Collector Spotlight: Nate aka Bratzshows

You’re a very lucky collector if you know other collectors within your area.  The internet has been very nice to doll collectors, as it has helped many people who may have felt alone in the hobby relate to other collectors through Youtube videos, Flickr, Facebook and other sites.

Collector Spotlight Badge

Collector Spotlight Badge

Collector Spotlights are some of my favorite things to post here on Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter.  Why?  Because it gives collectors a chance to tell their story– and everyone’s story is different and interesting!

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Credit: Nate Bratzshows (flickr)

Today’s spotlight focus’ on Nate, also known as Bratzshows101.  Nate has a wide collection that features Bratz, Monster High and American Girls, among other doll lines.

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Credit: Nate Bratzshows (flickr)

Nate caught the collecting bug as a young boy, when he spotted a Barbie that he wanted.  His parents bought it for him and the rest is history.  Nate shares his hobby with fellow collectors through his Flickr and YouTube accounts (second account: here). He hopes that one day he will inspire his mother, an admirer of his own collection, to start her own collection.

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Nate aspires to create his own doll fashions and lines in the future. He’s mostly an out of box collector and gets the most enjoyment out of styling dolls in his collection, as well as sharing those dolls through photos and videos online.

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Nate offers up some very handy tips for collectors on cultivating their collection.

1: Make or find a checklist of what you’re collecting.  There’s an amazing Monster High checklist on the web.  Use resources like this to keep track of your collection.

2: Make a wishlist and don’t only list what the item is, but why you want it.  It will help you separate what you really want from what you think you want.

3: Only buy what you love.  You’ve heard it before in other spotlights and you’ll most likely hear it again.  It’s a very important piece of advice.

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

Credit: Nate Bratzshow (flickr)

To hear Nate’s full story, watch the video spotlight below.  Then, head back over and leave some kudo’s for Nate and his collection!

Big thanks to Nate  for sharing his story. Grab this badge and place it on your various websites.

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Blog Badge

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  1. Teresa B replied:

    I think that the most important advice is truly only buying what you love. What we don’t like may be a love for someone else and that’s what makes collecting so much fun! Great spotlight! Thanks!!!

  2. Blackkitty replied:

    I wish Nate had a blog. I have no patience for Youtube but he seems like a cool guy 🙂

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