Collection Close Up: Jem Inspired Make It Own Pullip with Obitsu Body

A while back, I did a video for The Junky Spot talking about Groove’s Make it Own Pullips.  I am finally ready to debut the finished doll!  It took a while to get to this point.  I had decided earlier that I was going to just use the outfit that came with my original Jem doll, since my doll doesn’t wear it, but needed to work out the other details like wigging, body or shoes.

First, I needed to find the perfect wig.  It took a few weeks of searching, but eventually, I found something that spoke to me from For My Doll.  I lucked out and found a great group order over at Den of Angels, which allowed me to save on shipping. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect wig, just to realize shipping would be twice the cost of the product.  Though it may surprise some, it’s not overly pink.  I wanted it to be a call back to the original Jem doll that was released ever so long ago.  If you recall, she didn’t have a head of bright pink hair, but a mixture of both blonde and light pink hair.  That’s the look I wanted.

Jem Promotional Art

Jem Promotional Art

The second thing I needed to take care of was finding a better body for her. The Pullip body has issues.  It lacks posability that other doll lines have.  To fix this problem, most turn to Obitsu bodies.  I decided on getting a 27cm soft bust body, to add a bit of height to her.  In hindsight, I should have gotten one with a little more of a bust, to make the dress fit a bit better, but alas, it is what it is.  In pure Junky Spot fashion, it arrived just a handful of days after ordering.

Jem's face details

Jem’s face details

I ordered shoes from a seller on Etsy, Sunnybobo.  I wanted something more chunky than heels for this doll, because a huge goal of mine was for her to stand on her own and I didn’t trust heels to allow her to do that.

After two months of waiting, I can finally say my Custom Jem Pullip is complete. Put your hands together for Jem!

Custom Make It Own Pullip/Obitsu Jem

Custom Make It Own Pullip/Obitsu Jem

Custom Make It Own Pullip/Obitsu Jem

Custom Make It Own Pullip/Obitsu Jem

Custom Make It Own Pullip/Obitsu Jem

Custom Make It Own Pullip/Obitsu Jem

Now, I am going to wait for The Junky Spot to get in more Make It Own kits, in hopes of making Shana, Aja and Kimber.  Maybe even a Synergy!  Of the four, I think I’d like to try Kimber next.  She was always my favorite Hologram.

Have you created something ‘truly outrageous’ recently?  What was it?  Share your thoughts in the comment area!

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  1. Blackkitty replied:

    The doll turned out great! I like the wig. Good luck with the rest of the characters!

    • kewpie83 replied:

      Thanks! I’m super happy with this Jem doll!!!! I think Shana should be the hardest to do, because I need to find a darker body. I have time to figure that out, though!

  2. Scraps replied:

    She turned out great! Will you be adding the earrings, too (or are they already there and I just didn’t see them)?

    • kewpie83 replied:

      I totally forgot to put earrings on her! Good catch. I think I might just try to find stickers and attach them to her ears. I don’t plan on photographing her every day, so that should work. I just have to make time to go to a craft store.

  3. Morton Likio replied:

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