Introducing: Maru and Friends

Maru and Friends made its debut in 2008.  The doll line was the brainchild of  Maritza Gutierrez, a doll collector turned doll designer.  To help bring her vision to life, she enlisted world renowned doll sculptor Dianna Effner to give her dolls a realistic, childlike look. If you’ve been collecting long and have an eye for porcelain dolls, you most likely know that name, as it’s graced the insides of doll magazines for years!  (Her Expressions site has some interesting doll making tutorials you may want to check out!)

At 21″ tall, these dolls are similar in size (about 4″ taller) and price to A Girl for All Time and American Girl.  Maru and Friends are made of vinyl and have jointed shoulders and hips.  Their head tilts in all directions.

The line currently consists of five characters.  The character that brings the line together is Maru, a Latina doll.  When we meet Maru, she is traveling to America from her home country to live with her aunt and uncle.  At school, she meets other girls in similar, but different situations.

Maru and her Friends

Maru and her Friends

Maru’s friends include Tanya, Raven, Jamie and Savannah.  My favorite of her friends is Raven.  Savannah is, also, very cute, with her ginger hair.

Outfits for Maru and Friends

Outfits for Maru and Friends

Outfits for Maru and Friends

Outfits for Maru and Friends

Of course, a doll needs outfits.  Maru and Friends offers a nice variety of clothing for the line.  Outfits include the adorable bathing suit line, collectable outfits (like the Cozy Collection above) and cute ‘fashionista’ fashions (also pictured above).  The sweater set is adorable, isn’t it?  I, also, like the Rock Star look that Tanya is modeling in the pictures above.

Friends Forever Armoire

Friends Forever Armoire

Maru and Friends have some pretty cute furniture pieces, too.  The color scheme isn’t terribly exciting, they’re all stark white, but the sets look like they are well made.

Tea Table

Tea Table

Color would add a lot to these furniture pieces, but I like the look of them.  The bunk bed is my favorite.

Sleepover Fun Bunk Bed

Sleepover Fun Bunk Bed

Maru and Friends dolls are wigged and have hair that is easy to comb and style.  They even offer styling services!  Those in the Florida area can see these dolls in person at Aventura Mall, Town Center at Boca Raton and Coral Gables. Check the website for exact addresses or call the number below.

Maru and Friends Florida Locations

Maru and Friends Florida Locations

It looks like they host a good number of activities and even do tea parties!  If you can’t make the trip to Florida, don’t fear– you can order these dolls online, too.  For more information on Maru and Friends, check out their website or visit their facebook page.

Why am I writing about this company, other than the fact that the dolls look adorable?  Well, I received one for review and wanted to give you a little insight into the doll before posting a full overview of Maru. When she arrived,  I put together a box opening video!  It’s been live on my YouTube channel for a week or so now, but, in case you missed it, here’s your ‘first look’!

A full review is on the way, so stay tuned!  Until then, why not check out the Maru and Friends website and let me know what your favorite doll, outfit or furniture piece is!

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  1. Blackkitty replied:

    They do look like porcelain dolls! I think Jamie and Tanya would be my favourites if I had to pick, although I’m hopelessly indifferent to child dolls. They seem very nice compared to similar options.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      While I will always have a soft spot for American Girl dolls, Maru and Friends seem to have so much more to them. I like Tanya, too.

  2. DeeDee replied:

    I really wanted one until I realized she didn’t come with the hair pictured. (Tanya actually has curly hair.) I have nothing against curly hair. I actually own a lot of curly haired dolls. But when you like a doll’s look, you want her to look like that when you actually get her. My other frustration is having so many dolls who can’t remotely share clothes.

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Yeah. I was surprised at how much bigger Maru was compared to my American Girl and A Girl for All Time. I was hoping they could share clothing, but none of them are the same height or thickness. 😦 Alas, it means she’ll be wearing the same outfit for a long, long time.

  3. Dolly Review: Maru and Friends Maru | Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter replied:

    […] represent the girls who were playing with them.  For an overview of the line, check out my earlier introduction […]

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