Dolly Flashback: Worlds of Wonder Mother Goose

One of the most forward thinking toy companies of the late 80’s was a company called Worlds of Wonder.  Worlds of Wonder, also known as W.O.W., created well working animatronic toys.  They’re most famous for Teddy Ruxpin, an animatronic teddy bear.  Teddy wasn’t their only amazing product, though.  Worlds of Wonder followed the massive success of Teddy Ruxpin with none other than Mother Goose.

Mother Goose came out in 1986.  There were two versions manufactured. The first Mother Goose had a neck that moved left and right, along with a moving beak and blinking eyes.  The second Mother Goose had a moving beak and blinking eyes, but a stationary neck.



Mother Goose reads fairy tales with the help of a cassette deck, located under her wing.  Each tape came with a book, so you could read along with her.

1987 brought Mother Goose a companion doll, an ugly duckling named Hector.  Hector, just like Grubby, would only work when attached to Mother Goose.  A small selection of stories were written with Hector as the main character.  Those stories focused on nursery rhymes.

I came into possession of my Mother Goose in April of 1987.  She is the first edition, with the moving neck. For years, she sat in my mom’s closet, due to mechanical issues.  A few months back, however, we sent Mother Goose to Toys That Talk and she returned working just as well as the day she was opened.

Me and Mother Goose

Me and Mother Goose

For your viewing pleasure, I have recorded Mother Goose telling the tale of Peter and the Wolf, as well as a short video introduction on Mother Goose herself.

Did you have Mother Goose?  Share your thoughts and memories down below!


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