Skipper Highlight Reel- Brunette 50th Anniversary Skipper

While it would be hard to tell from the general lack of media on this, 2014 is Skipper’s 50th anniversary.  In January of this year, Mattel released a blonde reproduction Skipper dressed in her Happy Birthday fashion from 1965.  It quickly sold out (and by quickly, I mean in less than a week).  I had the misfortune of missing the blonde January release.

While part of me was slightly upset about missing this, being a Skipper collector first and foremost, I didn’t make it a priority to purchase on the second hand market.  The prices were too high for a doll that pretty much mimicked the 30th anniversary doll (albeit in porcelain).

Many people contacted Mattel regarding the super short release of the blonde Skipper and eventually,  Mattel announced a re-release, this time in brunette.  This release, I was totally on board with!  A brunette reproduction?  Okay.  Take my money.

50th Anniversary Skipper

50th Anniversary Skipper

Bill Greenings 50th Anniversary Skipper doll was worth the wait.  While I do think $40 is a bit much for a doll that doesn’t come with a second outfit, Mattel did a great job with this release.  She definitely looks the part and besides her legs not feeling vintage’y, she’s feels and looks like a proper reproduction.

50th Anniversary Skipper

50th Anniversary Skipper

Personally, I wanted a little more hoopla from Mattel regarding Skipper’s anniversary.  A box set with re-productions from throughout Skipper’s history or even a new vintage  set with Barbie and Skipper in matching reproduction outfits would have been great.

50th Anniversary Skipper

50th Anniversary Skipper

My biggest beef with this release is dressing Skipper in the Happy Birthday outfit (been there, done that).  This would have been a great opportunity to showcase something else.  In the same respect, I would have loved to see a doll case or some fun novelty items with Skipper graphics, not just a t-shirt.  That being said, Mattel still has time to do some more fun Skipper stuff, so my fingers are crossed they’ll surprise us with more!

50th Anniversary Skipper

50th Anniversary Skipper

What do you think of the 50th Anniversary Skipper?  If you could have designed one Skipper item for this 50th, what would it have been?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Troy replied:

    You are right on the mark. Mattel should have sold this version with a different outfit to make it more of an event or special, and a history pamphlet would have been fantastic. Already owning the blonde one, I didn’t feel any need to pick this one up. I was fortunate enough to find it in a store at retail price after it was commanding ridiculous prices on the second-hand market. I had to do a double take, and decided I couldn’t pass it up.

  2. cjslater1 replied:

    You are so right, I wish the blonde had been around longer, and I have yet to get this one, on my list, but I would have loved to see her in the little red coat with a hat or just something more fun, even her famous red swimwear.

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