact same jointing we’ve seen on other dolls, in fact. A nice unique features on this doll is the rough scale like design on her arms.  Her hands are black, which makes her look like she’s wearing gloves.



The main difference in the torso is that Avea has a chest joint that allows her upper chest to move forward and backward and to tilt slightly left and right.  It’s not the best joint and doesn’t give as much movement as I would have liked.



I had expected there to be a joint somewhere where the torso meets the centaur body, but alas, she has none.



Because Avea is part Harpy, she has wings.  They are removable.



Her torso is attached to a dark purple horse-like body.  The four legs allow this doll to stand on her own, which is fantastic.  Jointing is a little sketchy when it comes to the legs.  The front legs have joints that go forwards and backwards at the hip and knee. She also has a joint right above her hoofs, hidden by the black leg warmers.

Avia- front legs

Avea- front legs

Her back legs have large joints at the hips that allow her legs to move backwards and slightly forwards.  There are no other joints on her hind legs.  Her hip and leg are decorated with pink skulls.



Avea has a tail, of course, filled with bright blue hair.



Avea’s head is the same light purple as her torso.  Her eyes are decorated with lots of colors in a feather-like pattern,including a nice green and various pinks.  I’m a bit torn on my opinion of her eyes.  I like the bright colors and the feathery pattern, but it almost seems like too much is going on.  I really do like her dark purple lips, though.  They look great on the skin tones they chose for Avea.



One really nice feature on the head mold are Avea’s horse ears.  They’re so neat!  I love them.  They stand out a lot due to the hair style on this girl.  Speaking of styling, Avea has bright (and I mean bright) rooted hair in various blue tones.



The bright blue is a great contrast to the light and dark purple’s on the body.  The style is simple, just a high pony tail, but is rounded out with a cute steampunk’y style hat.



Avea is dressed in a very equestrian sort of way. Because she’s part centaur, the clothing only covers her torso. I must admit, I didn’t mess around with her clothing a lot.  Her wings are staying in really well at the moment and I didn’t want to ruin that.  She has a dark blue shirt, covered with a short sleeve pink equestrian style jacket.  Her belt is made of plastic and is molded to cover her horse body like reins.  Because she has hoof’s, shoes are not necessary, but she does wear some neat plastic leg warmers.



Finals thoughts?  There’s no denying she’s a neat doll, in terms of body type.  I think they cut some corners with the jointing in her back legs.  However, I love the fact that she can stand on her own. The color palette is vibrant and for the most part, I like it.



I really like the details on the wings and the colors they chose for them, too. The make up can be seen as being a bit over the top, but as I mentioned, I’m on the fence at the moment!  In a strange turn of events, after seeing all three of these new hybrids, she is no longer my favorite.  You’ll have to wait and see which of the remaining two is! Overall, though, I think Avea Trotter is a nice addition to the Monster High line.

What do you think of Avea Trotter? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. barbielea replied:

    She is lovely! I really like her colour scheme and it’s a great concept. However, I’m not sure I’m going to be buying the new character dolls from Freaky Fusion – I can’t put my finger on why, maybe they just need to grow on me. I am very excited about the “mixed-up” characters, though – can’t wait for them to appear over here!

    Lovely photos, as always 🙂

  2. Blackkitty replied:

    I don’t think the rigid hind legs are a bad idea. Think how much you’d have to struggle to pose four legs with three joints each in a way that is both natural and stable. The hind legs aren’t the focus of the doll anyway. I’m surprised they actually put so many joints in the legs after what they did with that stiff horse Nightmare.

    Out of the hybrids, I preferred Bonita at first because of the hair (I’m a sucker for long straight hair), but after reading several reviews Sirena became my favourite. Quite surprising, because I hate all things sea and fish-related. She has an otherworldly quality about her. I wonder what she looks like submerged in water. I don’t like any of the Fusion/Hybrids dolls enough to add them to my collection, but I like reading about them anyway.

  3. Teresa B. replied:

    I’m guessing that your favorite might be Serena von Boo. She caught my eye! Not a fan of Avea Trotter. I like her outfit though. 🙂

  4. Susie replied:

    Will you get the others?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I don’t plan on buying all the Freaky Fusion, but I have the other two new characters, so they’ll for sure be on the blog!

  5. edenlouise replied:

    Hi. I’ve just found your amazing blog. I’ve been a lover of dolls all my life and I collect reborns in a small way but I’ve always loved fashion dolls. I’ve just bought Avia Trotter thanks to this review and I can’t wait for her to get here! I’m also going to get Serena Von Boo but not the other one, I think she’s creeeeepy! Thanks again for the great blog! xoxo

    PS: If I’m posting duplicates please excuse, I’m using a screenreader because I’m visually ipaired and having a real struggle trying to find where to put the comment so it’ll post! 🙂

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Oh, Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your new Monster High dolls! I wouldn’t count Bonita out just yet. I think she might be my favorite of the three new Freaky Fusion dolls! On the topic of re-borns, I actually really like the monkeys people make. If I were to make one, it would be a cute little chimp, I think! Some of the babies are so lifelike, though, it’s amazing! Sorry about the trouble navigating the comment portion of the site, alas, that’s all wordpress. Don’t worry. Nothing posted twice. 🙂

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    […] favorite.  Part moth, part skeleton, she’s pretty awesome.  Like the other three girls (Avea and Sirena), she has the ability to stand on her own, due to her large […]

  7. Dolly Report: Monster High Freaky Fusion | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] of the characters in this line are the four new characters, Bonita Femur (Skeleton/Moth), Avea Trotter (Centaur/Harpy), Sirena Van Boo (Mermaid/Ghost) and male doll Neighthan Rot […]

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